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Six Queens - Princess OtakuGeek

The Mane Six suddenly find themselves changeling queens ruling over Chrysalis's hive.

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After learning about pranking and playing with some of the nypmhs, Scootaloo went up to where Rainbow Dash and Sky Ribbon were talking.

"Hey Dash?" She asked to get her sister figure's attention and the changeling Queen turned to her in response. "Not that I don't like hanging out with the best big sister ever, but the Crusaders and I were hoping to go see Canterlot and maybe find our cutiemarks!" The filly's eyes shone like stars as she spoke and despite her fangs, Rainbow Dash still managed a warm smile.

"Sure kid, but first you're all going to need someone with you." She replied. "And I know just the ling for the job."

✴✴✴✴ Half An Hour Later ✴✴✴✴

The Cutiemark Crusaders rushed out of the castle at high speed and trailing behind trying to keep up was a changeling and a unicorn Royal Guard. The two only got the chance to catch their breath when the fillies stopped at the gates and stared open mouthed and wide eyed at Canterlot.

"It's so beautiful!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. "I can see why my sister loves Canterlot so much."

"Yeah! Ah'm not usually very interested in all that fancy shmancy stuff, but even Ah can see why ponies think this place is gorgeous." Applebloom said.

"And the best part is that it's all unexplored territory!" Scootaloo added. "Think about it, out there is a million cutiemark possibilities just waiting for us!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yeah! Let's get Crusading already!" Applebloom cried out. But before they could start, the changeling instantly stepped in front of their path.

"Now hang on a minute." Kormac said gently yet authoritatively. "Canterlot is a much different place than Ponyville. There are certain things you can and cannot do here. So while we are out of the castle, you need to stay near myself and Sergent Sun Spear."

The Royal Guard nodded firmly. The Crusaders sighed and looked down. "Yes sir." They all said simultaneously and a little gloomily.

"Oh c'mon now." Kormac said kindly. "You can still have fun and 'Crusade'. But it can't be too dangerous and you can't run off from us. Understand?"

The Crusaders instantly brightened. "Yes sir!" They said with more enthusiasm than before.

"Good. Now let's get going." He said with a pleased smile. The Crusaders rushed forward once more, but at slower pace so they wouldn't lose their escorts. As they followed after the fillies, Sun Spear leaned near Kormac to speak to the changeling without drawing the fillies' attention.

"I didn't know you were good with kids." He said with a small grin. Kormac grinned back.

"In a changeling hive, all the adults lend a hoof with the nymphs to some extent." He answered. "And since I'm from Chrysalis' first clutch, I've had lots of experience."

Sun Spear looked at him respectfully. "You don't think you could give me some pointers could you?" He asked. "My sister often asks me to watch her kids and I swear, those kids are going to give me grey hair before my time."

Kormac smiled. "Well then Sergent, watch and learn." Was all he said before trotting a little faster to catch up with the fillies, Sergent Sun Spear of the Royal Guard following close behind.


Despite his new Queens not being his original Queen, Kormac and every other changeling held the same love and respect for them that any other species would for their mother. And in a situation like this, their wisdom was invaluable. When Queen Rainbow Dash, or just Rainbow Dash as she was insisting on being called, assigned him to look after the Crusaders, Queen Twilight made the suggestion that a Royal Guard accompany them. With how changelings were viewed in Canterlot, the presence of a Royal Guard would both assuage fears and keep him safe from any assaults from the most belligerent among the ponies.

And given the glares that the populace were giving him, he was glad for Queen Twilight's wisdom.

Choosing to ignore the looks that the ponies around were shooting at him, Kormac set his mind on his task, namely keeping an eye on three rambunctious fillies. Sun Spear was doing the same whilst keeping an eye on the ponies around them. Aside from the girls' chatter, there was silence between the two males. Eventually however, Sun Spear decided to strike up a conversation, and since he wasn't very familiar with the Commander, he started with the first thing that came to mind.

"So....you were a part of Chrysalis' first clutch?" He asked. Kormac's ear twitched at the sudden break in silence, but he had no complaints and decided to humor the Sargent.

"I am, yes. Matter of fact, I was her first hatched nymph." Kormac said with a grin. "I don't remember that day anymore than you would remember your birth, but Chrysalis used to say that moment was the most amazing moment of her life."

