• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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16: Bring in the Teachers.

Author's Note:

To loosely quote something from a terrible movie: The plan I've come up with to educate these students is stupidly crazy. So crazy, that it just might work.

“Quiet down everyone,” Celestia called out over the microphone. “I know this seems like a big shock-”

“Ya think!?” a student interrupted, but my boss continued.

“As I was saying, I know this is a huge surprise and no doubt that everyone in this room has questions. But this one of the reasons for this emergency assembly, for knowing this without gaining some proper knowledge is dangerous. The same goes with anything new that when done incorrectly would spell some disastrous results. For example, we didn’t know what would unfold at the Fall Formal, nor did we expect the Dazzling’s would do. However, pay attention to everyone, this time not only do we all have access to such knowledge, but we also need all of your help as well.

“For today, Canterlot High School is going to make history for not only informing the world that there is magic that’s spreading, but we can inform people to demonstrate how to use it properly and responsibly.”

“And how are you planning to do that?” Cherilee asked aloud.

“We are all going to be undertaking a school project together, once you’ve learned how to use your newfound powers, all of you shall report what you’ve learned to us so we can spread out this vital information to the social media. Though YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and whatever you all have so we can inform the world about this.”

“But who’s going to teach us?” a student asked after raising a hand.

At this point, Sunset took hold of the microphone, “I’ve thought about this too. Now, I realize that the three of us on stage can’t teach everyone here at once. For there are some complications when it comes to magic like some of yours may not be as experienced as I, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

“For there’s a reason why the three of us could do these certain things that the other couldn’t, that being magic is unique as an individual. For example, I can’t fly around nor can I kick as hard as they did. In fact, some of you may not even click when taught to do some of these the first time.

“However, I have indeed thought of this. Though some negotiation from the Principles and a few… experts, we came up with what might be the most unique and effective solution in teaching students and faculty alike when it comes to this matter.”

“Ya did?” a student asked.

“Like whom?” a teacher questioned.

As if on cue, one of the back doors opened up, students who were the closest to these doors turned gave the response of: “What?” Increasingly, we turned to see who stood there. There were four people in the doorway that lit up some of the auditorium. Two of them were men in gray skin with white, short cut hair, wearing a kind of police uniform with golden trimming and yellow police hats. Between them were two very familiar looking people. One of them was a Twilight without glasses, and the other was what made most of us take quadruple looks.

There was a second Celestia.

“Good morning everyone,” the second Celestia said with her and her mini entourage followed closely behind. “I’ve heard that all of you were in need of some special teachers to help you discover your new found magic.”

“Mr. D?” I turned to the student sitting right next to me, “Have I gone crazy, or are there two Celestia’s in the same room?”

I checked the student’s forehead and even tapped on it a few times, “Nope,” I told him, “She’s there alright, and yes, I’ve already taken my pills. She’s really there.”

The doppelgänger of Celestia made her way to the stage, “May I?” she extended her hand to Ms. Shimmer for the Mic. Sunset handed it over to her, “You know, I would expect a little more panic with my appearance.”

“Uh, no offense,” said a teacher, “We’ve just seen a mic levitate, Rainbow Dash flying, and Applejack nearly sending a ten-pound weight to the moon. Seeing a second Celestia isn’t all that shocking.”

Some of the students laughed at this.

“I see,” the second Celestia nodded, “Anyway, I expect that many of you are wondering why there are two of us here.”

“Are you Celestia’s long lost twin?” one of the younger students asked.

“In a matter of speaking, I am Celestia’s twin, but not in the way that all of you are thinking. Also, I did not come alone, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, would you please join me?” To the school’s amazement, walking out on stage was a second Rainbow and Applejack.

“Hey, what’s up?” the other Rainbow said waving over to her other self.

“I want to have all of you know,” the other Celestia continued, “That our intentions of everypony coming here is to teach your other selves in what abilities you have and how to use them responsibly. Outside in front of this school, everyone will find your other selves that will help guide you. Once you find your other self, you’ll be split into three groups. One shall meet at the back of the school, one in the gymnasium, and the rest shall be in the cafeteria.”

Oh, this is going to be interesting.

“Also, before anyone goes, would a Mr. Disc please remain here? I want to have a word with him.”

Students and teachers alike made their way out of the auditorium while I walked over the seats to the front of the stage.

“Well, I didn’t expect you would be showing up,” I commented as I set foot on the stage.

“It was all Sunset’s idea,” the other Celestia glanced over to her. “Which I might say, it’s both genius and risky at the same time. But she has called out to assist everypony here before a disaster could occur.”

Ms. Shimmer nodded her head, “Fancy to be seeing you here, Princess, and Twilight,” she went up and hugged her. “Thanks so much for coming here on such short notice.”

“You should really be thanking everypony outside,” Twilight point out. “After all, I’m actually impressed in how many of them were willing to come here.”

“Yeah,” the other Applejack said, “So this is what this place is like? Ah admit, bein’ in a new body is a bit weird and all, but Ah think Ah’m gettin’ used to this.”

“Just sucks that I don’t have wings,” their Rainbow muttered.

“I wouldn’t say that,” our Rainbow replied as she jumped and her wings appeared.

The other, meanwhile, stared for a moment before saying: “Okay, that’s impressive.”

“Come on,” our Rainbow said, “I’ll race you outside.”

But before either could do so, my boss said quickly, “Not so fast, since some of my students can fly, I think I should include a new rule: No flying in the halls.”

“Ah what?! Come on!” Rainbow whined, “We can fly now.”

“But you could hurt yourself or someone else just by flying. After all, there’s a possibility that you may crash.”

“Ugh, fine,” our Rainbow grunted as she lowered herself back onto the stage.

Their Celestia turned her attention to both Applejacks, “Why not you two start making your way to the cafeteria?”

“Uh, sure thin’ princess, but, how do Ah get there?” their Applejack asked before the other farm girl told to follow her.

Our Celestia told Twilight and Sunset the same thing, only for them to go to the gym, leaving myself, the two other Celestias, and what I assume are my other boss’s bodyguards on stage.

“Well,” the second Celestia started, walking over to her other self, “Perhaps a little introduction is in order.” She offered up her hand up to her other self, “Good morning, my name is Princess Celestia, co-ruler of the kingdom of Equestria and raiser of the sun, and you?”

Although I could tell she was a bit weirded out, my boss took her hand to shake it, “Just Principle Celestia. I’m the one who helps run the Canterlot High School alongside with my sister-”

“Luna?” the other Celestia finished my boss’s sentence.

“Why, yes,” my boss nodded, “She’s the vice principle here. So, who are they?” she pointed to the two other guys in uniform.

“These are my guards,” the other Celestia answered. “They volunteered to follow me here. I must say, this is quite interesting then my personal student has described. It’s all very strange, but in a good way.”

“Princess huh?” my boss said, “You mean that you’re royalty or something?”

“I am indeed, it’s the reason why my subjects are here now to help organize teaching their other selves before things get out of hoof here.”

“Hand,” our Celestia corrected her. Her duplicate blinked so she went on explaining, “Over here, it’s ‘before things get out of hand.’ But from what Sunset Shimmer has told me, everyone is a… pony?”

The two of them talked like this before I got bored enough to interrupt. “You did say that you wanted to see me right?”

“Oh, that’s right,” their Celestia nodded, “I nearly forgot, thank you. So Mr. Disc, do you have any idea where your other self has gone to?”