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This story is a sequel to The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

After everything that happened the last few months, Twilight has enjoyed some much deserved peace and quiet. But when Scootaloo disappears without a trace, the newest Equestrian Princess suddenly finds herself forced to lead the hunt for the missing filly. Aided only by Spike (and hindered by everyone else), Twilight must travel the globe and discover just where Scootaloo is.

Of course, that's easier said than done. Every pony seems to have an idea about what happened to Scootaloo and are ready to share their theories... whether Twilight and Spike want to hear them or not!

From the creator of 'The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo', 'The God Squad', and 'Crisis of Infinite Twilights', comes the sequel no one asked for or even thought would happen (including said author!)

My thanks to CrowMagnon for inspiring this story. The rest of you can blame him as well.

Chapters (3)
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So… where the hell did this come from?

Writer’s block, that’s where.

The God Squad and Les Petit Poneys created two giant walls that I can’t, at this time, break through. I know people wanted me to finish both but every time I tried to write their next chapters I just couldn’t motivate myself to continue. As for ‘The Should-Have-Been-King’… blame that on the size of it. That story is going to be massive and I really want to get it right… and the energy needed to do it justice just isn’t there. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m already working on another epic (the Harry Potter: Pokemon Master series) that is just draining me.

So… this story. This all came about because of a promise I made back when I wrote ‘The Many Secret Origins’. I knew there were characters people wanted to see and, back when I first wrote that, I thought about doing ‘deleted scenes’ that would feature other characters.

One of them is Gertrude Snowheart, a character from Crowmagnon’s awesome stories (which started with Snowblind), which were inspired by the alternate world The Doctor described in his chapter in ‘Many Origins’. Crow and I worked on some ideas but then I forgot about it… but Crow reminded me of our ideas recently and I decided to finally get around to finishing that deleted scene, at the very least.

But as I worked on it my mind turned to my notes for the other deleted scenes… and just like with ‘The Many Secret’ I suddenly had ideas flashing through my head. The answer to my writer’s block was found… to return to my roots and work on a true sequel to ‘The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo’.

‘The Search for Scootaloo’ will be a return to my roots. If ‘Crisis’ was an escalation of my insanity, ‘Search’ will be a return to the style I first developed. It is still the third in this now trilogy, though you don’t need to read ‘Crisis’ to follow the story. I’m also going to avoid the Capricorns, the race I created, in favor of focusing on other characters and new races, such as the Griffins and the Perytons, to help build up this wide world I started to create when I introduced Tydal and his Capricorn army.

So with that said… welcome to the silliness, folks. Its going to be a wild ride.

"There was the Winter Round Up a few weeks ago."

Winter Wrap Up.

“I am not a robot, your students are robots, the Princesses aren’t robots. This is all a part of your delusions. There are no robots here, pretending to be ponies, seeking to destroy us all.”

The students probably should be called robots.

“Then I suppose you’ll be able to clue me in, dollface,” Thunderstand said,


Miss CHeerilee slowly made her way back to the psychiatrist’s couch


Also, make an authors note, not a comment. Good story though!

Thunderlane is probably trying to play it up in a bizarre attempt to impress Rainbow Dash.

Awesome, already laughing at Twilight being dragged into more Scootaloo related plot. Happy to see another tale to the Scootaloo storyline and you've reintroduced Private Eye Thunderlane. This is already shaping up nicely and this should be a fun ride.

Just when I thought I was out of the horror, the madness, and the brownies; HE dragged me back in. Now, I know Iam going to be compelled to read every chapter of this tale, to search through every inch of this story in order to find the truth of what happened to that little filly. And the scariest part o it all is...


I know that I will most likely be reading this live at one point in the future and that scares me.

Maybe Twilight could banish herself to the moon…

Fantastic:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Also, you should do a small rewrite. Scootaloo's mom should be a bat pony.


