• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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20: Breakfast with Faust.


“Breaking news: the crazy rumor of seeing twins in the town of Equestria that came from an alternate dimension has been confirmed by the CIA. I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not a joke.”


“-esident has agreed in speaking with one of the royals from an alternative universe in a historical conference to discuss new-”


“So you are a real Equestrian?”

“Ah am indeed Mis.”

“And you’ve already met your other self here, have you?”

“Oh yes, Ah admit, Ah won’t deny in sayin’ that it was rather weird in meetin’ yerself. Ah mean, it ain’t like you’re meetin’ up with somepony new, it’s, well, you. But after a while of gettin’ ta know each other, we became good pals. Plus, he’s real easy ta talk with.”

“I see. So Braeburn, was there anything you found surprising other than turning into different species?”


Weeks after the beginning of summer break, with government agents eyeing not only who’s going in and out of the portal, but the town as well, the CIA have decided to, gently let out the secret. Of course, they didn’t tell the world about the whole magic thing yet, but they did mention about the universe of talking ponies.


“-ow do we know what their intentions are anyway? What do we know about these Equestrians really? They’re maybe copies of us, sure, but how much like us are they real-”


“Tomorrow we interview one of Equestrian royalty and national hero-”


This was what I’ve been seeing all morning as I flipped through the channels. Equestria was on everyone’s lips it seems.


“Really? You two are married?”

“That’s right; our anniversary is coming up soon. Although, I confess that I’m still trying to figure out what to get Vinyl.”

“So tell me, Octavia, in regards to same-sex marriages in Equestria, is this a new thing like it is here?”

“Um… not really? I wouldn’t say that nearly about… two, three hundred years of ponies getting married to the same gender to be considered recent.”

“Seriously? That long? So does homophobia exists when something like gay marriage has been as long as it has where you’re from?”

“Unfortunately yes, just how there some prejudice of gryphons or zebras still exist even when they-”


They were naturally curious about how their society and culture worked. That was expected for those who haven’t gone over there for themselves. There were the interviews, the talk shows, the conspiracy theories that got hold of a camera talking away about the ponies from the other side.

The doorbell rang, thankfully turning my attention away from the repetitive news. “Give me a sec,” I called out, getting off the couch to my front door. On the other side was Ms. Redhead herself.

“Good morning,” she smiled warmly.

“Let me guess,” I said, taking another bite of my bagel, “I’m in trouble again, am I?”

“Not quite. Considering your involvement with Twilight Sparkle’s disappearance, the discovery of a whole new universe to explore, and international affairs with a nation of ponies, I had my work cut out for me that I haven’t gotten the chance to say, thank you.”

“So is that it? You’re here to thank me?”

“If it’s alright with you, I would like to have another interview with you.”

“What? Whatever for? I thought you said I wasn’t in trouble.”

“You’re not; I’m here to have somethings cleared of something that’s a little murky to us.”

“Well… Do you want to come inside; I can fix you up something.” She thanked me and stepped right in. She sat down on the couch, across from where I was having breakfast.

“You don’t have to fix me anything,” she added, “I already ate on the way here.”

“Suit yourself,” I slumped down, snapping my fingers to shut off the T.V. “So, what do ya want to talk about?”

She pulled out from her white suit a little recorder and sat it down on the table. “Tell me, Julius, on the day after Twilight was found and that the Equestrians came, do you remember what happened when school was over?”

“Yeah, I still remember what happened a month ago. I assume that somebody had already told you about my other self getting lost in my head right?”

She nodded, “I remember Celestia talking about that.”

“Which one?”

“Both actually, Princess Celestia said that you punched your counterpart in the face, is that correct?”

“Yep,” I admitted before taking a sip of my morning coffee.

“Could you tell me what happened after that?”

“After that? Well, I could tell ya that he bleed for a while, covering his nose with an icepack and gauze. I’m not too sure about what happened to him after my other boss dragged him out of my class. She probably gave him a good tongue lashing knowing Celestia.

“Even when school was over, I did saw a very few students and staff with their twin before I was able to get in my car. I think I even saw both Celestia at the gate of the portal; my guess is that they were plotting of a vacation or something.

“I drove home to relax for about an hour until my doorbell rang. In a way, I kinda knew that it would be the Crusaders since they come over for a visit every week or so. What I didn’t expect though, was that it was that they had their copies with them! Of course, I asked them why they were here, and they told me it was because they wanted to try out an idea they had.

“You see, they got the idea of becoming writers, and they turned to me to write out my biography. Of course, I told them that it was kinda a bad idea since my memory isn’t as keen as it used to be. But they persuaded me with the confidence that they could piece my story together.”

“Did they let them?”

“I ended up letting them interview me on the porch, with a piano and a cup of tea.”

“Oh, I see, what did you tell them?”