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It had been a long time since Gari had seen her Mother-even longer since she had heard her voice. She had known her Mother before she had transformed into Nightmare Moon, and now, she would see her again. Gari would always remember the beautiful mare that saved her life; the wonderful pony that made her who she was. She would always remember her.

Now, if only her Mother would remember her, too.

Dedicated to DavieRocket, whose loyal dedication to Lyra is as amazing as his art.

The cover art is by TheZealotNightmare and is used with his permission. All credit goes to him.

This story is part of an art trade with BlndDog for the cover art for Council of Five, and serves as a backstory to his story: Of The Last Millennium. However, it can be read as a stand-alone.

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Comments ( 22 )

This sounds like a great idea for a story, and I don't think I've seen one about this on fimfcition yet. I will read it when I have time to. :twilightsmile:

I am fairly confident that this is based on this vid.

Someone beat me to the video.

Aw I loved this story. I'm glad I read it. I'm suprised it doesn't have more attetion.


Yeah-it is. It's a side story to The Last Millennium by BlndDog, which is based of the vid.


Thank you! I'd love to get any story noticed a bit more :).


wish there was an actual story for that music vid but people are lazy bums

Do not post bit-part stories in Protect Celestia.


Okie dokie! I shall remove it.

I loved that video and I like this story, very interesting idea

is Good, third story I've seen based on the video. keep up the good work dear author.



? If it was a story reiterating the video, I don't know if that would be allowed on the site...especially if the video had YouTube copyright. As well, couldn't people just watch the video?

6757117 video was good but i mean a long very well wrote story consisting of at least 300k words or more not jus a small fan fiction


6757143 Okay. Are you trying to advertise a story, get me to write a story, or just randomly throw an idea out? I'm confuzzled.

6757171im saying someone should write it, i know id love to see it in story format instead of video because there is so much that can be done with it, if only if only i studied writing in school i would do it my self. im good with ideas but i just don't have the vast knowledge for an amazing write. granted i did win my writers gala 3 times in a row in high school :P i just dont have the patience to write a full blown story alone


Sure-but I think putting that up to a group might be more effective then trying to portray the idea in the comment section of my story. It does sound like a neat idea, though :).

6757965 lol i didnt do that you asked i jus said i wish there was one

This is so sad, but really good, cos I was crying on the inside.


Thanks to all of you that added this to favourites! I didn't think that this story would be *that* good, but it turned out a lot better than I expected. If you stay tuned, I promise more stuff to be released!

sad, but with an uplifting ending, bravo

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