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Author of "Filly Fooling," "Cuddling," and "Spread."

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Sounds hot. I'll have to give it a read when I get a chance.

Not to be a perv and all but i reckon this story gettin juicy cant wait fer moar!

Hahahaha reminds me of my friends in high school. All girls and yes I was invited to a few sleepovers that were like this. Kept life interesting. But it could get a little.....too.....interesting:twilightblush:

Now this is a 5/5 Salamipizza worth of clopfic!:pinkiehappy:

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess Spike isn't getting any in this (title and summary do kinda declare that and he got thrown out the door in the very begin of the first chapter) . Now if he actually does I'd love to read it (I did lightly skim it and the fuck buck or marry was funny as hell). In fact minus that cameo at the start, possibly one at the end, and the rare mention I'm willing to bet hes not really in it as such hes not a main character and you should take him out of the tags. It does promise to be funny sexy and hilarious though, but I'm a Spike fan through and through and I was fairly disappointed when I realized he was getting fucked over again after being tagged as a main character when hes just gonna end up as the butt of jokes and cheap shots.

this made me nervous but its good.. idk if i should watch it :rainbowderp:

I have not stopped smiles at all, this is so funny, and the Drama hiding in the back just waiting for its chants to strike, is great!

“I toned it down for you ponies."

584731 Don't worry! I have Spike posted as a character because he does get more involved later on in the story! (Although I do send him away for a while). I promise I won't shaft him!

You kinda already did. Through Rarity.

I like where this is going. :ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

I LOL'd.
Tracking device...ACTIVATED!


How the hell did you get the word count on both chapters EXACTLY THE SAME!? :pinkiegasp:

585228 They're not exactly the same. Look closely at the 6 and the 9...

But I don't know how I got that to work out.


585234 Meh, close enough. Still gonna go ahead and read this now :twilightsmile:

I have to say that although this is labeled as a clopfic you are able to convey that without the fic being too cloppy. It is a good change of pace to have a fic where there is just enough sexual tension to push it farther then shipping.:twilightsmile:

585061 Theirs no salute emoticon but if their was you would be getting it instead of this explanation. Well I'm happy Spike isn't gonna get fucked over and that you know how to use tags (hate when people tag a character and give them 2 lines in a full 6 chapter fic; makes me wanna strangle people).

That being said their is something in this chapter that broke my poor heart :raritydespair:

Well as a straight male with little intrest in dating and good sense to keep my mouth shut about certain things girls tended to forget that I was still a guy. Now imagine what might ensue. Besides nothings more awkward then the girls playing the human version of fuck buck or marry and one of them accidentally asks you about 3 guys. Hahahaha

585651 Well I'd say part of the fun is embarrassing the other players so for a straight guy the obvious way to get under their skin would be to give um 3 guys as a choice. Women seem to enjoy making things awkward especially for guys. That being said (and cause I'm just an evil bastard) Discord, Big Mac, Iron Will.

Lol, pric hahahaha. Uh, hmmm, Buck Will, Fuck Discord, Marry Mac.
Shining Armour, a male changling, and Mr Cake :rainbowlaugh:

585769 Well played.

Buck Mr. Cake, Fuck the changeling (are we even sure the drones have genders they all transformed into girls after all :unsuresweetie:), and Marry Shining Armor.

It's good to read something new a funny.


She scares Bats with her Orgasms

Well not ALL changelings changed into mares. Just the group that the girls beat the buck out of. lol.

586167 Well that was one big ass group not to have a single male... maybe their are no male changelings, they could reproduce only through other species if that were the case :applejackunsure:

Sorry to be nitpicky, but is it supposed to be implied that Twilight fixed the bathroom door? The door gets bucked out and then later you say, "Rainbow Dash and Applejack shut themselves into the bathroom for some private words".

Sorry, just felt like pointing that out. :twilightblush:

Other than that I've been really enjoying this! Please keep up the great work. :raritywink:

Lol, or maybe they are seggregated.....
Dude :trixieshiftright:

Changelings :rainbowderp:

587234 eh I like my odds they weren't exactly very strong fighters.

585061 Oh thank Celestia dont want to seem like an a$$ but i hate when Spike gets the short end. I mean come on he is like bestfriend to everone always helping and even risking his own life, and he gets almost no love even Rarity pitys him and friendzone him. I feel so bad for the guy, reminds me of me and thats not good.

Anyways rant aside.Story: FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::moustache::moustache:

Much read moar!!!!!! So watching this! Can't wait for more chapters.:ajsmug:

587034 Thought about that when I wrote it. The "shutting" is more of a figure of speech. They pretty much just hole up in there. Or, if you will, Applejack props the door up without actually fixing the hinges. If it's bothering people then I will edit it. Thanks for pointing it out.

“I wanted the spot under the window…” she mumbled, but nopony heard her :fluttercry:

I won't consider it until I finish it, but anypony think I should try to post this on Equestria Daily? I'm a little worried about the prohibition of "sexually transgressive" material, as I do plan on including some BDSM segments. :rainbowderp:

Let me know in the comments section! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:


Eh, the BDSM part, especially depending on how far in it goes, will probably make sure it won't show up on EqD. You might have to do a sort of 'fade to black' kinda thing in order for it to be clean enough for the site. Especially considering that kinda thing tends to be very audience specific oriented. Honestly not looking forward to that particular chapter myself.

Also I am looking forward to see what exactly you do with Applejack. It seems like she is heading toward being BI rather than full on filly-fooler, which I kinda hope you go for.

588331 Thought so. No EqD for me then! :raritydespair:

It's cool though. :moustache: I will probably write something else more EqD appropriate in the future...

Not before I finish this, though! :rainbowwild:

FIRST! (technically if you ignore the author) (and EPIC STORY SO FAR. I'd fuck, buck, and marry everyone at the same time.)

I love bi-Dash, I love implied AppleDash, and I'm totally down with potential BDSM. Sign me up for more!

I love it when stories actually feature ponies wrestling with their sexuality rather than always knowing what they want in another pony. It's a fun angle to play around with.

This chapter it pleases me... to an extent.

Its nice to see Spike seems to be getting some screen time. I love how he outsmarted Twilight to find out she did something dirty and also his bluntness about the whole matter just hilarious. You have reaffirmed my belief this might have legitimate Sparity, which would just make me :rainbowwild:! And good Luna Twilight i can't decide if that's a cock tease or just pure kindness to the poor blue balled drake.

Appledash is always fun so's Flutterdash to be fair. Your at least implying their not all gonna be lesbians that drives me nuts a little when people do that; I mean what are the odds that all 6 of um swing that way?

So yea instead of writing my own fics I got distracted and read yours. (Thank you I needed a break :raritywink:)

P.S. Anyone else think :rainbowwild: looks like she getting ready to deep throat!

so rarity just basically said that she would kill spike now that good sir i have a problem with i challenge you to fistie cuffs

588427 you realize that knighty posted about banning people who first things, right?

588135 That's about what I figured. Thanks for clearing that up. I never had a problem with it really, just thought it should be pointed out. :twilightsmile:

Good story bro.......what was I saying oh ya MOAR:flutterrage:

“I toned it down for you ponies. It’s a lot higher-pitched when I’m actually clopping.”

I am in shock right now....:rainbowderp:

Good story, I want more please. :derpytongue2:


I love this fic, it's got a sort of show writing vibe that is usually destroyed by the clop content. Not here at all though, feels like a natural expansion on the characters, up to a more teen drama level. Waiting for more with bated breathe! :twilightsmile:

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