"Huh. I wonder if my mom felt the same about my birth." Sun Spear said contemplatively. "I should make sure to ask her when I get the chance."

Kormac smiled. "I'm sure she'll tell you the same thing Chrysalis would say." He said.

Sun Spear smiled back. "Yeah, I guess she would. So I suppose that makes you the oldest out of all your siblings."

"Yes it does." Kormac nodded. Sun Spear scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"And you said Chrysalis was your mother, right?" He asked and the changeling nodded. "So if she's your mom, then why do you call her Chrysalis instead of mother? For that matter, why aren't you and your hive in mourning either?"

"Sergeant, try to understand that the world of a changeling is much harsher than yours." Kormac started. "We called Chrysalis by her name not because she was aloof from us, but out of respect for her position and duties. The nymphs would refer to her as mother until they were older. In the Hivelink, we did call her mother freely, regardless of age. And as for mourning, our Queen's last command was for us to leave our hive so that we wouldn't be destroyed by the other Queens. We miss her as much as you would miss your own mother, but I doubt that your mother would want you to grieve for too long when there's work to be done."

Sun Spear grinned. "No she wouldn't. Mom's just that type of pony, always encouraging and pushing us forward. I'm sure that if we sat around mourning her when she dies, she'd be turning in her grave. Oh and please, call me Sun Spear or Sunny. That's what my pals call me."

Kormac grinned as well. "Alright then Sunny. I'm glad to be counted amongst your pals."

"Yeah well, I'm an older sibling myself so I understand that there's some responsibility for the younger siblings there." Sun Spear said with a shrug before slinging a foreleg across the changeling's back. "I may not know a lot about changelings, but I do know that everyone else in your swarm are your siblings, plus you're a Commander so that's a lot of sibling responsibility."

"True true, but it helps that everyone helps each other, so I don't have the weight of the entire hive on my shoulders." Kormac said and Sun Spear pulled off of him.

"Still, older siblings should stick together and help each other out." Sunny then stuck his hoof out in an obvious gesture that Kormac recognized. The changeling stuck out his own hoof and bumped it against the unicorn's.

"Of course." He said. "And, if you want, you can consider yourself a member of our hive."

"Cool. I get a ton of brothers and sisters." Sunny said easily. At that moment, one of the girls called out, drawing the full attention of the two males.

"Hey look! It's a perfume shop!" Sweetie Belle announced as she pointed at a nearby shop.

"Whoa, an entire shop just fer perfume?" Applebloom said curiously.

"Honestly, it doesn't surprise me." Scootaloo said. "This is Canterlot after all."

"Girls, I just had an amazing idea!" Sweetie Belle said with a grin. "Why don't we try to get our cutiemarks for making perfume!"

"A perfume making cutiemark? That sounds lame." Scootaloo said dismissively. Applebloom frowned at the pegasus and gave her a small shove.

"Oh c'mon Scoots, not every cutiemark has ta be some sort of daredevil cutiemark." She said. "Ah enjoy adventuring as much as the next pony, but once in a while Ah wouldn't mind trying for a less dangerous cutiemark. And besides, isn't it our goal ta try EVERYTHING so we can find our cutiemarks?"

"Fine, I guess it's worth a shot." Scootaloo said resignedly, though if one were to look closely they could see a spark of interest in her eyes. Sweetie Belle grinned.

"Yay! And even if we don't get our cutiemarks, I bet my sister would like a bottle of perfume." Sweetie said cheerfully.

"Then let's get started!" Applebloom said and like that, the matter was resolved and the three fillies slapped their hooves together as they shouted their usual saying like a battle cry.


And with that, the group trotted in the door, save for one who paused at the doorway. Kormac wasn't a fan of perfume shops. Because of their subterranean and insect-like nature, changelings like himself tend to be sensitive to scents. Some would be alluring while others would be agitating. It wouldn't be enough to affect his behavior, but such scents would make him uncomfortable to varying degrees. And on top of that, while his nose wasn't as strong as a Heller Valdr's, he would still pick up things ponies wouldn't.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a problem, but perfume stores were places where lots of scents were grouped together. To the ponies, it would smell pleasant, but for a changeling like him, the multiple sources of alluring and agitating scents alongside the smaller scents he would undoubtedly pick up would be sending so many conflicting messages that it give him a headache and turn his stomach a little.

