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This story is a sequel to Where My Heart Lives

Rarity and Octavia have been dating for six months now, taking everything slow and steady just as Rarity promised that they would. Their love has done nothing but grow stronger and stronger, and now more than ever the two of them are certain that they truly do love one another. They're so certain, in fact, that Octavia has proposed taking the next step in their relationship: meeting one another's family and friends... and since most of Octavia's family lives very far away, Rarity's gets top billing.

This does, of course, raise a fair number of questions for Rarity. How will she introduce Octavia to her parents? Will they like her? Will Sweetie Belle like her? How in Equestria is she going to introduce the private and quiet musician to her gaggle of colorful, excitable and unique friends without scaring her off? Will Twilight Sparkle's new status as Princess be a little too intimidating? Will Fluttershy be able to handle the thought of Rarity and Octavia being 'romantic' together? Will Pinkie Pie behave herself even a little?

The more she thinks about it, the more upset her stomach gets... but she knows that it will be worth it in the end.

Chapters (3)
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Curse you... I guess I don't need sleep... :ajsleepy:

Now it was Octavia’s turn to chuckle, the sound causing Rarity’s hear to soar in her chest as she locked eyes with the other mare

*whispers* Typo...

This has gotten quite out of hand

*whispers* Hooves... what are they? :moustache:

Anyway, now that those little tid bits I noticed are out of the way, this was very, very enjoyable. Also, this time, I am along for the ride. :pinkiehappy: It seems my reading of WMHL was pretty much perfect timing. I can't wait. :yay:

This is a great story, and while i usually dislike this ship, I am quite fond of it here

Oh yes, been waiting for this for forever. Also, apologies for never getting back to you on the previously discussed things. Life decided it didn't like me anymore so I've been a bit busy.

This ship is THE BEST FUCKING SHIP! Like I just want to jump in the story and roid rage at the dinner table like bulk biceps and scream "YEAHHHHHHHH!"

Like this ship is so good it makes me fucking furious. I don't even know why but that's how fucking great it is. Shit is so good it doesn't make sense!


I fixed the missing 't'- thank you for noticing it!- but I left the hands comment as it was; I like the phraseology of it better that way. ^_^ And I'm really glad that you're along for the ride this time! I can't guarantee how often I'll update it, but I'm shooting for around twice a month (depending on my work schedule and my other projects). I hope you enjoy this little jaunt into Slice of Life stuff as much as you enjoyed WMHL!

Well I'm glad that you like my interpretation of this particular ship. ^_^ I've become terribly fond of it and it pleases me greatly to be able to present it in a way that makes others like it, too. Thank you for reading! :D

Hey, no worries- real life happens whether we like it or not, right? XD I hope that all of the shorts that will be involved in this story will satisfy your previously expressed curiosity. ;D So what did you think? Was there anything in particular that you really liked?

LOL Night Spark, I always look forward to your comments! XD I'm glad that you're enjoying everything so far, and if this whole thing goes off as planned this story should have six more chapters so I hope you like 'em! Anything in particular you liked about this last chapter? :D


I don't mind the hand thing. I do agree it reads and sounds better. To be honest, I kind of found it funny when originally reading it and thought I'd bring it to attention before anyone else does... at least I assume someone would have... hmm...

Can we ever really guarantee the timing of updates? Only time I seem to find that possible is when writing is actually your job... and even then sometimes... Besides, I want you to take your time. You can't rush art. :raritywink: As for enjoyment, so far you still have me stuck in my seat... or bed... Okay, that was perhaps not the best phrasing I could have used. I may not have a desk to have a seat for, but saying you have me stuck in my bed... umm... yeah... :twilightsheepish:

5884187 The towel snapping. My own mom has a trick just like that, except she pegs you right on a fingernail with a spoon. Don't ask me how she does it, she's a ninja like that. And it hurts even more than it sounds like it would. Needless to say, I learned very quckly to only sneak things from the kitchen when I knew for a fact that she was out of the house for at least a few hours.

5884235 I really enjoyed the sense of family when in Rarity's home. Most people end ships at "we got together". To many people think that once you are don with the flirting, awkwards fights, typical ship things, etc that there is nothing left. I disagree. Just like your description says how will everypony react.

Will Rarity's friends take kindly to Octavia and her culture? Will dash or pie push Octavia's patience? Will anypony offend her? Will she offend somepony? I think these things normally are not a big deal but at the start of a relationship they can be huge.

If I have one criticism I would say that Rarity's parents seem to quick to accept Octy. Not that first impressions cant be great or anything but I feel that even if they like Octy alot they might still wish to know her more before be totally cool with her and Rares. Maybe thats just me though. If I were Rarity's elders I would be concerned about something pretty obvious. Will the independent and strong willed Rarity have to succumb to fit Octy's style, culture, needs, etc? Will Rarity have to change who she is to make things work? They both promise to be true to each other and stuff but in multicultural relationships their tend to be times where differences can become more apparent.

