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The name is Jack. I enjoy drawing and writing. I'm currently dabbling in music production and I hope to pick up a degree in journalism.The old username was Alpha Comet, which I decided to retire.


In the year 2030, a multinational merchandising corporation teams up with a newly established genetics lab to design and market living My Little Pony companions. A flawless mesh of living tissue and true artificial intelligence, these ponies are able to breed, age, learn, speak and eventually pass on at the same rate as your average human being. Their 'cute' and/or 'adorable' designs are marketed towards families and children.

Being critters of ultimately artificial design, however. Government officials disagree with these creations, claiming them to be a slight against nature. 'Playing god' is never a good thing.

In this story, we follow Fey, an upper-class young woman. And her unicorn companion. Together they fight to put a stop to a bill that would call for the closure of the genetics lab that created the ponies, along with each and every creatures immediate destruction.

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So let me get this straight, I can't get a Celestia? Dammit I want to mess with the sun!

WHERES MY DAMN PINKIE?!?! I WANT A PINKIE PIE!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

You read tampins manuals didn't you? :ajbemused:

There were a series of manuals about Robotic/Organic ponies (The mane 6) that were featured before.
This looks like that idea in a story.

Not quite... This story will be more about the moral grey area when it comes to creating and destroying life.

It's widely considered wrong to create artificial life. But when that has already come to pass, is it any better to get rid of it?

This story is going to be basically one great big moral dilemma.

How so?
You make life, it's made.
End of story.

Wow. Way to brush aside a very real issue in morality.
It's easy to say "I'm going to make life." and be done with it.
But then you have to think about what impact that life will have on the world. Or what impact the world will have on this life.

And what happens if it turns out to be a very bad idea? "Just get rid of it"?

But then you've got to think about basic human rights. These ponies on a mental level, not much different than human beings. So when the question arises; "Would it be acceptable to just wipe them out, because they should never have been allowed to have come about in the first place."?

Lets say for example, you are a scientific creation. You have all the same features as a regular human being. But your creation was unlawful, and it was decided that you should be destroyed. You wouldn't like that at all. No sane person would. You may be a creation of science, but on the outside, and even the inside, you are human. As such, you deserve the same treatment. Basic human rights and whatnot.

It's no different for these ponies. They grow, think, feel and speak. Do you think if they were to ever truly exist, that they would deserve the same rights as us?

The answer to all of this is far deeper than "It's there now."

Funfact: Human rights don't really exist.
And seeing as ponies aren't people, no they can't have the same rights, if they were made to be pets, they can be pets.
And yes I'm a heartless bastard.:trixieshiftright:

Well then I'm afraid this story, and many other real life issues may be lost on you. Can't please them all, I guess.

It's okay.
It's just I don't really give a shit about 99.9% of the people on this planet.
I just thought this seemed like manual styled story.
And I think this has been done before, but with Fluffy ponies on Ponibooru.

It's a little funny that they say they are suppose to be intelligent creatures, but they still package them up in boxes.

Will this be a dark biopunk/horror fic like MLP Laboratories: The Outbreak?

Being rather well-versed in biology and very interested in biotechnology and genetic engineering, this could turn out to be a sweet and fluffy story combined with a tale about bioethics.

I am assuming that the next chapter will be a time skip a decade or so in the future and the ponies have been established. And Fey and Rarity are either teenagers or young women in thier 20s.

Seriously though, if I actually had one of those "Synthonies" (Synthetic Ponies); I would probably lobby to have further production of them banned (assuming that production had already started and there was a sizable population of them) but grant them status as full sapient persons. And I would tell anyone who tries to confiscate mine to go hump a paper shredder. :pinkiecrazy:


They haven't been fully established yet. Our little upper-class family and those like it are among the first to own one. So far as anyone is concerned at this stage, they're not too much different from regular pets.


You aren't far off. I'm glad someone is getting the point of all this. The next chapter will be a time skip, though not quite that far. Just a little more time developing the relationship between Fey and Rarity, and then I can move on further.

Wow! I'm liking this so far! Looking foward to more.

This story throws up some flags. Are you per chance using MLP FIM to pontificate about your own sociopolitical views?


I wouldn't say that. More like posing a question in humanity and morality, really. Politics just to happen to be coincidentally involved. I It's a promise that I won't be involving any deeply personal matters such as my political standpoint. I wont be driving it in a direction that I believe is morally correct, either. I want the people reading to be able to decide that for themselves.

Having said that, I will have to give it an ending eventually. I guess we'll just see where the story goes, eh? Might let my readers decide what happens.

Do have a schedule for updates in this fic, or are you just going to add chapters whenever you feel like it?


At the moment it's whenever I'm able to get some writing done. I write whenever I have the time, and I feel inspired to, between job hunting and drawing.

Year 2030
Still worried about "playing god"


*Reads your name*

Righto then.

I wish this could actually happen like shes my little pony. For bronies this would be awesome.

Any news on an update?

I surprisingly am quite busy these days. What with commissions and some video game art and voice acting work.
I'll get to it eventually, I certainly have no intentions of dropping these stories.
Quite the opposite actually, I've got some ambitious plans for a couple of them. Here's hoping I can pull them off.

I'm utterly surprised at how interested I am in this story. You have my follow.

along with each and every creatures immediate destruction.

That by ethical standards would NEVER happen, if they are living organisms (especially if they're sentient) that would be taking a life without cause. If that were to happen I'd probably be more outraged by people actually agreeing to kill intelligent lifeforms than the fact that they are ponies. :unsuresweetie:
But then again, this is the government were talking about. They make stupid decisions everyday :rainbowlaugh:

this has great potential you should keep updateing

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