But, even though he would normally avoid the perfume shops as much as he could, it was still a minor discomfort. If his duty required him to enter a perfume shop, then he would enter a perfume shop. So before anypony could notice his hesitation, Kormac steeled his resolve and stepped into the shop. After all, it was just three fillies and he'd had plenty of experience with his own siblings. What was the worst that could happen?

✴✴✴✴Twenty Minutes Later✴✴✴✴

Despite the presence of changelings, life continued on like usual in Canterlot. And today couldn't be a better day. The sun was shining down on the city, making it glisten in the light. Various shops and businesses were bustling with customers and it honestly didn't seem like anything could make this day better.


Pedestrians on the street jumped at the sudden explosion that came from a certain perfume shop. Vapors of various colors and scents were now pouring out of the windows, vents, and other openings. Not even a minute after the explosion, the doors were flung open and ponies poured out. Among these ponies was a unicorn stallion dressed in Solar Guard armor. Following behind him were three fillies and draped across his back was the limp, passed out form of Commander Kormac.

The changeling honestly looked more dead than alive.

When they were a safe distance from the shop, Sun Spear lowered Kormac down from his back and laid his head down on his saddlebags so he would be comfortable. Shortly afterwards the changeling woke up with a groan.

"Hey buddy, you alright? How do you feel?" Sun Spear asked and Kormac groaned again.

"Not so great." He rasped hoarsely. "My nostrils are burning, my head feels like it's trying to kill me and my stomach feels......urp!" For the next five minutes, Kormac heaved the contents of his stomach into a bucket that Sun Spear provided. When he was done, Kormac coughed a bit before finally speaking again.

"Uhhhhh. You wouldn't happen to know any spells to help with headaches, do you?" Kormac moaned as he leaned against a nearby fountain. Sun Spear shook his head as he gathered up his bags and opened them.

"Not really, mostly attack magic." He confessed as he reached into his bags. "But, I do have some headache medicine." Kormac shot him a look.

"Why, in the name of the hive, do you carry headache medicine?" He asked.

"Remember how I told you that I watch my sister's kids?" Sun Spear asked as he fished out a bottle and opened it.

"Yeah?" Kormac answered. The Gaurd then set a pill on his hoof and began getting him a glass of water.

"Well I wasn't kidding when I said those kids are going to give me grey hairs before my time." Sun Spear passed him the glass of water. As the changeling was gulping his pill, the Guard continued as he put his stuff away. "Those kids get into so much mischief that I kinda have a bag of medical supplies prepared. Mostly bandages and medicines, but it works. They get into all kinds of shenanigans, so I keep headache medicine on hoof. They've gotten into all sorts of trouble, but blowing up a perfume shop is a new one."

"Me too." Kormac said, already feeling much better. "I honestly thought that making perfume was a safe thing to do. Now I understand why my Queens were concerned not just for the well being of these three. I swear I stopped breathing at some point."

"Uh, mister Kormac?" The two males looked up to see the three fillies in question looking at the changeling with wide, sad eyes that could induce a heart attack.

"We're really really REALLY sorry for what happened." Sweetie Belle started.

"Yeah. We didn't mean ta make you sick." Applebloom continued.

"And the worst part is we didn't even get our cutiemarks." Scootaloo finished with a pout.

"Hey, don't worry girls. No harm done, at least not completely." Kormac quickly said. "Just let me rest a little and I'll be right as rain. And as for your cutiemarks, well changelings can't get cutiemarks, but I'm sure you'll figure that out some day. You three are very bright, enthusiastic and determined fillies. I'm sure you'll earn your cutiemarks."

The CMC brightened at his encouraging words and after thanking him, immediately set to planning. Kormac just relaxed and breathed in fresh air as his head dulled and his stomach settled. As he rested, Sun Spear looked after the three fillies and when the owner of the shop stomped over angrily, he dealt with that too. Apparently the explosion of perfume was bad enough that she'd have to shut down her shop for almost an entire month.

