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Frost Was a human who was brought to Equestria to lead the Eqestrian army to victory agains the griffons.
Midnight Jaze is a unicorn who was just drafted from the Canterlot magic academy as a battalion commander. Fresh out of school, can he take the pressure of the largest war in the history of Equestria?

My first Fic. Criticism is welcomed. Frost and midnight Jaze are both my OCs.

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I like this story, good job so far, I will continue reading!

Ya'll think the OCs are alright?

si is frost a human or pony in just a tad confused here

Hey, this story is continued on my page under 'continuing the life'. Ask me any questions you have about the OCs, I will ask their creator, josh. He is in the hospital right now, but he will not be on this profile anymore.

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short snappy, to the point kinda military story.... I LIKE!

just finished reading thought it was awesome i LOVE IT :rainbowdetermined2:

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