I keep hoping you will continue The Doctor of Oz, myself. :raritydespair:

Oh, nice. I will be following this. Nice to see you with us.

Have they tried asking Scootsloo's parents?


It will be addressed. That won't be an option.


Fixed. Also, I dislike Author's Notes, as people can't use the 'reply' feature to address particular comments I make, thus making it harder for me to understand what they are referencing. I've always been the first comment, it is a staple of my writing.

Ahh... That makes sense, and I agree. The only issue is that some people don't read the comments.

“The worst criminal we have in Ponyville is the Undergarment Snatcher and he only breaks into Rarity’s House! Spike, why are you fidgeting?”

“Uh… no reason.”

Coincidence? :trixieshiftright: Probably not considering the author.
Just starting and I already feel bad for poor Twilight. Still, I'm curious to see where all this is going. Pretty sure if this keeps up, Twilight is going to become a villain... or there will be a table uprising. Let's see what outrageous idea the crazy ponies come up with this time.

And since I can already guess one thing that will happen with this story, I know exactly where to stick it.
(Not like that! :ajbemused:)

Heh. Just as ridiculous, insane, and pointless as the original. I love it! Can't wait to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

I am not a robot, your students are robots,

Intentional or a typo?

5838341 Only in my series. Her mom was established as being very normal in Secret Origins, and that's okay.


An error. Fixed. Thank you

Thunderlane would get along very well with Shotaro Hidari...


The half-boiled detective! And one half of my first major exposure to Kamen Rider. Nice.

Great story! But are you planning on updating The God Squad: Equestria's Most Wanted anytime soon?


Not for a while. As I said in my first comment, I really hit a wall with God Squad and need some time doing other projects before I return to it.

5840144 I'm guessing the other half was Philip?

5842113 Yep. Double was the first KR series I got talked into watching, and it's still one of my favorites.

5839235 You know, even if the Undergarment Snatcher wasn't Spike, Rarity would pretty much be the only mare in town who would wear undergarments. Most of Ponyville tends to think one layer is too many.

Well... Who's up for another trip down the river What the Hell am I Reading?

You just made my day by posting this.

She had smokey eyes that could trap a man in their depths and a small little mouth that could make your heart flutter or shatter depending on how she used it.

And what, if I may ask, is a man?

5842404 Kiva was the first one I tried, but Wataru's behavior in the first few episodes turned me away. Then Decade visited the Shinkenger's world and everything changed.

Speaking of W, I've devised a rider that uses the Arms memory. I only have the belt designed and a concept for the helmet, but to sum up his powers, it's basically a stronger version of Kiwami Arms. Aside from being able to summon any weapon with the right accessory (a gun magazine with the logo of a main rider or a Super Sentai on it), he can equip weapons however he wants (shoulder mounted Gaburicannons, for example) and combine weapons however he wants (like a sniper rifle made of the Trigger Magnum, Metal Shaft, and Accel's sword). Technically has no ultimate form, but Gaim gives lots of options.

Don't expect chapters to come out as quick as this one did, but here you go.

I really enjoyed doing this one. It was fun to play around with all the little in jokes and references that come from the setting.

If you have a suggestion for a character you'd like to talk about what Scootaloo is up to and where she went, let me know. My only rule is that no one from Many Secret Origins can tell a tale here.

“Of course, Lady Spoon.” The butler let out a whistle and an entire team of hoofmen rushed in,

A freaky Frankenstein-esque abomination, perhaps?

So glad to see you making a sequel. Personally, I would like to see your take on Maud telling a story.


What the heck would you call them? Hoofstallions? It was either hoofmen or footstallions. I went with hoof... especially since the show has used the word 'guy' plenty of times, I think I can get away with 'man', especially since it is a title.

How about somehow involving the Power Ponies? Twilight, be prepared to meet the most inept superhero team assembled.

5854344 I'd simply call them 'servants'.

And you're comparing apples to oranges with 'guy' and 'men'.

