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Bow before your princess! Er, prince...


Vinyl Scratch has spent her entire childhood being alienated and bullied because of her eyes. She felt alone; like there was nopony who cared. That all changed when she meets somepony just as alienated as her. And with a few kind words, she learns that what make you different, only makes you special.

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Sorry, but isn't it: wear. Other wise a good story, earned my like .

5810050 Haha! Can't believe I missed that, actually. I'll fix that as soon as I get time, and thanks for the like!!!

~ Neon Lights

Just some corrections, but otherwise a good read. :twilightsmile:

"How are you not phased by the stares?"

Um it's 'fazed'...just thought you should know.

ponies who will do respect me

add: and/or between

who are worth being my friend

maybe add a 'y' to the end?

had originally be sad by this


When vinyl got home

Capitalize the V

5812704 This story was written, edited, and published in my one-hour lunch-block... How are those the only mistakes I made?!

On a serious note: thanks for pointing those out. I went back and fixed them.

~ Neon Lights

Wow, I really enjoyed this! Let's just say this fic has no dislikes for a reason.

6614584 Thanks! ^_^ I'm really glad you liked it. It was a cute little idea that popped into my head that I'm really happy I was able to get down correctly.

~ Neon Lights

Still a few errors interspersed here and there, but otherwise a cute story. Take my like.

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