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I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.



Criminality isn't too high in Canterlot Town, but every now and then some lowlife scum decides to cause trouble, and the police can't catch them all.
That's why the Mysterious Maiden Do Well is here, to make sure no criminal escapes unpunished. She doesn't have one secret identity, though: she has two! Sunset Shimmer, who kicks all sorts of butts with her amazing fighting skills, and Trixie Lulamoon, a very skilled magician who is always ready to create distractions for her and her partner to make their great escapes!
It's not easy to keep a double life, especially when they have to face the greatest challenge of their lives!

Original vectors of Sunset and Trixie made by punzil504 and Adagio made by Mit-boy, all of them redrawn by yours truly!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 51 )

This was awesome! Can't wait to see the next chapter

lowlife scum decides to cuse trouble

Might want to fix that.
I've been waiting for an EqG mare do well, I look forward to reading this.

sitting at in the Sugarcube Corner

This would work better as 'sitting inside Sugarcube Corner'

Or maybe she's a creature from another dimension who feeds off the evil energy of all the bad guys she defeats, getting stronger and stronger until she is powerful enough to take over the world and become our almight overlord!"

Second last word needs a 'y' at the end. Also Adagio foreshadowing, I'm calling it right now.

can't find another words to express this feeling."

'another' should be 'any other'.

"Well, at least they didn't saw her."

*see her

"She going there or not,

'Whether she's going there or not' maybe?

It didn't took long for something unexpected to happen:


kicked the owl mask man on the stomach

'on' should be 'in'.

were standing on the other side of the streets

'street', not 'streets'.

"Alright, then!

There shouldn't be a comma after 'Alright', if anything it should replace the exclamation mark after 'then'.

These errors aren't really as bad as they seem, while there are quite a few they were really difficult to notice, it took me two reads to find them all. This was a very entertaining chapter and I hope the rest are this good.

5854462 People would say that I can only use the "English is not my native language" card so many times, but I'mma use the hell out of it! That only works for some of the errors you pointed out, though; I blame my silly keyboard for the rest!
Fixed everything, thank you for your help! :twilightsmile:
It's not easy being the planner, the writer, the editor and the cover artist at the same time...

And just in case someone missed, the three bank robbers are actually a reference to the GTA V counterparts of the following YouTubers:



Lui Calibre:

In case you don't know them, go watch some of their videos, they're really funny!

Hey buddy. Though, you edited these pictures, would be nice to write authors of original pics in description.

5856307 Yeah, sorry about that. I like to redraw stuff, it's a hobby of mine, but I don't usually release them to the public like I did with this one, so I completely forgot about adding links to the originals. Again, I'm terribly sorry! :applecry:

*small bow* and a *wink* to you, author

Well, that throws the idea of Adagio being the villain out the window lol but still, I am enjoying this. Wonder if the Humane 5 will have roles in this story as well?

Hmm Idk if I completely believe adagio yet but we shall see:trixieshiftleft:

5863964 Well, Adagio has the Maiden Do Well buckle in the cover, so that was kind of expected.

I knew Adagio was gonna double-cross Sunset and Trixie... And also...

5875675 Oh, someone got the reference. Thank you very much, you beautiful person! :twilightsmile:

Well guess I was right after all.....sort of...

5876283 Can't boys be beautiful too? Or are you saying a boy is not a person? I am confused. :rainbowhuh:

5877504 ...

Just don't call me 'beautiful'... I feel gay just hearing it...

No offense to gays..

And yet another Fnaf reference... And why do I think Sombra with the six Siren Gems is Bane from Batman?

5883788 Huh, I don't remember adding any FNAF references in this chapter. Care to point it out? :derpyderp2:

damn guess Freddy must be hanging out somewhere there :applejackconfused:
And also I knew adagio couldn't be completely trusted instincts for the win:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh I thought she turned against them in order to free her sisters which could have been offered by sombra but I did suspect she was under control withe the red eyes going on though anyway I am curious as to what sunset will do with the eye but I guess we'll find out soon

5884477 Yes, I know what a marionette is... And sorry if I thought it was another reference... I'm just used to the term "puppet" when someone controls another... But enough of that, Can't wait for the next chapter

I need more Maiden Do-Well goodness! How about the five of them dealing with a jewel thief that supposedly uncatchable, targets six gems and corrupts them?

That was awesome please please please make a sequel to this

30 upvotes milestone. Now I can wrap this up with a smile on my face! :twilightsmile:

YEAH! :flutterrage:

This is off to an interesting start; I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Quite nice, and a plausible explanation for the unexpected team-up. Excellent work all around!

Hmm, I don't completely trust Adagio yet. I second 5863964; will the Humane 5 have any significant role?

Huh, interesting. Not quite sure what to think of this, but it's certainly interesting.

"The Mysterious Maiden Do Well train knows no breaks!"

To quote one Ray Narvaez Jr, THE FUCK TRAIN HAS NO BREAKS!

Anyway, I always enjoyed superheroes and my little pony, and the two (or five, I guess) together is a bonus! I am hoping for a sequel, but it is in the hands of the author.:raritywink:

"Remember when the guy shot the vent? I didn't exactly got* out of there unharmed." Trixie explained.


It didn't took* long for the rest of the audience to start yelling and throwing trash at her


"It was you last night? Sorry, I didn't even noticed*.


6314058 All fixed! Thanks for the heads up, mate! :twilightsmile:

"Hey, Trixie, what are you doing yelling so early in the morning? It's sunday*, we can sleep in if we want to."


Also, you tend to overuse !'s. It gets annoying.


Also, you tend to overuse !'s. It gets annoying.

Yeah, I've been trying to change that but, like a heavy smoker who can't help but buy that so desired pack, old habits are just hard to break. :unsuresweetie:

Umbrum Corp

Umbrum Corp huh? Well they had to be stopped ,before they released the T virus. :raritywink:

Great idea and all but is anyone at all thinking, "Hey, Adagio's not acting like Adagio!"???:trixieshiftright::facehoof:
I mean I can see her asking Maiden Do Well for help, but I can't see her not sending at least one barbed message at them.:trixieshiftright:
Something like, "But don't expect me to pay you back for this." or along those lines.

SHIT is about to go down!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp:
Wait a minute though. Is it Sunset or Trixie who the Umbrum Co. employees see?:rainbowhuh:

What happened to Sombra??:rainbowhuh:

Yay!!!:yay: Dazzlings are now Maiden Do Wells' in training!:pinkiehappy:

So, that's what happenes, if you loose a FnaF game! You get forced to work for Sombra!
I knew the whole getting stuffed into an animatronic-thing was a cover-up for something!

Comment posted by aceina deleted September 17th

This was fun! The previous chapter made me think of Yu-Gi-Oh for some reason, intentional?
And the end of Sombra seemed just a bit over the top. Fast too.
But otherwise really good story, well done!

"Do that again and I'll cut out your fucking tongue!" he said in an angry and very threatening tone. Trixie closed her eyes, already accepting her fate. That was already the worst night of her life, why not end it in the worst way possible?

Why is the profanity censored with a line that censors nothing?

Fun story so far, by the way.

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