Sun Spear managed to calm her and informed that the Crown would do what it could to compensate her. One thing that the mare was firm about was that the Crusaders were definitely banned from her shop when it reopened, which was fine for them because they didn't live in Canterlot and since they found that their destiny wasn't making perfume, they saw little point in it. By the time the shop owner left, Kormac was feeling better and was ready to continue on. As they once again walked through Canterlot, a passing shadow drew the Crusader's attention upwards.

"Whoa, what's that?" Applebloom asked as she pointed up.

"It's an airship." Sun Spear answered as they watched the ship dock not too far from where they were. The fillies' eyes were shining in wonder and Kormac could feel dread clawing at his stomach.

"That's so awesome!" Scootaloo suddenly said. "It's like flying without wings! I bet all three of us can fly that!"

At that moment, a spark of an idea ignited in their minds and the two males started to pale as they saw what was coming.

"Maybe we can." Applebloom said. They all grinned and the CMC cry echoed through the street.


As they dashed forward, their escorts stood frozen with wide eyes and pale faces.

"Hey Kormac?" Sun Spear said. The changeling nodded in answer. "I'm not the only one who thinks we're in over our heads am I?" Kormac shook his head then spoke. While the Guard didn't completely understand what every word meant, the meaning was clear.

"May the Empress have mercy on our souls." Kormac said and Sun Spear nodded in agreement.

"You can say that again. Good thing I stocked up just yesterday." Sun Spear hefted his saddlebags as he spoke then took off after the Crusaders with Kormac following behind.


With her sister out with her friends and her brother somewhere in the castle, Applejack saw this as an opportunity to practice her shape-shifting once again. This time there would be no Berit and no Pinkie so she could focus on her transformation. She closed her eyes and began to focus, picturing her old pony form. Soon she felt her magic starting. Her body began to shrink and there was and a prickling sensation spread across the body as fur began to grow. Her holes started to shrink and AJ thought that she might actually do it this time.

Then like she'd just jinxed herself, her transformation halted and she snapped back to her changeling form and collapsed. Disoriented and only seeing colored blobs, Applejack just lay there on the ground waiting for her vision to clear. Then a large red blob suddenly appeared in front of her and a deep, familiar voice spoke.

"AJ, whatcha doin'?" Applejack didn't need her vision to know who it was and once she was able to, she stood up with some help from her brother.

"Ah'm jus' practicing mah shape shifting." She said as she dusted herself off. "What are you doing here anyways?"

"After Ah finished touring the castle Ah wanted ta see what you were doing, so Ah asked a drone where you were and he pointed me this way." Mac answered. "Why are you tryin' ta shape shift anyways?"

"Shape shifting is an important part of changeling culture and stuff." Applejack said. "And until we can do it, we're relying on the princesses' illusion charm. Ah don't like hiding myself like this, but if I have to Ah'd like it ta be the changeling way because Ah'm not a fan of relying on somepony else like this. If Ah'm going ta lie, Ah may as well be the one ta do it and not drag anyone into it. But no matter how hard Ah try or how many times Ah try, Ah jus' can't seem to get it. Ah can only do it partway then it snaps back."

Big Mac studied her with a thoughtful look on his face then looked her in the eye. "Maybe yer tryin' too hard." He said firmly.

"Tryin' too hard?" Applejack parroted. "What do ya mean by that?"

"Ah mean that you aren't Applejack the Earthpony anymore." Big Mac said. "Yer Applejack the Changeling Queen now."

Those words hit Applejack like a brick and the former farmpony came to a realization. While she'd known that this was a fact, some part of her hadn't accepted it and now here was her brother saying the same thing. That just hobbled that part of her mind and she realized he was right. Every time she'd tried to shift into her old earthpony form, she'd been thinking to herself that she was an earthpony. But she wasn't. She was a changeling now. Applejack didn't know when she sat but the next when Mac laid a hoof on her shoulders, she noticed she was sitting on her haunches.

"But ya know something." He said gently. "Earthpony or changeling, you're still Applejack Apple, and a proud member of the Apple family."

"Ah....Ah don't know the first thing about leading." Applejack finally said quietly. "Ah'm an apple farmer. Ah only know apple trees."

Big Mac smiled a very warm and kind smile that always warmed her to the core and lifted her spirits. "You didn't know apple farming at first either." He said. "But over time, you learned. And myself and Granny Smith helped you along the way. You'll figure it out. Now, why don't we try that again."

