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It makes sense for Twilight to go ga-ga over tiberium considering her sciency nature. Seems a little unrealistic of everyone else to embrace it so easily. Regardless of the positives, Tiberium is very dangerous and quite lethal, you'd expect far more caution from a more stagnant and peaceful race like ponies.


We're actually not basing it in any single game. Given that a lot of tech from the first game is just US military hardware, we're making adjustments so that the tech levels for each faction will progress with the story in a way that seems somewhat realistic.

This way we can keep our own "lore" without turning this Into a half-baked reskin of a C&C Fic.

so it's more of a fusion fic than a crossover


In a ways. Expect plenty of titles to show up like Havoc and other characters, but also expect plenty of expy characters like Ironsides for General Jack Granger in Tiberium Wars.

Luna is Kane in a sense I see. The third chapter is going to be quite eventful.

The difference between the factions seems to be more grey than in the actual C&C, which is rather interesting, and it does make more sense in the universe. I'm detecting a far more direct confrontation between GDI and Nod very soon.

5840540 When she said she was going to rescue Pinkie and Rarity, I sort of expected this to be the tutorial mission, where you have a few units and have to learn to use their abilities. :derpytongue2:

5840900 Maybe the tutorial will be rescuing all three of them

I take it there won't be compromise?

I never thought Celestia would be one to let her hatred for a crystal to allow ponies to suffer unnecessarily. Especially ponies like those.

Hmm, so in this story "Kane" is just a figurehead. The original Kane wasn't.


Establishing Battlefield Control...Please Stand By.

Primary Objective:
-Release Pinkie Pie and Rarity
-Escape with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.
-Pinkie Pie Must Survive.
-Rarity Must Survive.
-Princess Twilight Sparkle Must Survive.

“Stop right there, criminal sc-AGH!” another guard barked, only to be cut off mid-order as a small dart found its way into his neck. Electricity coursed through his body as he and the other two that had been with him kept kicking around on the ground and four more ponies appeared out of thin air in front of the three Element Bearers.

They did not wear anything resembling a GDI uniform or piece of armor. Instead they were covered from head to hoof, muzzle to tail, in a black jumpsuit that clashed heavily with the sterile gunmetal-grey of their surroundings. Of course, given the fact that they were invisible just a second ago, concerns regarding traditional camouflage were simply nonexistent.

“Princess Twilight?” the lead pony asked as two pistols on her side folded back into the saddle.


“Lieutenant Pallette, Shadow Strike Squad Gamma. We’re your escort, your highness.”

“Your timing is perfect, Ms. Pallette. I believe you have something for me though?” replied Twilight, expectant.

“Of course your highness.” Lieutenant Pallette replied, recalling the message she had just received and was to deliver. “230 meters northwest, altitude 16 meters underneath epicenter.”

Reinforcements Have Arrived.

5850790 It's quite possible that Kane may grow beyond the figurehead status, after all, most of Nod is loyal to him, not Luna

5853914 Maybe He'll stay loyal but that's a low probability.

"Where the Tartarus are those reinforcements!?" :pinkiegasp:

Also, RIP Pokey. You should've joined the Brotherhood w/ Pinkie. :applecry::fluttercry:

5900172 Considering they're packing superior weaponry, tanks, gryphons, and dragons, I don't think it's going to make much of a difference.

Celestia is still a pacifist huh? Personally I think condemning her ponies simply because of hatred of Tiberium is worse.

5904434 I'd wager a guess that it's difficult to drop a thousand years' worth of doctrine in a month or two.

Sounds like the uniform is just a hindrance to Spike. Not surprising. I mean, an apex predator shouldn't have to rely on technology, evolution is a powerful and adaptive force.

On the other hand, well how long has this war been going already? Equestria before tiberium was a peaceful place, now they're treating POW's like that? Regardless of who it is, that is inhumane. And if you think about it, Blueblood was just a jerk, that's hardly deserving of that kind of hate. Rarity herself wasn't being much more than a gold digger who didn't really care about who Blueblood was.
I don't necessary like Blueblood, but those are the facts. We shouldn't excuse cruelty simply because of who the 'heroes' are. In fact we should expect the exact opposite.


You say this stuff like anyone thinks overly rationally during war, and I don't recall ever writing anywhere in the story that they treat all POWs like that (or did you forget how in the last chapter, Pinkie Pie let the GDI ponies under Big Mac choose if they wanted to defect to Nod?). This is an isolated case involving Nod having captured a GDI General who just so happens to be the most pompous, incompetent moron in the Initiative's military that Rarity has been holding a grudge about.

6117599 Hmm, I suppose. Still.

Are railguns really that powerful? I mean, in Tiberium Wars it still takes several shots to bring down a Avatar or a Tripod, and those things can't possibly be tougher than a dragon.

