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Diamond Dancer, ten-year-old filly, Royal Night's Errant, holder of the world's highest-flying record, and Star Seeker extraordinaire, writes a letter to her mother. Which would be much easier if she knew where she was.

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So bittersweet...I love it.

She works for Luna and has never thought to ask her to find her mother. The princess of dreams would be able to manage it I would think.

5809977 Implying Diamond's mother is still alive. :raritycry:


This was lovely, a good read.:raritystarry:

I run and run and run as fast as I can, but it's never fast enough.
-If I might suggest: Consider replacing the "run"s with "fly"s.


Ahh, I suppose you're right, but run is more accurate, since Diamond doesn't trust her wings too much.

Altitude record holder and doesn't trust her wings?


Reasonable way to write her for pathos.

5947664 Not since she got sick. Diamond can't feel her legs, arms or wings, so flying always, -always- results in crash landings. Sometimes she can't even get off the ground, so running is usually her best bet

Well, I didn't realize this wasn't a stand-alone story until you mentioned that. I'd have a link to the first one in the long description of each story... On a Good Day in this case, right?

BTW, after reading that other story: I like that she LITERALLY reached the stars.

Do you and/or she have leprosy? I learned about that from "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" (I do NOT recommend them for anyone under the age of... let's say 16?). If you do: lucky thing (for some future generation at least?) about the armadillo's eh? Identical quadruplets should make getting the experimental and control groups better matched easier...

As for crashing... strategically placed mats (clouds?) could help with that. I realize that doesn't stop the emotional effects, but it would be a good bit of world-building to have that as part of her adaptive strategies. And... actually, based on RL, roller skates could theoretically work. I mean it isn't like a biplane pilot could... no, wait, an airplane pilot can feel the moment of touch-down literally in the seat of their pants and stomach. Maybe she can't even feel that? I specificied "biplane" because that would lack most of the instruments of, say, a 747 (altimeter? airspeed meter?), I think that the minimum instrumentation MIGHT have been a clock and a compass at one point in the 1960's or earlier. A biplane pilot can feel the eddy currents from around the windshield which might help them judge speed, but they glance straight down and see the landing strip I don't think.

... can you tell I'm REALLY into world-building? Take it or leave it...


That was lovely. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Your story have just received a reading by ObabScribbler on youtube:

Author Interviewer

And Rainbow Dash gets the Worst Mother award.

I mean, c'mon, who else is gonna have a kid that amazing and leave them behind? :B

That was sad. I hope her mom is actually alive and just in hiding.:raritycry:

I don't know where to send these letters, so sometimes, I fly up really really really high and just let them go. I watch the wind take them away and then I go home and wait for you to respond. But you never write back. It's okay, though, because I figure maybe the letters take a while to get to you. I used to give them to Derpy, (she's our mail mare) but one day she just burst into tears and hugged me. It was really weird, so I don't give them to her anymore. I don't want to make her sad. Other than that, I guess my life is pretty normal.

You lose the italics within the first sentence of this paragraph.


Heartbroken sorrow
A connection across time
Lost forevermore

Illi #19 · Last Friday · · ·

Oh, this is another RarityEQM story, now my heart is broken twice now.

Rest in peace, wonderful writer.

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