'Guy' is a generic term used in reference to a male from any species. 'Men' refers specifically to human males, which isn't the case here as far as I can tell.

5854373 While I see your point I disagree. I chose hoofmen because I am referencing Downton Abbey; Carington is a nod towards Mr. Carson and on that show they have footmen.

5854415 Yes, you are the author and, as such, may write whatever you so wish. I'm just saying it took me out of the reality and now I'm like "Oh yeah, this story is written by a human" which leads into "Oh yeah, this is just a story; it's not real".

But I digress. Mayhaps we see a yarn spun from one Bulk Biceps? :duck:


I'll add him to the list of potential people. I have at least.... 5 characters... that will tell stories. One of the fun things here is that, rather than just origins, I can just explore genres and do a ton of inside jokes for people that know the genres.

I know that people have differing levels of willing suspension of disbelief, and some people are especially sensitive to getting their immersion broken over little things*, but come on. If the occasional use of a generic pronoun (would you insist that an alien race like turians or krogan not use 'man' and 'woman' to differentiate between genders?) is something that makes you unable to read without making a whole thing out of it, that's kind of ridiculous.

Instead, let's watch the Harlem Globewalkers pad DT and SS's story out with five minutes of basketball tricks. :pinkiehappy:

* Just look at the comments section for any Let's Play video of Life is Strange. But don't drag your own opinions about the game into this thread. I'm just using it as an example.

Like the Scooby-Doo style story. Also it feels like Spike may be taking after Tydal in a way.

I would like to see a newer character tell a story, maybe Trenderhoof or Cheese Sandwich?

Edit: Maybe Trixie or the Flim Flam brothers could also work as potential storytellers?


Trixie is 100% on the list.

And yes, that was a reference to Tydal. He won't be in this story (I do enough with him as is) but I will have references to other stories I've done, hence the 'Shining Snacks' reference.

5854613 I never said I wasn't willing to read it (helps to not jump to conclusions, dude), and I never made a huge deal out of it. I merely said it shattered my suspension of disbelief since there were other, more appropriate terms that could've been used in place of 'men'. But like I also said, I digress, so no need to get all up on my case.

Comment posted by defender2222 deleted Apr 12th, 2015


I do have a superhero idea that will come about in about a two chapters. It's different from what I did with Pinkie's chapter.

5854286 Maud will be in the story, I can say that 100%

“Spike?” Twilight said softly. “When you get older you will meet someone like Diamond Tiara. And while she may look really attractive and the money thing will be a turn-on, remember how Miss Tiara is acting. It is called ‘high maintenance’ and no pony or dragon is worth the pain a high maintenance fillyfriend is.”

“Got it,” Spike said. “Uh… Twilight… you don’t think Rarity is high maintenance, do you?”



“So, how about the Detrot Tigers? I know Shining would have you believe the Red Wings are more interesting-“

Such good advice. :rainbowlaugh:


Dang, most of the cast has been done. So...

Bon Bon
Carrot Top
Berry Punch
Sweetie Belle
Any of the four from the cutie map (Sugar belle, Night Glider, PArty Favor, or Double Diamond)
Lord Tydal
Bulk Biceps/Snowlake
Coco Pommel
Wind Whistler
and last but not least, Tirek.


Well, Tydal did get a chapter, so he's out. I will say some on your list will be getting chapters here.

I'd like to see how you would make Big Mac tell a story. He's not the most talkative pony around. As he's a bit of a fan of little filly toys, I would suppose a chapter with him would play a little with pony fic tropes, or adult fans of toys in general.
But over all, I want to see how he's doing now that Fluttershy is not a raging psycho fillyfooler anymore.


The strange thing is I can believe this actually happened. Even the talking dog part.

“So, how about the Detrot Tigers? I know Shining would have you believe the Red Wings are more interesting-“

Red Wings? Is that a Final Fantasy IV reference?

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