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While visiting Applejack's farm, Twilight comes across a creature she had not expected to find in the world of humans. Thankfully, Sunset Shimmer is there to help her along.

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:rainbowlaugh: I always wondered how strange it was that Sunset was a pony riding a horse. And Twilight's reaction: PERFECT.

Oh how hilarious!

That... :rainbowlaugh: That was awesome.

Hilarious as hell.

"Why not give old Brownie here a stroke?"

Twilight's eyes shot open with that.


Although confused at her friend's reaction, Applejack soon gained a look of understanding and let out a hearty laugh. A few moments passed before she'd calmed down enough, after which she began to explain herself.

"Not that kind of stroke, Twi. Like this."

ROFLMAO!!! :rainbowlaugh:

What Twilight must have thought for a moment was priceless!!!

Oh I wanna see the pony 5 react to this, make it happen!:pinkiecrazy:

Thank you for writing this, it was pretty funny.
Wonder if there's an official name for that horse...

"Well, that sounds pretty interestin, Twi, but you'll pardon me if ah say that mah work would probably be a bit harder if these here critters could talk back to me."
That remark caused both Twilight and Sunset to laugh in response to that notion, knowing fully well the kind of work their friend usually had to do when these animals were involved

Do she? is she thinking in milking the cows... or slaughtering the pigs?

Jarkes #14 · Apr 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Evidently, Sunset didn't just learn magic from Celestia...

So what do we call her? Suntroll Shimmer? Trollset?

No words, my sides hurt, so funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Which begs a damn good question.
Why does Equestrian Applejack even *have* pigs. They're only good for their meat.

that was awesome!
1 moustache 4 u

It's actually an interesting idea. How would you handle seeing your own species non-sentient in someone else's world?

I deal with this any time I go to the chimp enclosure at the zoo and am reminded of my old college buddies, :trollestia:

In Equestria, most life is intelligent, and a lot of species can talk... But here, human's are the only ones capable. What a lonely world we live in...:ajsleepy:

"So...when are you going to tell your friends you got to touch a big strong stallion while you were here?"

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: That line alone made this whole thing perfect.

Oh god, this was amazing XD
There needs to be more of this.

I wonder what Spike would think of ponies in humanworld :B

5828751 nah they are also useful for fertilizer and food disposal.

Ah yeah! Nice idea! You get a like and a fav!


And to find truffles.

sadron #26 · Apr 6th, 2015 · · 15 ·

That's not a mythological deity, that's the work of evolution, I'm afraid.

Your Human and You
In the canon folder is the first/best one.

Your Welcome! :pinkiehappy:

The first few walls of text make me dread reading this, but the comments want me to continue.

Biker #29 · Apr 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Cute, funny, well written. you get an upthumb. and a happy pinkie. :pinkiehappy:

This is nifty.

awesome story, loved every word

5826864 This might actually make the story "teen" for innuendo. Still, just the fact that it isn't a clop (like the first fic I've seen with this pic, where it WAS that kind of stroke) deserves a like :pinkiehappy:

"I've got to admit, Applejack...it's strange to see so many animals...silent. Back in Equestria, every one of these creatures, aside from the chickens, would be talking right now."

Actually, the pigs don't talk either....

5828751 Apparently, apart from fertilizer and food disposal, they train the pigs to find truffles and edible fungi and roots, I think one of the show's creators mentioned that....


Oh really, is that it? What about a medical stroke? You know, like paralysis?

5829947 How could someone dislike that comment? ;-; Someone is a horrible person hahaha xD

This? This amuses me. Well done.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

5830540 short anwer: Interstellar travel is hard. It is actually very probable, that we will die out as a species (because of war, man-made distasters, or stray asteroid) before we can develop the technology to reach outside our solar system in a really meaningful way.

5830605 Honestly? It's far more likely, given Drake's Equation and the exponential growth of our own technology levels in recent years, races may actually ascend or otherwise become unrecognizeable to other sapients before those other races even develop radio. Our own 'radio bubble' is barely more than 125 years old, and thus 125 light years across - which, again, is stupidly small compared to just our own arm of the Milky Way, let alone the galaxy, local galactic cluster, or universe as a whole. If, as some posit, we achieve a technological singularity within the next 50-100 years, then our entire lifespan as a recognizeable technological species may be less than 200 years. Plug THOSE figures into Drake's Equation, and the universe suddenly gets a LOT lonlier. On the other hand, if (when) we make that transition, we may find thousands of races ready and waiting, saying, "What took you so long?"

