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Nostalgia Schmaltz

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love this story

Well. This looks extrememly enjoyable.
!0/10 IGN would read again with a friend

not bad actually

Lol one of the more quirkier fics that I've read. :pinkiehappy:

I saw that pic and thought of my cousins' anime collection.

Can there be sequel, this time with both Pinkie and Maud in there?

So... I've learned about 17 new ways to say the word 'breasts' in this single story (with flat out laughing at tatas).

Also, sequel?

Thank you, Nostalgia Schmaltz, for helping to keep me in a creative state of mind.

Well, that's interesting!

β€œIs somepony's trouser snake about to chunder?”

Okay, that made me smile.

That last sentence...

Sequel. Now.

very nice and well written

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