• Published 9th Apr 2015
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The Truth About Farmboys - justanothername

Continually harassed by mares, Big Mac thinks he'll never find the one.

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Author's Note

I have to come clean with you guys, I've just lost my spark with story. I'm sure I've disappointed you but I figured it would be better to tell you than keep you hanging. I'm thinking it was a bad idea to start putting Twilight into the whole mental anguish crud and flogging the dead horse that is twilicorn drama. If anyone wants to adopt this story, they're welcome to it.

Comments ( 8 )

I'm sorry to hear that; it's a good story but I understand

I'm sad about this. I understand.

I found the idea interesting. Twilight should theoretically have tons of issues from not only the wedding but Sombra shortly afterwards that it is rarely addressed. My only issue is that I have no writing talent. Oh well I hope that someone picks up this story and continues it one day.

i shall miss this story but i understand good sir

I'm sorry to see you let it go.
I would like the chance to adopt the story.

If you want to, go ahead.

If you do,
A link to it in this story's description would be appreciated in the future. :twilightsmile:

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