I am not to knowledgable on Neighponese culture but perhaps their is something that has to be done in a certain way with no room for change. Will Octy force this on RAres? Will she forget something like that? I hope I am not sounding confusing. I just know that as a minority my parents always wondering what would happen if I were to marry a girl from a different culture or religion.

Hmm, well I can understand where you're coming from. Equestria and Neighpon are two very different places with very different cultural norms, to be sure, and the concern that Rarity might have to conform to some out of her comfort zone cultural standard is a valid one; in fact, that's something that she would very much have to deal with if (or rather, when) Octavia takes her back to Neighpon to meet that side of the family. However, when it comes to Rarity's parents I can't see them being too worried about it for a couple of reasons- the first simply being Rarity. She is not a mare who can keep up false pretenses for very long, and I think Cookie's line said it best:

“Don’t you worry your head about it, though- our daughters sometimes get a little too worked up over small things, but they always come out clearer on the other side.”

I really believe that Cookie and Hondo have complete faith in Rarity to do what's best for her, and they understand that to start tossing worries at her is just a good way to get her to distance herself from them. And to be truthful with you, I don't see her parents worrying about that kind of thing too much. This is Equestria, after all- land of tolerance, love and acceptance. If they don't know anything about Neighpon then they'll just assume that they have the same lackadaisical standards that Equestria does and not worry about it- I think that's the kind of ponies that Cookie and Hondo are. If something changes to make Rarity unhappy, oh you can bet that they'll be there to back her up and help her out... but until then I think they're just happy that Rarity has found somepony that makes her happy, even if just for a little while.

The telling part, however, is going to be Octavia. She is slowly starting to deal with this culture clash inside of herself, Equestrian vs. Neighponese, and Rarity has chosen to be along for the ride. It's a hard thing to deal with, being in a relationship when one party starts to go through a huge change of identity like that, and I think that Rarity is going to be pushed quite a bit in the area of what she's willing to do for Octavia... but the more important question is, what does Octavia really WANT her to do? I don't want to get into it too deeply (because that's what the third installment is going to be about... >_> ) but that's going to be one of the big themes in the story after Lily. X3

From my own personal experience, it's definitely works against parents of adults who are in relationships to come off as cool or unsatisfied towards their adult child's significant other. I'm pressing the fact that the child in this instance is an adult because Rarity is in this story. She's not a teenager blown by the winds of passion, she is a fully grown mare who can weather those storms and come out without the guiding hand of a parent. To continue, taking these facts into account, it would only do Rarity's parents a disservice to come off as anything other than warm and accepting- baring the fact that Octavia might actually be bad for Rarity, but since this is not the case we'll move on- especially if they want to see more of Octavia.

Since Rarity is a grown mare who is moving away from her core family dynamic- she lives on her own, travels on her own, and only rarely seems to visit her family- it would not be terribly difficult to distance herself fully from her family if they showed serious signs of not liking Octavia. She could move to Canterlot and simply not visit, or, more likely, she just wouldn't see much of her parents even if she did stay in Ponyville. And she is an ADULT so it would make sense that she have the ability, even if it made her upset, to do such a thing.

But Rarity's parents KNOW this because they are adults too and know the lengths adults will go to if their parents don't like the person they're with. They DON'T want to push Rarity farther away from them, they want that closeness with their daughter AND her significant other, so even if they aren't 100% sure about Octavia, it's better to come off as accepting first and raise questions later than to be overly critical at first. At least in Equestria.

So, as far as first impressions go, I think Cookie and Hondo did the right thing. They've only met Octavia once and, with no serious flags raised, they didn't want to muddy their first real meeting with Octavia worrying the two mares about things they have probably already talked to each other about- in this case how their mixed family will work. If it's something they've already talked about, it could bring up stress that might have otherwise been behind them OR if they haven't talked about it it could add more stress to an already stressful first meeting of the parents. Either way, it's not a good idea.

5886119 Cool that is good to hear that you have that all planned out. I can see it your way and it makes sense. I hadn't even thought of Rares meeting Octy's elders... now that is going to be some goooooooooooooood fic...

5886201 Yeah I can see that now... I am looking at this situation personally I guess. My parents would most certainly want to know how things are between me and my girlfriend. Am I changing for her? IF we got married how would the wedding go? Would it be at my church? hers? Etc.

I get what you are saying though and didn't really think about it with Rares being an adult and stuff.

So cute!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: That tiff between Rarity and Sweetie was a little frightening, but entirely in character. Glad Octavia's good at defusing tense situations.

