• Published 18th Apr 2016
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And Yet... - Xepher

A series of short vignettes centered around the theme of everyday miracles.

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Lyra pressed her nose against the window, staring out at the multitude of city lights as the ground dropped away and the plane rose above the coast. For the most part, the passengers seemed completely nonplussed by her presence, but she'd caught a few odd looks here and there as she'd boarded the flight. She could hardly blame them however. Despite her many years among them, even her own mind sometimes reverted and couldn't help but think of these alien creatures as strange and oh-so-weird. Yet what really stuck out in her mind was that none of them, not even those that seemed most surprised to find a unicorn flying coach, gave even a glimmer of thought to the miracle of the plane itself.

It'd been nearly a decade since the Veil had torn, since this other Earth—the one where talking monkeys had evolved in place of equines—had come to overlay the edges of Equestria. Those monkeys, those... humans... had seemed so strange, and so very, very alien at first. But of all ponies, Lyra was one who believed, at least far more than most, in the old axiom that a stranger is just a friend you're meeting for the first time. She'd quickly found herself enraptured by the new humans, and their world. She'd gone on a pilgrimage of sorts, taking in as many of the sights this new world offered as she could, returning home occasionally to tell friends and family of the wonders she'd seen. It had been some of the best years of her life, and still she felt like she'd barely scratched the surface. Every takeoff was the start of a new adventure, and she'd sworn long ago to never forget the sheer joy of it.

The green unicorn turned in the not-quite-pony-sized seat, leaning against the headrest while continuing to stare out the window, a faint smile crossing her muzzle as the millions of tiny lights all moved beneath her, a human city full of life and industry. As it faded beneath the clouds, she marveled at this weird species that bent metal, fire, and even the air itself to its will, harnessing whirling demons of fire beneath wings of composite aluminum to soar among the clouds. It wasn't magic, and yet... they'd even walked on the face of the moon!

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