• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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(Insanity: According to Discord)

It’s rather curious how my other self’s mind works at times, not to mention downright frustrating. I mean sure, he’s practically me and all, but at the same time, he’s like a different being of chaos. Sure, there’s the artistic value like this green and white tile room that we’re in now where we’re walking on the walls which means that we needed to jump over the doors that drop into an abyss.

If I didn’t know it, I would say this place kinda looks like my summer home if I forgot to put in the swimming pool of green jello.

Anyway, Twilight, Fluttershy and I were making our way, following Twilight’s string trail to the exit when I heard a familiar voice that was coming from the floor sideways from beneath us. “So what are you in here for?” Hold on… That deep voice yet creepy voice… Is that who I think it is?

“Long story short,” replied my duplicate’s voice, “I didn’t take my pills because I ran out of them, got fired from my job, and now I’ve ended up here. But what about you Gregor? I haven’t heard from ya in a while.”

Stopping, I looked over to the source of the conversation to find my other self and… him, sitting down at a table in the same blue hospital uniforms, eating from boring bowls of soup, with a couple of guards nearby. Even in human form, I could instantly tell it was him with hypothermia blue skin, his horn like the haircut and his white beard and deep red eyes. The noticeable thing I noticed with this alternative Gregor is the lack of his necklace with a bell hanging off of.

“Still committed in this place,” he answered, “Being locked up in a madhouse would make one go insane from sheer boredom.”

“Discord?” I heard the other Fluttershy voice called out, “Aren’t you coming?”

“Wait just a moment,” I told them, “I want to hear this.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” my other self said, “But you know, it’s the first time I’ve seen you out here with the rest of us screwballs, why’s that?”

“I’ve been told for ‘good behavior’ that I get to eat outside of solitary confinement.”

“You know, I haven’t seen you since College, so how did you end up here?”

“To put it short, I was found guilty for murder,” this got both of our attention, my other self asked to explain why he isn’t in prison. “Since I was dealing with, what I guess you might call the occult, I was doing a ritual that requires a certain… sacrifice. However, the jury ruled that I was guilty, but at the same time deemed me as insane for the why reason it was done. I was granted a plea of insanity and ended up here but under some watchful eyes.”

“Uh… Discord,” Twilight said, snapping my attention, “M-Maybe we should get going.”

I don’t blame the purple princess of friendship from sounding nervous, even I’m a bit unnerved from hearing that piece of news.

The string trail lead us to an air duct, with a little help from y screwdriver of a hand, was able to open it for us three to crawl in. Funny, I didn’t know that the mind has a ventilation system.

We called though mostly in the dark, with Twilight at the head and me at the rear because human Fluttershy was getting nervous of being at the head or the back. Again, the only thing that guided us was the string. Yet, that air duct wasn’t entirely dark, every so often; we would go past memory or so. There was one with the other Celestia signing my other self out of the asylum; another where he was in a fight with other children in a playground; and there was the time when we first met in Equestria.

Eventually, the string leads us falling down a dumbwaiter shaft and on top of each other in a tight space. I knew it was a dumbwaiter because I was getting rope burns and we landed hard on a wooden platform.

A few owe and a “Get off of my face” later, Shy felt a door in which we were able to tumble out of.

“Isn’t it amazing that none of us have broken our necks from a fall like that?” Flutter’s asked, rubbing her neck.

“Where are we now?” I asked getting up. By the look of things, it looked like we fell into a kitchen.

“What was that?” a familiar Southern voice asked. Not too long, it came in was human Applebloom and Celestia.

“Twilight, have you found Discord?” Celestia inquired.

“It’s him alright,” Twilight confirmed this. The alternative Celestia came marching up to me and slapped me.

“Discord! Do you have any idea whatsoever how much worry that you caused us in Equestria!?” scratch that, Princess Celestia scolded me as I rubbed what remained of my face.

“Owe! I’m on vacation here. I would think that whats-her-name would have said something about that.”

“Sunset did. I don’t mind you need a break, but here of all places?”

“I don’t like being locked out of something I want in,” I replied.

“Hey,” Applebloom called out, “Since we’ve found the other Mr. D, don’t ya think we should focus on gettin’ outta here?”

“Applebloom’s right,” Twilight agreed, “We already got Discord, now let’s try getting out of Julius’s head.”

Celestia took a deep breath, “I suppose you’re right Twilight. We ought to do just that. So whose path should we take then?”

“Celestia,” Fluttershy spoke up, “I think we might have a problem with these magic balls of twine you’ve given us.” She went on explaining that when she found me in that mental prison, her line was cut.

“But that’s not possible,” Celestia commented, “These are indestructible.”

“Want to give it a good tug to prove it?” I said. There was a pause before those who had the string to pull on theirs to see if they are tight. As it turned out, Celestia’s and Twilight’s string had snapped while Applebloom’s seemed to have held up.

“Maybe we should hurry before this thing breaks,” Applebloom suggested and the rest of us agreed.

“Perhaps I could help with that,” I said, snapping my fingers for an enlarge pinewood derby car with a metal loop at the front. Applebloom quickly got the idea and tied some of the string on it as I got into the driver’s seat.

The four of them climb into their seats while trying their best to avoid the splinters. Once we’re all in, I turned the key, shifted the thing into drive, and we started moving. “Let’s hope the thing doesn’t snap,” I commented as we zoomed through rooms and hallways.

Fast paced images came and went like a melting kaleidoscope. We saw an underwater pool, a starry night, a human Chrysalis in an orange jumpsuit, a movie theater, a teddy bear, a chalkboard, music sheets, needles, Luna in a straitjacket, Applebloom as a pony hugging me, the portal, mother at the piano… Wait, what was that last bit?

“Discord,” Celestia snapped my attention, “What were you doing in your counterpart’s mind?”

I turned my eyes back on the images, “Celestia, my intentions here are for a good cause. He said that he had a mental illness, so I thought I could lend a helping hoof to the matter and try to erase the very source of it.”

“But how do you know what you’re looking for?” she questioned, “In a place like this with countless problems we’ve seen, what were you trying to find?”

“Tell me, had any of you encountered some places where whole rooms looked as if they were burnt?”

Celestia paused, “Now you’ve mentioned it, Applebloom and I had encountered an entire hallway that was like that – where the walls and ceiling had been burned completely, leaving nothing except the floor.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, “And have you guessed what it was?” She shook her head, I explained: “Those burns, from what this place tells me, were probably made from an electrical fire. My guess is that those doctors were probably were looking for the problem but never got it. So I tried tracking down the burns to see if I could find the source of the problem, but that leads me nowhere.”

“Electrical fire?” Twilight asked, “Hold on… Does this mean that Julius was given electroshock therapy?”

“Maybe that’s why,” Fluttershy started, “I remember passing a memory where Mr. Disc was being dragged by scary looking doctors while he was screaming for not letting it happen to him. Maybe that was it.”

I turned my eyes back to the stringy road. It was right then I saw something that made me stomp on the breaks, I saw the door that the string was tied to. “Well, mares and ladies, I believe we’ve made it to our destination.”

As we got out, we looked around to see that the string was tied to the knob of the front door of my counterpart’s childhood home. I think it’s about time to give my other self a call to open the door.

Author's Note:

At this point, I think I'm pretty close to ending this story. Maybe give this a few chapters more before I move on to other things. Don't get me wrong, this has been fun, but now, I'm just getting tired of it to the point that I don't know what else to put into.