• Published 28th Mar 2015
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Celestias Solar Rangers. - A Rare Sight

Celestia and Luna are creating new teams of ponies to defend all of Equestria., Be it from natural disasters to a few ponies who wish to bring darkness to the land.- The Solar Rangers will be there to show everypony the light.

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Mayhem in Manehattan.

Author's Note:

Wow- this chapter had gave me soooo many problems.

It's a huge chapter filled with so much going on, I have to split this one up into two parts so the chapter doesn't keep running.

Next Chappie will have a huge fight scene, as well as a huge talk scene between Zone Hunter and Celestia.

And Enchanted Brew gets introduced as well!!!

I hope you all get a kick out of this chapter, as soon as each of the introductory chapters for the main characters are out of the way then more updates will come quicker.

Thank you to all who commented, read, liked and etc.- you guys are the best.

I'm pretty busy with writing commisions right now I need to get a jump on, I'll try and get the next chapter out by Friday-I hope.

Anyway let's introduce Wingstream- The Brash but well meaning Muscle of The soon to be Solar Rangers!

" So I told the mare, Babe you can wait for me to return all you want, but I got a sassy technicolor filly waiting for me back in Ponyville. " Rook chuckled aloud as he leaned up against the edge of the rooftop him and his partner were stationed at.

The dull grey building stretched high into the sky, towering above all of Manehattan as the city had come alive down below during the busy night, ponies of all types shuffling around hastily.

The moon in the sky was hidden by the many bright lights of the city, making for easy cover for the two pegasi stallions keeping a close eye on a meeting of ponies across the street within a new nightclub.

" Dude that's cold. " Wingstream chuckled as he kept his attention upon the meeting, wearing his gold colored armor of Celestias guard much like his partner.

His dark raven and crimson hued mane blended in with the night perfectly, his build was perhaps a bit taller then most stallions a fact he was proud of though never braged- well perhaps a little. His coat was a strong and bold navy blue, while his eyes were a bright green filled with courage.

" Wingstream buddy!- mares out there are crazy!- they just all want that one stallion they can break and stroll around to all their little friends..." Rook narrowed his blue eyes, slowly groaning aloud a bit his orange mane slicked back.

" Huh? " Wingstream huffed aloud his head tilting off to the side.

" Yeah.- One mare tried to dress me in some kind of suit to go meet her parents once..." Rook began to go on once more his friend quickly placing down the binoculars.

" What?! no! - The ponies are on the move Rook! " Wingstream rolled his eyes to his partner, who swiftly snatched up the binoculars and gave a quick glimpse.

Down below a large group of stallions were trotting out of the club, making a move down the walkway heading towards a dark alley a few blocks off.

" But the meeting should have lasted another hour!- back-up is still a ways off! " Rook sighed slamming down the binoculars on the roofs ledge in anger.

" Then we better get down there before we lose them! " Wingstream proudly extended his wings limbering up his body.

" What!- our order's were to keep an eye out on them until back-up arrives. " Rook spoke his voice cracking slightly with the hint of un-ease.

" Well when you get crap intel!, you just got to you know-improvise. " Wingstream chuckled aloud pouncing up atop the roofs ledge, his green eyes gazing down below with excitement.

" I'm up for improvising and all- just not against a group of what nine stallions? " Rook casted a worried gaze over to his partner.

" Oh c'mon Rook!- don't back out now, you might just end up becoming some mares toy next..." Wingstream chuckled aloud as he jumped off the building swiftly, flying off high above the bright city to follow the group.

" I'm not scared! " Rook yelled after his friend hoping up atop the ledge himself.

" Just worried about getting beaten to a pulp...." He whispered under his breath jumping off after his partner, knowing this night would be one to remember.


An abandoned warehouse stood eerily within the darkness of the night, not a shimmer of light could be seen outside as the group of ponies had made their way inside, each with large saddlebags on their backsides.

Within the group chatted among themselves, waiting for business to start.

" Ahem.- May I ask that we could begin? " The soprano voice of a single unicorn mare spoke aloud as the chatter around the warehouse died down, bright magenta eyes glowing from the darkness.

Stepping forward a slender gray mare made her way to the front of the group, her small body draped in a elegant brown fur from many a slain animal, her mane was a pure white and flowed down her side in waves.

A cutie mark of a black heart with a crack down the middle, placed atop her flank for all to see.

