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I write fanfictions about horses help me


Popcorn is a handsome stallion. Margarine is a cute mare. Both of them are made for each other.

However, the story of how they met isn't as romantic as you might expect.

(A story about the parents of Butter, the main character of Just Big Boned. It is not required to read that story to enjoy this one. Also a crossover with Sheep and his OC, Banana Nut.)

Chapters (2)
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Banana no. You're adorable, but you're such an oblivious moron. :rainbowlaugh:

Needs some gramatical work, but is fine other than that.


Could you tell me where my grammatical errors are, please?

5858444 Take this for an example and try to find the others on your own. (The only reason I ask you to do it on your own is so you can see how to find them so when you're writing it's easier to see your mistakes and correct them.)

A lot of ponies believe this to be true and always have been true.

To be grammatically correct, this should be, "A lot of ponies believe this to be true. This has always been proven to be true."
Another thing is that these two adjective sentences don't go well together, and should be changed to something else.


Oh I see. Sorry, this is what you get when you write in 2 in the morning :rainbowlaugh:

I'll try to fix it up later and make the next chapter grammatically correct

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