6147475 There are things I want to say that I won't out of respect for the authors. Very mean things. Suffice it to say that yes, railguns can and will hit with an incredible amount of kinetic force--enough that theoretical rounds don't need explosives. All they need to do to make something NOT be there anymore is to hit it at a high velocity.

On your statement, remember that this is a fanfic; it's not limited by the "balancing" they have to do to make something applicable in multiplayer.

6147475 One, I would say that given those things are made out of solid metal or better materials, specifically designed to take projectiles both explosive and solid that yes, Tripods and Avatars could would easily be tougher than dragons. And two, real life railguns are much, MUCH more powerful than the ones in Tiberium wars, since in that game they needed to balance the things, but in real life, railguns fire solid projectiles at such speeds that they are even more powerful than almost any explosive cannon/turret we have today

wondering who Slaviks replacement is, but things are too early to ask so I will keep reading

Ohhh... and then cliffhanger. I have to wait now.

You know, I actually find it hard to decide who's supposed to be the good guys in this. I mean, when I played Tiberium Wars, I slightly favoured GDI because they didn't seem overzealous with Tiberium cleaning, even after more than 70% of the planet was covered in it.

Here though? They do come across as more hateful than remorseful, else Twilight would have never defected in the first place.

Loving this.
I wish they would create a c&c game wher you could create your own unit and characters to play and defeat the enemy with. (Unit name SAS/ Shadow's Wolf's (yes the SAS as their badass) equipment standard assault rifles, pistols and a missile launcher (no reloads for missile launcher), and a set of timberwolfs with a 50cal on rear hatch, and remove the window at the passengers seat and place another 50cal there too (at least 3000 rounds for each) reason for name we give a special service to aircraft still at bace *50.cal rounds or explosives anyone* faction: sadly GDI, prefer the elimination of Tiberium instead of evolution.)

Okay, who's the one downvoting every comment I make? Is it my picture?

Hell yeah. Zone troops!

New chapter quickly, I can't control the blood lust I'm getting from just reading this:pinkiecrazy: (dame you khorne)

We Fight for Nod!

Awsome chapter :rainbowdetermined2:

Love the reference to the Adeptus Astartes
Please tell me that we will get to see the Adeptus Sororitas?
GDI soldier 1: hey what's that, oh buck
GDI soldier 2: What is it?
GDI soldier 1: It's the 'Nuns With Guns'
GDI soldier 2: 'Bolter Bitches'
GDI soldier 1: Yep
GDI soldier 2: buck us :ajbemused:

Keep up the awsome work tho

I am liking this so far. I have a question. Where is alien data matrix that Nod had that gave them unrivaled Tiberium knowledge, the Tacitus?


All in due time; we can't give out spoilers just yet.

dear god you need to add in the Redeemer

Was I the only one who felt a little underwhelmed by the Marked of Kane? I mean, the Enlightened didn't really seem to actually do that much damage whenever I used them. Was I just imagining things?


Enter the Scrin, the very race responsible for the Tiberium infestation.


The scrin are here. Well good thing I saved that bullet

Everyone is saying Scrin and I do think that is likely. However, everyone keeps forgetting about the Forgotten/mutants that lived in the yellow and red zones of the original series. :-S

wow Nod takes Deep Cover operatives very seriously.

don't GDI use the Ox transport?


...care to elaborate?


If you're familiar with any of the TWI lore, you shouldn't be surprised that Sakura is a traitor.

As for the Scrin and the timeline; as the writing team has stated before, Green Sun doesn't follow the way that the tiberium wars went on Earth because this isn't Earth. It's why GDI has had Predator tanks since day one and why the Marked of Kane are already active. Green Sun isn't just some C&C fic with a pony skin that's going to follow the events of the game to a 'T', while certain things will be paralleling the lore, none of it will be an exact copy. That's why Equestria isn't going to be visited accidentally by a simple mining force.

After all, mining forces don't send recon teams to test indigenous defensive capabilities.

Nice traitor twist, and you do realise it was Kane that lured the Scrin to the planet right?


As with your inquiry about the Tacitus, all will be revealed in time, but I can't just go around letting off every plot twist that Rodgun and I have stored for the later chapters.

Traitors! Xeno! What next daemons (if yes. Let the inquisition begin).

But any ways great chapter and nice twist at the end.:rainbowdetermined2:
Just remember one thing, give the poor bastards a chance (scrin invasion fleet. I give them a few months at best)(this also reminds me of one of my Only War sessions, we were brutally slaughtered by the invading nids)

Kind of annoyed that Flash is this reality's Havoc but other than that not bad.

Fyi I just don't see Flash as being badass enough to be an Havoc expy, just my take on it.

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