Each stallion within the building kept a close eye on this enchanting vision, the mare simply ignoring the hungry glances casted upon her as her hooves daintily walked across the filthy stone floor, coming to a stop before the second group of ponies who had meet them here.

" Phst.- Shut up you tart!- we don't start until Sampson Shire or his brother says we start! " A gruff black stallion rolled his eyes to the mare gazing down to her hatefully.

" Hmmm.- I can only hope Mr.Shire is not as uncouth as the help he hires. " The mare huffed softly, the cool air around the warehouse giving her a slight chill as she cuddled up closer to her fur.

Suddenly the small voice of a young stallion spoke up within Sampsons crowd, a small lean stallion pushed his way through the group his brown mane frazzled out beyond repair while his coat was a dull yellow color.

He had the Cutie Mark of two beakers and an equation featured atop his flank.

He wore a pair of oversized glasses atop his muzzle as blue eyes frantically gazed around, he looked visibly uncomfortable to be here.

" Mr.Shire? " The mare raised a brow, the stallion simply chuckling aloud softly.

" Oh Celestia no!- I'm Sunny Shire!- Sampsons my older brother..." Sunny spoke with a worried grin across his face while he trotted over to the mare ready for the deal.

" We are ready to do business Ma'am- and may I say your mane is lovely. " Sunny smiled as the mare blushed a light pink across her cheeks, flaunting a hoof towards him softly.

" My quite a charmer. " She spoke with a smile batting her lashes, she thought this stallion was quite odd to be in this group, he barely stood any taller then herself and seemed frightened of something.

" Well then Sunny I'm Mitzi Maneyem- and let's begin...." Mitzi flipped her mane to her side as she motioned for a white stallion behind her to come forward.

Within seconds the stallion trotted to his bosses side, eyes narrowed towards Sunny with malice as he dumped off the contents within his saddlebag before everypony in the room.


" What's in the bag?- What's in the bag? " Rook whined in a whisper as Wingstream and him were hidden behind a large group of empty boxes within the warehouses catwalk, the fact the place was so cluttered with boxes, trash and a lack of light made it hard to see anything.

" Shh!- I can't tell. " Wingstream shh'd his partner narrowing green hues across the way towards the group of ponies, seeing a stallion pour out contents from his saddlebag.

Bright red flowers fell everywhere upon the floor, each flower had black thorns across the stem while a slight yellow tint zig-zaged its way across the edge of the pointed petals.

" Flowers? " Wingstream scrunched up his muzzle confused.

" What kind of flowers? " Rook gently pushed his friend to the side, trying to get a glimpse of them from behind a particularly tall box.

" What does it matter?- you want to decorate a dress with them? " Wingstream nudged his partner back, rolling his eyes.

" No you ass.- But they could be outlawed by Celestias Trade Embargo of The Setting Sun. " Rook hissed in reply as Wigstream gave him a blank stare in confusion.

" Oh my Luna!- did you even pass the Final Guard exam? " Rook rolled his eyes pushing Wingstream to the side gently, as he looked forward to see what exactly they were selling.

" Ehhhh- I got like a sixty-nine percent on the exam- my Physical Exam was through the roof though..." Wingstream huffed as Rook suddenly gazed over to him in shock and worry.

" This is really bad.- they're selling " Tempestuousness Flora. ". " Rook spoke with a shivering voice before taking a few steps back.

" Temp-a-what-now? " Wingstream gazed ahead in confusion, having no real idea what was just said.

" Grrr.- " Fury Flowers." - A plant from the Badlands capable of causing hallucinations, amnesia and full on Berserking in high doses.- banned from Equestrias borders almost 200 years ago..." Rook sighed as his partner narrowed his eyes in anger.

" Damn it!- we have to stop them., before that stuff is leaked to the streets." Wingstream spoke in a loud whisper trying to jump across the box that hid him, a strong hoof pulling him back.

" No!- we are out numbered damn it!- and breaking orders as it is! " Rook growled as he held his partner in place, only to recieve a rough push away.

" So what?- we let these weirdos just get away? " Wingstream spoke in shock and anger., his dark green hues locking with Rooks.

" We pull back!- that's the order! " Rook spoke in a stern manner puffing out his chest trying to intimidate the younger stallion into listening.

" But not the code! " Wingstream spoke under his breath, blood boiling as his ears folded back knowing in his heart he was about to take the plunge.

