• Published 26th Mar 2015
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Interviewing Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

The art teacher, Mr. Disc is called in to be interviewed by a CIA agent over the disappearance of a missing student at Canterlot High.

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9: And They Lived... Uh, Hold That Thought.

“So,” Fluttershy said, turning to their Twilight, “How long is she going to be like this? I hope it isn’t serious.”

“From what I've heard,” our Twilight answered, “the doctors estimated that she may wake up within a day or two.”

It was then that I got an idea, an idea that manifested a metal bowl in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other. “Or,” I said, waltzing over to her bedside, “We could try this.” I held the bowl right over her face, and before any of them could stop me, I hit the spoon a couple of times.

Klang! Klang! Klang!

“AH!” Their Twilight screamed as she bolted upright, hitting her face against the bowl I was holding. “Owe! What the hay-”

“Twilight!” suddenly all five of her friends came rushing to her like dogs rushing to a piece stake.

“Thank Celestia you’re alright darling,” Rarity said in relief.

“I don’t know about that,” she said, rubbing her snout. “Where am I anyway?”

“At the hospital,” Rainbow answered. “Both Discords had found you and your uh… other self here.”

She looked around, spotting the other bed beside her. I looked over to her doppelgänger, which her expression was unreadable as a black book. “Good to see you awake,” she said.

“Oh,” their Twilight said, “I assume that you've already met my friends?”

“Not for very long, they've just got here a couple of minutes ago.” She turned to Faust, “Agent F, can you please take me home now?”

“Hold on a sec,” Pinkie interjected, “Don’t either of you wanna stay for a while? I can whip up a welcome party in within a half an hour.”

“No thanks,” she said, “At present, I prefer to go back home, take a shower, and then find a good book to read.”

“Well… what about you?” Pinkie asked, turning to Faust.

“I assume that I’d have to, given that those I work with would need some more concrete proof to support that I haven’t lost my mind.”

“Yay!” she threw confetti in the air, “That’s great! When do you expect to come back so I can throw you the welcome party?”

Faust thought for a moment, “I suppose within a few days. But as of now, I must respect Ms. Sparkle’s – eh, our Twilight and have her brought home. Also, Julius,” she turned to me, “I still expect to have a talk from you as well. So please follow me.”

We the three of us, Faust, our Twilight and myself began to walk away when Twilight called out, “Wait, uh, Twilight, don’t you want to meet our friends?”

“You mean, your friends?” she corrected her, “And no thanks. I have my books, my pet Spike, my family, and my future of becoming a teacher. Not this,” she waved her hoof around the room. “Look, maybe you are me, but this isn't the me that I want to be. I never asked to run into a portal into an alternative universe, nor getting lost in the wood with you. You can keep your friends; I don’t think I need them. Oh, and before I go, please do me a favor and from now on, don’t try to replace me.”

“I’m not even trying to replace you,” their Twilight objected.

“Yes you are, you came into my world, having everybody over there think that you’re me so you could do… whatever it is that you’re doing that’s giving the area school some unknown form of energy-”

“Sorry, what was that?” Faust interrupted.

“Yeah, have any of you ever noticed?” our Twilight questioned. “For the past several months, there have been huge bursts of energy from electronic, radio, and magnetic to name a few that I've recorded that has been coming from Canterlot High. It has already happened a couple of times and I’m surprised that the CIA has just started to look into this.”

Faust raised an eyebrow, “We’ll talk more about that once we get home, okay dear?”

She sighed, “I guess so.” Our Twilight turned to me, “One more thing, when we get back, could you tell your friends to leave me alone from now on?”

I hummed in thought, “I’ll see what I can do.”

As we headed back to the crystallized castle, Luna soon caught up with us. “I've forgotten to ask,” She said, “Have you seen our Discord before we've met?”

I shook my head, “No, come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since we arrived at the hospital. Don’t you have any idea?”

“Afraid not,” she shook her head, “The last time I've seen him was when he informed us that both Twilights had been found. Which makes me curious, where did he go?”

“Knowing me, perhaps he went off to amuse him-” I coughed suddenly before finishing, “himself.”

“I suppose so,” Luna turned to her (other) mother and said, “We trust that you shall be keeping your word when you said you’ll be back soon.”

“You mean ‘I’?” Faust asked.

Luna shook her head, “No, I mean We, as in Celestia and I.”

“Oh, of course, I will. Why do you ask?”

“I have told you that we haven’t seen our mother very often now, have I?” Faust shook her head. “No? I believe that the last time the mother had told us that she’ll come back soon, she never did.”

The Redhead stopped, “Sorry?”

“It’s true. In fact, the very last time that either of us had ever seen her was our coronation. That was several thousand years ago. Of course, Cel had sent out legions of ponies to find her, only to turn up with nothing. To this day, neither of us where she might be nor what she had been doing this whole time,” she gave her a smile, “Yet, with you here, that must mean that Mother is still alive somewhere.”

Faust nodded and I heard her low muttering, “Perhaps I've been far too overworked.”


After Luna said our good-byes and Faust asking her a favor to tell their Celestia that she said “Hello,” we went back through the portal once more.

So after one dizzying ride and being spat out and onto a CIA agent later, the three of us were home. Faust gave out several instructions like to have Twilight returned home and told her that she’ll have a talk with her and to make sure they get more equipment for later.

While she was talking, I was starting to have coughing fits. I excused myself to get some water from somewhere. I turned to the school, opening the doors and heading towards the first drinking fountain in sight. Along the way, I thought I had accidentally spat out something as I reached out for the little switch for the water to come flying out.

As I was taking in a few drinks, I jumped when I heard a familiar voice saying, “Well it’s about time we've got here.” So imagine my surprise when I jumped higher, hitting my head against the collapsible ceiling when I saw a second me, leaning against the lockers with his arms folded.

So of course, the first thing I did was to swallow one of my pills, but the other me snapped his fingers, only to mind the pill I was about to take was now in his hands.

“No need of that. Trust me, I’m real, and I’m here too,” he smiled.

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Wait... Something is missing... Oh I know!

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