I think we're ALL glad that Octavia's so good at defusing tense situations. XD And I'm glad you liked it!! It took me FOREVER to get this section right -- I can't tell you how many times I deleted whole paragraphs before this came out the way it did! There was also a whole segment that I had planned but had to cut because everything was starting to drag... on the whole, it was one of the hardest chapters I've ever written, but it was all worth it if it turned out great! :D

Thank you for reading! :3

“Well… y-you just tell me what’s going on, okay Rarity?” she said as she sidled towards the door as nonchalantly as she could. “J-just say the word and the Cutie Mark Crusaders will perform whatever you’d like… okaygottagobye!” The small unicorn gave the group one last pie-covered smile before darting across the kitchen and out the door so quickly that Rarity had to blink to prove to her brain that Sweetie had moved at all.

She got out before things got bad, lucky her.

“I have this whole day planned out, Rarity, and the whole plan starts with her meeting me at the front door of the Boutique so I can make my introduction! I worked on it all night and the whole day will be totally wrong if I don’t start this right!!” Rarity’s ears drooped towards her mane as the realization that Sweetie Belle had planned every moment of the day caused an uncomfortable knot to form in her stomach. Oh Sweetie, what in Equestria is going on in that brain of yours? she thought. The designer felt her jaw tighten as another round of denials and counter-arguments rose up in her throat, but before she could position any one of them on her tongue, she heard the sound of hoofsteps behind her. The unicorn clamped her teeth down onto the unpleasant comments in her mouth as she turned sharply towards Octavia, who gave her a concerned smile as she stepped up to the open door.

Oh no she's turning into Twilight run for you lives.

A filly shouldn’t speak to her older sister in such a fashion – I’m certain I didn’t do that when I was her age.

Um Rarity you don't have an older sister you know that right.

“I’m starting to wonder if there’s a pony in the whole world who could match Sweetie for energy,”

Two words for you Rarity, Pinkie Pie.

not sure if I asked here already, but if you tell me that you are writing a new chapter, then I would like to make sure I have read the first one .
Long story short, I just want to make sure if you still write at it at the moment.

I'm not currently working on this story. Unfortunately, Consanguinity has been taking all of my time as far as pony writing is concerned -- I've been working on non-pony things for the most part, so that's where I've been. XD

I'm glad that you're enjoying this series, and I hope to finish it up at some point -- I just don't know when that point might be!

Maybe you could just kind of mention it if you should make your big comeback? I only want to know when to concentrate to suddenly finish the first story in one go.
I mean this was a good one so far, but I needed a break after more than the half of it.

For now it is good enough to get a reply from you (which you did I don't mean the next one.:twilightsheepish::)

Nice starting scene, but again it doesn'T seems to be a real suprise for them.

Now Cookie smiled and a gentle laugh escaped her lips as she reached a hoof out and patted Rarity comfortingly on the shoulder. “It just might be asking too much, dear. After all, nopony is perfect- least of all your family. Right, Hondo?”

Come one let her have her moment, you don't need to make it so hard for her.

“…and then I says to him, ‘Hey buddy, why don’cha take yer whole team an’ try ta’ stop me!’ Well, he didn’t like THAT very much, o’ course, so I had the whole varsity hoofball team from Manehatten trying ta’ stomp yours truly into the turf!” Hondo pounded his hoof onto the table dramatically, causing most of the silverware and drinking glasses on the large wooden surface to leap and dance.

It is still going to be good I'm sure, but I'm dissapointed that you skipped the interessting part. However they already know her anyway I supposed so the suprised was spoiled already.

I like this more than the first one, maybe it is because Sweetiebelle tries so hard. In a way it could be that I was kind of tired of these unfazed and to calm parents. "calm as in not suprised and everything".

Really really nice, but at the same time I'm glad I finished it. I mean as good as they are sometimes chapters can be a bit to big, at least at the moment.

“Well… t’ be honest, what’s so wrong with the list ya got now?” Apple Bloom pointed to the clipboard, her mane catching the light of the lantern and the full moon outside as its light streamed in the window. “Ah mean, sure it’s a lil’ heavy on cutie mark talk an’ full of random junk, but so are we!” Sweetie Belle arched an eyebrow at Apple Bloom, and from her spot next to the wall Scootaloo made an indignant noise that caused Bloom to raise her hooves before her defensively. “Ah’m just sayin’ that Ah’m sure Octavia’ll be real nice an’ talk to you about anythin’, Sweetie Belle! Ya’ll don’t hafta be so uptight about it!”

"Full of random junk", eh?

What in the hay have the crusaders been up to? I didn't think they'd stoop that low to get their cutie marks!

“Oh, y’know… I know ponies.” Sweetie’s magic lit up again, and a pair of spoons slid into place in front of Rarity and Octavia. The unicorn’s eyes rose to her sister, who hefted her own spoon with a broad smile. “This is to my sister and her marefriend!” she declared happily. “I hope that we’ll all be good friends!”

Haha, if sweetie were to ever become evil, sge would have equestria in the palm of her... hooves... in less than three days.

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