• Published 28th Mar 2015
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Celestias Solar Rangers. - A Rare Sight

Celestia and Luna are creating new teams of ponies to defend all of Equestria., Be it from natural disasters to a few ponies who wish to bring darkness to the land.- The Solar Rangers will be there to show everypony the light.

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Sunsets and Sun Rises.

Author's Note:

This had been completed for some time now, I just didn't have the time to edit it to the best of my abilities.

I've been quite busy.

Anyway this chapter is a bit of a cliffhanger, the next chapter is the setup with Zone hunter, and a funny cute scene between Brew and Wingstream.

I'll do my best to have it up, this week.

Love, Rare.

Rook and Wingstream pressed their backs against the large wooden crate behind them, The group of stallions closing in ready to fire their arrows into each guard. Wingstream kept a serious expression on his face, though inside his heart was about to explode out of his chest.

Rook sighed under his breath eyes darting around the room for a few seconds, before out of nowhere rushing forward the group, sword in hoof not raised but facing the hard smooth floor.

Wingstream watched in surprise, the blade sliding across the surface creating fiery sparks, his partner quickly tossing the blade above the group of stallions. The hot steel landing right atop the open saddlebags of flowers, combusting quickly into flames and smoke.

" Save the specimens! " Sunny yelled aloud as the henchponies stumbled into eachother frantically confused of what to do.

" Run? " Wingstream asked his partner who glared to him.

" Run! " Rook replied quickly, flying off towards the catwalk above.

" Get them! " Mitzi snapped annoyed at the panic within the room.

Wingstream flashed open his wings proudly ready to fly after his partner, a henchpony swiftly unloading a bolt from across the room as others were roughly stomping out the flames.

Just as the blue pegasus lifted upward the bolt pierced his right wing in a clean cut, A loud scream escaping his lips as he smashed into the ground with a thud.

" Ahhh!- I'm down! " He winced in pain, while Rook gazed down to him from high above.

" Partner!- Help me! " Wingstream yelled above himself, only to see Rook rush off and out of view.

Green hues filled with a sense of pain as he quickly rolled out of the way of another bolt, running into the maze of crates within the warehouse, a trail of blood following close behind.

" Make sure he doesn't escape! " Mitzi hissed as three of her ponies rushed into the maze, eyes filled with bloodlust.

Sunny whimpered aloud over the crushed product before him, kneeled beside the burnt ashes of the rare flower. His ears folded back in anger and disappointment.

" It's ruined!- worthless! " Sunny smashed his hoof into the ashes his voice cracking, the stallion on the verge of tears.

Mitzi slowly walking up from behind him, her eyes rolling slightly as she held out a hoof to her side, a white stallion handing over his crossbow to her.

" I know such a loss.- I should've done business with your brother, you seem like the gut spilling type. " Mitzi sighed as Sunny blinked confused, slowly turning around as he came face to face with the crossbow.

" What?!- No I'd never..." Sunny tried to spit out the words before Mitzi pulled the hoof trigger, a bolt piercing through his left eye like butter.

The stallion limply fell over onto the ground, a small pool of blood forming around him. The small group left of his henchponies gazing forward in shock.

" Kill them all. " Mitzi huffed shaking her head side to side, her group of henchponies slowly closing in on their prey.


The henchponies followed the trail of fresh blood through the winding maze of crates and boxes, turn after turn leading deeper into the warehouse. The trail suddenly coming to a complete stop during a long stretch of boxes down one path.

" The blood stopped? " One stallion spoke in a confused tone.

" That's impossible! " The leader of the pack yelled aloud, trying to catch his breath from the long run.

" Maybe he bled to death? " The third and last stallion shrugged in a dimwitted manner.

" What!?- then his body just poofed into thin air! " The leader growled lifting a hoof smacking the dimwit over the head.

" I'm not returning to Mitzi without a body, she once shot a pony for calling her Mayhem once. " The first stallion spoke his voice filled with worry.

The stallion's continued to gripe at eachother in anger, none noticing a single box behind them not stacked with the others, merely just lying on the ground. Underneath the box Wingstream took steady breathes, his wing folded back still dripping blood from the wound.

" Grrr.- I feel like a snake hiding under some dumb box. " He whispered under his breath, his vision starting to become hazy.

He knew he had to make a break for it soon or risk passing out from the loss of blood. Thoughts rushing to his Partner Rook, how could he have broke the code and left him behind like this?

Ears folded back in silence, he fought back the urge to swear aloud in anger. Using his hoof he gently lifted the box up slightly, the stallions were still fighting among themselves like idiots.

Wingstream lifted up to his hooves slowly crawling across the floor, the box shuffling with him down the path he was upon, with each step hoping the exit was close by.

" Ahem! " Wingstream heard a stallion clear his throat, the box quickly lifting off his body, all three stallions surrounding him in anger.

" Hehehe.- You got me.- but did you also get the secret I left in the box? " Wingstream chuckled. The leader blinking with curiosity as he lifted the box up to his face.

Wingstream quickly standing and punching his hoof through the back of the cardboard frame, a loud pop sending the henchpony flying back with a thud.

" The bad thing is, he was the smart one. " Wingstream chuckled as the second stallion rushed him, both tackling into the large crates lined across the path.

Wingstream groaned aloud in pain, his wing killing him as the stallion spun around, a swift bucking sent him crashing onto the ground with a thud. The henchpony then leaping towards him swiftly, doing a small roll Wingstream dodged the hit.