5830664 I mean anything - achieving a sapience level we currently cannot comprehend, becoming energy beings, anything.

And my point is, how would we even recognize them post-singularity, any number of which scenarios could have occured in the past.


It'd be any old Tuesday. I look out my window at the alien world out there, and humanity is a non-sentient species. :trollestia:

5830605 I know Drake Equation and I agree with it. But pointing out that one or two of the values are absurdly high means little if we don't know the others. Just the last one could change the result of the whole thing. (and the same vastness of the universe that allows so many chances for life to spring up also means that it would take absurd amount of travel to meet another civilisation.)

Example. At the height of the Cold War, there were at least two instances where we came minutes away from world war 3 (literally, all it would take was one guy being a bit too slow in running in front of a starting bomber and waving at the pilot to stop)

If USA and USSR unleashed their full nuclear arsenal at each other back then, do you think the remnants of humanity would manage to rebuild civilisation enough for it to properly cope with the next ice-age (surviving an Ice age is something humanity has done before. How it affects our civilisation is another matter) That might well be enough for humantity to waste its chance - the earth would have to wait for another species to take our place - and as you've seen in history of life on earth, it hasn't exactly produced that many spacefaring species in all the millions of years.

If humans were not sapient (I don't use the word sentient because it is poorly defined) they would have either become extinct long ago, or like the great apes, be living in the few places on Earth where food and water are always available, and the predators are easily satisfied, or easily chased away by throwing stuff at them or hitting them with sticks.

Personal "head-canon" here, I'd guess at least some pony farmers make a few bits on the side selling live pigs to griffins, no questions asked.

5830964 god as a being, yes. God as depicted in any given religion? - most turn out ridiculous when you read the relevant holy book in detail.

As for civilisations, remember, it is not sufficient that another one exists, or even exists at the same time. it has to be compatible at the same time. Our radio signal could reach them when they still have dinosaur equivalents around, or millions of years after they turned to dust, or a week after they turned off their last radio receiver, having switched entirely to telepathy. Or they could get our signal, but be so far away, we'll be dust by the time their answer comes back here. Or they could get our signal and erupt into a violent civil war because their religion states them to be the only intelligent creatures in existence. Or they could have been telepaths from day one and it never occured to them that someone could use radio waves to communicate. etc. etc.

And now we have, just between the two of us, created a comment discussion on life, the universe and everything, that is longer than the fic itself.


And now we have, just between the two of us, created a comment discussion on life, the universe and everything, that is longer than the fic itself.

I think I can shorten your conversation considerably.


You're welcome. :raritywink:

5831163 Noooooooo! :twilightoops:

Once both the question and the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything have been found, the Universe wil have fulfilled its purpose and has no more reason to exi...

5830540 Do you even fathom how many stars are in our galaxy, and how many galaxies there are in our universe? Billions. Billions upon billions upon billions. The chances of life being out there is high, however the chances of finding it, or it finding us, is small. Without it being an advanced civilization it's next to impossible to detect. To think that one single "god" made it, and that it's "likely to be the Christian god" is pure wishful thinking, and even more likely complete lunacy.
Do you know what this is? This is a map of just a small fraction of our universe's cosmic web. Each one of those yellow dots in there is a galaxy, with its own billions of stars, 93 billion light years across, and that's only of the observable universe. The actual universe may be billions of times larger than that, we don't know. To think that you are at all special, on this tiny little pebble floating around one single star, is complete and utter nonsense. We are a product of random chance, the right circumstances in the right spot. Billions of other stars did not meet those circumstances. You are not special, stop thinking that you are, and that a magical, mythical being created you.

Being not only alive at all but intelligent enough to be aware of it sounds pretty damn special all by itself, given the circumstances.

This is absolutely charming! I love it! Twilight's reactions are really funny and Applejack's character is spot on! Well done!

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