Mac offered her his hoof and Applejack took it. When she was back on her hooves, she screwed her eyes shut and tried again. The familiar feeling washed over her, but this time it felt different. It felt less like she was being forced and more like her body was actually flowing into the shape she wanted it to be. In fact, she almost didn't notice the difference since it went by so quickly. The next thing she knew, it was over and she was standing in silence, he eyes still shut.

Then she slowly started opening her eyes and looked down at herself. Instead of black chitin, she saw orange fur and hooves with no holes. She didn't need to look in the mirror to know that she now looked the way she used to before all this. She turned to Big Mac, who was now smiling proudly at her. Without a second thought, she rushed right for him and threw her legs around him in a hug that he promptly returned.

"Thank you Mac." She whispered. "Ah needed that."

"Anytime sis. Anytime." He said kindly. They might've stayed that way much longer if Kormac hadn't cut the moment short.

~My Queens, we are returning to the castle.~ He said over the Hivelink, and judging by his tone, Applejack guessed that he'd had quite the day with the Crusaders.

~Hey Macky boy!~ Rainbow's voice said in reply and AJ knew that this was a shared conversation between herself, the Commander and her friends. ~So how was your day?~ RD asked. Kormac's response to the question was to share his memories of his day.

Usually ponies, even the the princesses, would take a significant amount of time to process the memories that they saw. Changelings on the other hoof have different brain chemistry and so it took the Queens less than a minute to fully see the memories. Even afterwards, there was silence across the Link before Twilight let out a sigh that was somehow audible on a psychic plane. If Applejack were to hazard a guess, she'd say that was probably because she was sighing mentally as well as physically.

~I'll gather the princesses and we'll all meet you in the throne room.~ She said.

~Yes my Queen.~ Kormac said before severing the Link. With that over, Applejack pulled out of her brother's embrace since she knew she'd be needed.

"Sorry Mac, but I'm needed in the Throne room." She announced. "It seems as though Bloom and her friends got themselves into some trouble today." Big Mac quirked an eyebrow questioningly. "Ah'll explain on the way."

Big Mac nodded approval and followed his still shape shifted sister out. "Uh, Applejack, why are ya still shifted?" He asked.

"Well, Ah can't just shift back when Ah haven't shown my friends yet." The Queen replied before launching into an explanation of the Hivelink.


Applejack was the last to arrive and because the Throne room was a very public area, the others were wearing their illusion charms so they didn't notice her transformed state at first. In front of them were the three fillies in question looking very remorseful. On either side of them stood Kormac and Sun Spear, both looked haggard but were standing straight and at attention in front of their respective leaders. When Applejack entered and settled into her seat, they began with Twilight's near shout.

"You three hijacked an airship!?" Twilight cried out. The Crusaders winced.

"Technically speaking we tried to hijack an airship." Applebloom piped up.

"And you darn near succeeded." Sun Spear added. "Kormac and I had to stop the ship before you actually left the docks!"

Kormac nodded then addressed his Queens. "My Queens, while I respect your judgement, the next time you request me to look after these young ones, I would like to bring some more changelings."

"And Royal Guards!" Sun Spear added. "I'm used to kids being a hooful, Celestia knows my nieces and nephews give me a heck of a time every time I watch them, no offense meant your highness. But these three far outstrip them in terms of rambunctiousness. I'm pretty sure Kormac almost died back at the perfume shop and stopping an airship definitely shaved years off both our lives."

The Crusaders drooped a little more and Celestia smiled kindly. "I will see about getting more Guards next time and no need to fear offense from me Sergent Sun Spear. I may not have met your nieces and nephews, but I believe you when you say that."

"Thank you Princess." Sun Spear sighed then turned to the disguised Queens. In answer to the unspoken question, Applejack spoke.

"All of us completely understand your concerns. After all, we've known the Crusaders since before they became the CMC." She said kindly and Kormac registered that there was some detail missing, but he couldn't put his hoof on what it was. Applejack continued. "But in all honesty we didn't expect them to blow up a perfume shop and hijack an airship, though it doesn't surprise us."

"Indeed." Rarity agreed before turning to the Crusaders. "Though I'm pretty we've told them that they aren't allowed to go flying without adult supervision."

"It wasn't technically a balloon though." Sweetie Belle said. "It was an airship."