The stallion glared quickly pouncing atop his foe, hooves pressing roughly against Wingstreams throat cutting off his air in seconds. Gasping Wingstreams eyes darted around him for help, spotting very fine wood shavings littering the floor from the crates.

Swiping up a hooffull he swung the dust into the eyes of the henchpony, the stallion growling aloud in pain as he let go of Wingstream who gasped for air.

Just as the stallions vision had begun to clear, Wingstream quickly headbutted his foe across the face. The sound of skulls clashing echoing around the warehouse, the henchpony falling to the ground knocked out.

The dimwitted henchpony gazed to Wingstream in awe and silence, unsure what to do or even what action to take.

" C'mon!- I can take you! " Wingstream growled in anger, puffing out his chest proudly as a form of intimidation.

The last henchpony simply folded his ears back, swiftly turning back as he bolted off the way he and his friends had come. Wingstream sighed in relife, not sure if he could've really taken on another by himself.

Vision fading in and out of focus he did a small turn, The Royal Guard of Celestia stood in a large line atop the catwalk high above with weapons drawn.

" Ah!- Back-up!- guess I'm not as Intim..." Wingstream trailed off the world slowing down around him, he could feel his body topple over and hit the ground hard.

Everything growing silent, the guards swiftly forming around him.

Before all went black.


A blonde maned mare gazed down to Zone Hunter smiling softly, her eyes were the most bright green color he had ever seen, sparkling brightly within the darkness. Her coat a soft copper color tinted with just hints of red, she lowered herself towards him in silence.

Her muzzle softly touching his own, Zone merely closed his own eyes feeling their lips touch. Both ponies pulling into a passionate embrace for what felt like a lifetime.

" Come back to me. " The mare smiled with tears forming in her eyes.

Zone opened his own to see the mare fading away before him, his heart aching within his chest watching her fade into nothing.

" Don't go!- Jewel!!! " He screamed into the darkness as he lunged forward, wrapping his hooves tightly around her small frame, trying his best to hold onto her.


" Ack!- I know you might not feel well, But I assure you I'm not a female! " A young stallion yelped in a rhyming fashion, Zone opening his eyes to see he was holding a Zebra like pegasus in his hooves.

Within seconds Zone released him, the new pony falling to the ground with a slight thud.

" Who are you!?- Where am I? " Zone groaned the sudden flash of light almost blinding him, the room he was within was large and pure white, decorated femininely with purple drapes and fancy carpets.

Every large window in the room had the curtains pulled back completely, bright new light pouring into the room from the sun outside. Zone could feel his brain pounding in his skull, about to shatter him to his very core.

The monochromatic pony smirked slightly before him, coat a dark shade of black with white stripes across his frame, while his mane was a pure white with black tips, the tail almost the same except with zig-zag black streaks. A Cutie Mark of a single beaker atop his flank proudly.

" My name is Enchanted Brew.- That said how are you? " Brew spoke his voice still nervous in tone, light blue eyes darting about the room.

" I feel as if Celestia dropped the sun atop me. " Zone Sighed slowly getting to his hooves, which at the moment felt closer to jelly.

" Ahem.- Well that is to be expected, when they brought you in last night you were um....Gassed? " Brew spoke up his tone of voice becoming calmer.

" Gassed? " Zone narrowed his eyes in confusion, ears tilting to the side slightly.

" You know....Drunk, Off your gourd and what some might call Tipsy. " Brew replied his eyes falling down to the floor shyly.

" What?!- No I was wandering around Canterlot and The Princess of the Night found me..." Zone began to speak only to be cut off by the sound of the large double doors opening.

Celestia the Princess of the Sun walking within, her multicolored mane flowing behind her elegantly as her white coat almost seemed to shimmer within the light of the room. Both stallions kneeling before her out of respect.

" You may rise." Celestia spoke with a smile, her royal guards closing the door behind her swiftly.

" To be honest Mr.Hunter, my guards brought you to the castle.- You had gotten kicked out of a bar and passed out." Celestia explained as Zone looked away slightly ashamed, biting hard on his lower lip.

" My sister Luna then was able to track you down within your dreams. " Celestia finished as Brew gazed to Zone with a innocent look upon his face.

" Told you." Brew whispered softly receiving a glare from the other stallion.

" Grrrr.- Why did Luna and yourself seek me out?!- and why is he here?! " Zone yelled at the top of his lungs, his large hoof stomping roughly across the marble floor.

" I was just brought here by a guard, needing a potion to help with his insomnia.- afterward the princess here asked me to make sure you were alright. " Brew mumbled under his breath before taking a few steps back, ears folding down.

Zone sighed upon seeing the other stallion look beaten in spirit by his actions, he knew he had to keep his anger in check for the days to come.

" As for your question Mr.Zone follow me.- All shall be revealed. " Celestia spoke in a calming voice sending a slight wave of ease into Zones heart before he nodded along.

Celestia let her eyes fall upon Brew off in the corner, knowing this stallion was a kind energetic heart underneath his shy exterior. The alicorn flashing him a warm smile, as she lifted her hoof to address him.

" Oh!- Enchanted Brew would you mind checking in on a guard brought in late last night?, his wing needs mending." The Princess asked in a sweet melodic tone, Brew quickly kneeling once more with a smile.

" It would be my pleasure, your majesty. " Brew replied the princess giggling softly, before she and Zone left the room to discuss business.

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