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Hi there I like ponies Nuff said

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I'm trying to remember the artist because I've seen him before but I can't:raritydespair:

check the source

5834317 Source has been deleted.

Very nice, indeed.:moustache:

Also as long as you give reference to the artist of artwork the source still serves it's purpose of telling who drew it, even if the acutal upload was taken down.

The question now is will there be a sequel? (There is like no story where sombra is the little spoon)

Well to me Sombra seems versatile but dominant leaning.
Shining's topped a few share of people both male and female in his years of growing up and exploring. Bottoming was a rare but very enjoyable experience that he now doesn't need to really shy away from in the comfort of a giving lover.
Am i going to write a whole clopfic about it? Maybe and probably more towards no (Not my personal forte)

Time will tell tho eh? Sometimes King's need a nice hot breather

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