"The point still stands." Rarity said firmly. "You shouldn't have been up there in the first place." The Crusaders wilted and at this point, Luna spoke up.

"It seems as though this part of the conversation should be in private." She said and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, you're right." Twilight said then turned to Celestia. "Princess Celestia, if there's anything I can do to help with damages and compensation....."

"Don't be silly Twilight." Rarity interrupted her friend. "If anyone should be paying for damages, it should be us three. After all, they are our sisters."

"Yup." Rainbow agreed with a nod.

"Darn straight. If anyone is taking responsibility for mah sister, it should be me." Applejack said with a nod. At that moment Kormac figured out the detail that he'd noticed was missing.

"Applejack, where is your illusion charm?" He asked. Everyone went silent and turned to the changeling Queen in question. Applejack just shrugged casually.

"Ah didn't need it." She replied in an equally casual tone. Everyone was silent as they took that in then Rarity, who was closest, reached out and touched her friend's side.

"This feels like real fur." She said softly. "Applejack, have you figured out how to shape shift?" Applejack grinned widely.

"Eeyup'." She then burst into a blaze of orange flames and when they cleared, she was standing there in all her changeling glory. With another blaze of orange, she was once again an earthpony. "Ah'd just figured it out when Kormac told us he was coming back to the castle."

The next moment, everyone exploded with various congratulations.

"That's so awesome!"

"Congratulations your Highness."

"Well done my little pony."

"Aw, I wanted to be the first. Think you can tell me how you did it?"

"I'd like to know how you did it too. It would be helpful for the rest of us so we can do it too."

"Yay! Now I can throw a party!"

"Indeed! It shall be a great feast in honor of Queen Applejack's accomplishment!"

"Okay, okay y'all, calm down." Applejack held her hooves up in defense. "Ah'll definitely tell you all how I did it but for now, I think Pinkie is itching ta throw a party. Oh and don't think we've forgotten about you three. You'll still get yer punishments."

The Crusaders pouted when Applejack said that. They couldn't deny that they were hoping Applejack's accomplishment would make them forget their punishment. No such luck it seemed.


That night, Pinkie threw her first changeling party. It lasted the rest of the day and through the night until everyone passed out in exhaustion. At some point during the festivities, Applejack recounted her talk with Big Mac and everything that happened to her friends. Soon enough, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash could shift and this just added to the already going party.

The next morning, the Mane Six's families left. The Cakes had a business to run, Big Mac and the Pies had their respective farms to run and the Crusaders had school. Ultimately it was decided that the parents would be the ones to mete out punishments to the three fillies since their sisters already had their hooves full. Though in the case of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, Dash was more of a sister figure and didn't have any authority over her in that manner so the pegasus had to leave that up to her parents. Big Mac of course promised to make sure they knew what had happened.

Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy's parents of course had their own jobs, businesses and responsibilities to return to. It turned out that Fluttershy's father was a well known designer while her mother was a successful model. When they had Fluttershy, they took a small break from those lives, but when she moved out to live in Ponyville they went back to their careers. Greyhorn was quickly regaining his title as a top name in fashion and Sweet Blossom was once again taking the runway by storm.

Honestly, all they could say was 'so that's where she got her knowledge of sewing'.

The only ones who did stay were most of their pets and Maud. Maud said that she was needed here more than on the farm and the rest of the Pies agreed. Fluttershy had asked Angel Bunny if he'd go help take care of the animals back at her and after some persuasion, he finally relented and got on the train with everyone else. However he only agreed after extracting a promise from her that she'd come back in the near future.

As the six Queens watched the train pull out of the station, they felt like everything was going to be okay. There were still challenges to face in the future, but knowing that their families still cared for them and stood by them gave them the strength to face these challenges head on.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for being so patient with me! You guys are so wonderful and now your patience has been rewarded. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I was originally going to post this with a much shorter chapter as well. It is basically excerpts from Twilight's notes (because we all know that Twi is going to study changelings and make notes) and is pretty much the only way I can think of to reveal important information.

Unfortunately progress on this chapter was slow so I just decided to publish this chapter first then get the next one out as soon as possible. This chapter was edited by Docontra and I'd like to give a shout out to her for her patience and help. Again, thank you for reading and everything.