• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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(Do I know you: According to Agent F)

Author's Note:

I'm not so sure it this is any good but... here you go.:twilightoops:

“Tell me,” I turned to Julius who looked like the aftermath of a kid who took apart limbs of other toys and stick them into one body. “Does this happen very often? I mean getting arrested by ponies with spears?”

He shrugged, “I guess it’s a Thursday thing.”

I turned back to our heavily armed escorts on the ground and a few in the air, “Look, is arresting us really necessary?”

“We’re not arresting you, Miss,” one of the guards said, “although, the fact you and Discord have appeared in the same place where Princess Twilight was last seen from is indeed suspicious.”

“This brings something up actually,” I turned back to Julius, “What’s all this business of Twilight Sparkle being a princess?”

“Which one are you talking about?” he asked, holding a paw and a claw up. “Are you talking about the one we’re looking for,” in his paw, a little figuring of the missing student appeared. “Or are you talking about the one who lives here?” in his claw, a figurine of a… what was it that the guards said…? What was that word? Alicorn? Yes, it was! A purple alicorn figurine was held up in his claw.

“I suppose the latter,” I told them, watching both of them disappear into thin air.

“Yes actually,” he said, “I found that out when I first came here.”

“Wait here,” we stopped at a door in this long hallway that’s somehow made out of blue crystal. And if I didn't know any better, I’d say that the whole thing wasn't carved but formed in one piece. (I wonder how they did that.) The pony who spoke went in through the door, no doubt to talk to his superior about finding us.

“You know,” I told Julius, “if we get back, I’m going to have to face quite a bit of paperwork for finding all of this.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Paperwork? How so?”

“Really?” I deadpanned, “For the fact that there’s a portal that leads to a universe of equines that talk. So negotiating with the leaders here is going to be a migraine on my-”

“Good news everypony!” Julius’s voice declared… except it was coming from behind me. Julius looked up and I turned around to… Okay, what did I eat before all of this? Now I’m seeing a second Julius with an oversize envelope. “I know exactly where…” the second Julius looked down at me, and for whatever reason, he jumped back in fright. “GAH! U-Uh… H-Hey t-there, Ms. F. L-Long time no see.”

I looked between the two Julius’s, one was scared stiff of seeing me while the one I’ve been with gives me a confused look; confusion, something that I and of these guards share with each other.

“What’s gotten into you?” the Julius next to me asked. “You know her?”

“Unfortunately yes,” the other Julius responded. “Don’t you?”

“A little, I’m kinda in trouble with her at the moment.”

“Oh…” the other Julius shook his head but still kept his eyes on me. “Does this happen to involve a purple unicorn and a purple princess by any chance does it?”

“What purple uni-” I started to ask but I was quickly cut off with someone shrieking from the other side of the door we were waiting.

“WHAT!?!?” Not too long after that, the door inexpertly flung open, slamming a few unlucky guards between the flung doors and a wall. In the doorway was an alicorn that was blue, at first, she somehow reminded me of someone. She had a mane that was like peering into a night sky; her crown was dark and had a chest piece of a crescent moon. But why did she look so… wait… is that?

“Luna?” I asked.

The mare’s eyes were wide as her mouth is open. Before anyone (including myself) could so much as to process what was happening, I found myself on the ground with the mare’s forelegs being tightly wrapped around me.

“MOTHER! WHAT JOY IT IS TO HAVE THEE BACK ONCE MORE!” she really needs to learn about using her inside voice more often. If she keeps it up, I might go deaf!

I looked up to Julius to find that his mouth has crashed through the floor and into the basement. “Mother?” he asked.

Turning back to the mare that’s squeezing all the air out of my new body like a boa constrictor, I tried to use whatever air was left in me to tell her to let go.

“Oh, forgive us,” she said sheepishly, letting go of me. Come to think of it, she does sound exactly like the Luna I know. “We- sorry, I didn't know that you were coming. But, I and the elements have been engaged in an important matter as of now.”

Once I got air back into my lungs, I asked her what she meant by that, “A fellow Princess, Twilight Sparkle has gone missing since yesterday,” she told me. “We have sent forth a search party to find her.”

So their Twilight has gone missing as well?

“Um, excuse me,” the other Julius spoke up. “As amusing as squeezing your mother like a tube of toothpaste, I think I've found something vital.” There was a flash of light before he was suddenly wearing a costume from the old Sherlock Holmes stories, cloak, hat, and even down to the pipe that blows out bubbles. “I've taken these pictures while I was looking near the Everfree Forests.”

“Well, let us see,” Luna said as her horn glowed and the envelope floated over to us. She opened it and took out its contents. It had a few pictures and a magnifying glass. There were three pictures in all. One was a crossed looking white rabbit looking into the camera; another was an underwater picture of a fish with wings; and the last was a wide-eyed red pony with orange hair, sitting by a tiny table with a miniature tea set, an old doll sitting in a chair, and in the background was an open window that overlooked a forest that had two purple dots in it.

“Discord,” Luna looked up with an annoyed look. “What do any of these pictures have anything to do with Twilight Sparkle?”

“You said go out and find anything suspicious, so I did,” the other Julius, apparently called Discord here told her.

“Can I see this one?” I asked, pointing to the picture with the red pony. I turned back to Julius number one who has seemed to more or less gotten over his shock. “Julius, could you hold this picture up?”

He did while I grabbed the magnifying glass with both of my hooves without it slipping. Once I got a grip, I turned my attention to the window in the picture. Using the glass, I saw that those two dots were two nearly identical ponies, except I saw one with wings while the other hasn't. Plus from what details I could spot, their hairstyles match the missing student.

“Well… Discord,” I said, “I think you've just made our jobs a little easier.”

Luna grabbed the picture and the glass from us to look at the two Twilights. She grew a paler shade of blue.

“Sargent Sharp,” she said, “Make preparations to turn our search party to the Everfree Forest.” She turned to me, helping me back onto me… hooves, and dragging me into the room. “In the meantime, we ought to do some catching up.” Before the doors closed behind me, I caught a glimpse of the two Julius’s looking at me.