• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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6: Into the Woods...

Author's Note:

Alright then, for those who don't know, I went back on the last story to give it a proper ending so that Agent F could have some interesting character development. Also, do no fear, I don't think I want to end the story right here. After all, there's still a few things I want to do with this story that I haven't yet...


“Well, that was unexpected,” I thought out loud.

“By-the-way,” the other me snapped my attention, “What brings you here?”

I shook my head until my head detached itself, “Oops,” I clumsily caught my head to attach it back on my neck. “Sorry about that, I guess I just got a little bit distracted there. Anyways, as I've said, I’m here because of her.”

“Faust?” I nodded.

“Our version of Twilight has vanished out of thin air. It wasn't until a moment ago that we've figured out where they are.”

“I see… So since you-know-who is out of sight, wanna help me out looking for the twin bookworms?”

“I don’t know… I might get into trouble if she doesn't know where I am since I’m under suspicion… why not?”

He grinned, “Well, in that case,” he snapped a claw, and in a brief flash of light like someone flashed an old camera in my face. I blinked as I heard a loud buzzing sound, only to find myself in the cockpit of one of those old airplanes. Looking around, the plan we were in has the same color scheme as the coat that I always ware, plus, I saw on one wing was a screw, and on the other, a baseball.

“Why not we start looking for them,” I turned around to find my other self, wearing a leather cap, goggles, and one of those stupid scarfs with both a paw and a claw on the stick as he shouted at me over the motor.

Turning my attention to the ground, I saw that we were flying over Ponyville. As we flew, a couple of those pegasi nearly got in the way, quickly followed by a moment of curses that quickly followed as we zoomed past them.

The other me turned the plane towards the forest where he flipped it upside-down so we could get a good look at the forest. For the most part of a few minutes, all we saw was trees, trees, a bush, more trees, a zebra, lots of trees, a giant monster, and even more trees.

“Anything?!” the other me shouted.

“No,” I yelled back. It was then that I spotted something to my left. Barely sticking out of the trees, I saw what looked like ruins. “Hey, what’s that?!” I asked, pointed over towards the crumbling structure.

He looked over to where I was pointing, “It’s a castle!”

“Why don’t we look over there?!”


“Maybe they went over there,” I shrieked, “You know, shelter!”

“Ah, good thinking!” and with that, he changed course and we headed to the ruins.

As we got nearer, I saw a flash that was coming from in the direction of the ruins. When the other me flew over the ruins, I saw a slosh of purple that was waving its appendages around like it was trying to reenact a rain dance.

Before I could react, suddenly we found ourselves being ejected from our seats while the plane nosedived into the forest below, followed by an explosion.

Seconds after we were popped out, thankfully the shoots did as well, gently carrying us down to the ruins below… Hold on, what’s that smell? I looked up, “Really?!” I turned my eyes over to my other self, “A diaper?!”

“Hey, they actually make good shots,” he responded. Oh, he wants to play it that way, well two can play at this game! I snapped my paw to turn his shoot into a dictionary.

“Nooooooofaaaaaaiiiiirrrr!” he screamed as he plummeted down. Oh relax, he’s kinda me, I’m sure he’ll be-


…. Whelp, never mind then.

Anyway, once the ground got near enough, I jumped out of my seat and headed to see if the other me was more or less okay. As it turns out, he was sitting in an armchair, wearing a housecoat reading “War and Peace.”

“What took you so long?” he asked, closing the book.

“Hello?!” we both heard a familiar voice coming from the other side of the castle. “Hello?! Is somebody out there?! Help us!”

He looked at me, “Want to do the honors?”

I snapped my fingers to teleport us to the other side where we found a purple unicorn that looked like she just got out of basic training. Her mane was a mess and there are cuts and scratch marks all over her.

“Ah!” she exclaimed (or was it screaming) when we suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Never fear mis,” I turned around to find my other self wearing something that I’d need to bleach my eyes with. He looked like one of those superheroes wearing a blue mask that covered half his head, a blue cape fluttering in the wind, and a yellow suit that had a white “I” on his chest with a blue outline. And there’s the underwear that looked like it hasn't seen a washing machine in years.

“Never fear, Inconsistency man is here!” he said proudly. “How may we help?”

“For starters,” I said, “you can get rid of the getup; practically the underwear on the outside thing.”

He looked down, “Am I? Huh… I haven’t worn these since I was six.”

“Can we get back to more urgent matters?” the familiar looking unicorn asked. “She’s hurt. Well, I’m… she… just come to help me!”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“It’s the other me,” she said, “she’s unconscious!” We followed her not too deep in the castle to find the familiar purple princess, laying her head against a few saddlebags and having a nasty looking bruise on her head. Not to mention that she had as many scratches and cuts as her other self does.

“We need to get them to a hospital,” I turned to my other self, “now.”

“I’m on it,” he snapped a paw and in a flash of light, we were beamed into the waiting room with a convenient doctor nearby.

“What the-” the doctor started but was cut off.

“These two have been in the Everfree for a couple of days,” the other me told him, pushing the two purple ponies over to him. “One is out like a light, the other isn't. Now get to work.”