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I mostly write about the Sirens and Sunset Shimmer since I feel like their stories are underrated and I enjoy writing them the most! I hope you enjoy my silly, 'funny', and (mostly) fluff stories.


After reserving a phone call from her friend. Sunset Shimmer needs to rush into the hospital to see her friend after she had an accident. Being the good friend she is, she tries her best to help her. And in doing so, Sunset's starts questioning her mentality.

Adagio Dazzle x Sunset Shimmer

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Its cool, this is really good. Hey do another one of these! Please?
*WHINE* Please?

Proofread this. Seriously. Tons of glaring grammar issues.

Nice! More Sundagio - more happiness in my life.

Yeah I noticed. Do you have any suggestions for a good proofreader. Because I did ask a few but there was no response.

One thing I could say - i don't think that Adagio could be provocated that easily. But do I know.

The concept was good, but I still gave you a thumb down, because of really bad grammar.
If you manage to find some proofreader and maybe improve a little on writing, I'm certain you will get a thumb up.


I'm not really active in the community so not really, sorry.

Very funny, very cute. I noticed lots of grammar problems, but regardless this is going on my favorites list. :raritywink:

can you point at the grammar mistakes so I can fix them.

"What are you? A chicken?" Rainbow's ego kicked in with full awareness that she was hitting a few nerves.
The book slowly dropped from Adagio's hands. With nothing but anger, she glared at Rainbow. "Nobody calls me chicken."

Heh, is this Adagio or Marty McFly's secret love child?

Let me guess, Adagio wants Sunset in a nurse's outfit.

Her heart *sudden;y skipped a beat. Seeing her devastated like this was no diffident than her being the same.


I liked the story :pinkiehappy:

Thank you ^-^.
You might also like the unofficial prequel. It's mostly set on the same universe.

7784982 I will take a look at it

"Uh... Of course we are." Aria nervously chuckled, sneaking her hand next to Sonata's. "But first we need to visit the ladies room." She rushed outside the door dragging Sonata with her.
After a few moments of silence, Sunset broke it by "They're not coming back, are they?"

Can anyone blame them, though? :twilightoops:

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