Within seconds as Rook started for the cracked open window they snuck in through, the navy colored stallion quickly pushed away hoping over the main box and falling from the safety of the upper levels to ground floor.

Rook glared in shock as he rushed over to the boxes edge, watching in horror as Wingstream slowly snuck across the floor towards the group of ponies barely hidden by the darkness around him.


Sunny slowly looked over a few flowers, holding them gently within his hoof as he peeled back the petals and checked out their growth and coloring. His eyes lighting up happily as he cast Mitzi a sweet almost naive smile.

" Wow!- these specimen's are truly prime. " Sunny spoke in a cheerful tone as the unicorn slowly rolled her eyes.

" Yes I sell only the best., better the quality the more income. " Mitzi flipped her mane over her shoulder slowly, a smile crossing her lips.

" Oh!- yes but of course fifty thousand bits for the lot! " Sunny spun around waving a hoof to a large brown stallion holding several large saddlebags on his backside, each filled to the brim with golden bits.

Mitzi couldn't help but giggle as the bags were placed in front of her, using the pale blue glow of her magic she pulled open a large bag on the right before a group of bits floated up before her sparkling brightly.

" Mmmmm.- Perfect. " The unicorn spoke blowing a soft kiss towards the coins before turning her attention back to Sunny.

" Oh!- before I forget darling, what exactly are you using these flower's for anyway? " Mitzi flaunted her hoof delicately as her hired stallions began to pick up the bags of bits.

" Well Ma'am I can't really say...." Sunny chuckled lightly in a nervous tone.

Mitzi merely pouted her lower lip pushing out slightly, the mare swaying her backside slowly side to side as her tail swished in perfect unison as she walked over to Sunny. Her large magenta hues slowly locking with his blue ones, the stallion blushing a dark red across his cheeks.

" Awww. but Sunny we're business partner's now, you can tell me. " She leaned in close her small muzzle almost touching his.

" We-Well...half is going towards to creating a new type of tablet I have been tinkering with, anypony who takes it will feel a sense of euphoria like nothing before..." Sunny spoke his voice rising and falling in tone.

" Hmmm.- and the other half? " Mitzi asked her long lashes batting slowly.

" I..can't say..." Sunny sighed his whole body shivering slightly.

Mitzi just sighed gently nuzzling her own muzzle against his neck softly, feeling the stallion shiver in delight.

" We are all entitled to our little secrets, but this tablet idea of yours sounds interesting- perhaps I can be your partner? " Mitzi smiled as she leaned in closely whispering into his ear, making sure her warm breath tickled his fur.

Sunny blushing nodded quickly up and down, his heart racing within his chest wildly.

" I...I um don't-err see why not?..." The stallion stumbled over his words excitedly, smitten by the mare before him.

" Oh Sunny!- You are too sweet, we need to plan a new meeting then.-except at my place. " Mitzi winked to the frantic stallion who broke out into a large grin.

" Or how about My place!! " Wingstream shouted out proudly as he sprung forth from the shadows, eyes burning like embers in the darkness.

" Royal Guard?!!! " Sunny screamed, quickly jumping behind Mitzi who merely rolled her eyes annoyed.

" Yes!- as I speak three dozen of the Royal guards of Princess Celestia, are waiting outside this warehouse to strike at my word- surrender now or perish!! " Wingstream spoke in a calm tone trying to bluff his way to a victory.

The stallions in the room whispered worryingly to themselves, a few even began to slowly sneak off towards the corners.

Mitzi narrowed her eyes to Wingstream ,who raised a brow slightly.

" Now...Ahem line up single file and we'll take this nice and slow...." Wingstream ordered as he quickly bumped open his own pack on his backside, removing a small group of metal hoof-cuffs.

Mitzi could sense the slight crack in his voice, the small drip of sweat running down his brow. This foolish stallion was a good liar but not perfect.

" It's a lie!- if the guard was outside they wouldn't send in just one of their own!- Kill him! " Mitzi snapped aloud her voice changing from sweet to annoyed and cold.

The hired ponies within the room wasted no time surrounding Wingstream as he slowly started to back up shocked.

" Let's not jump the gun here..." Wingstream chuckled as suddenly a group of wooden boxes above him fell down to the ground roughly, each box smacking hard into the group of stallions knocking out five.

Wingstream gazed upward seeing Rook glare towards him before jumping down from the catwalk above to his partners side, swiftly un-sheathing a small sword from his side pointing it over to the large group around them.

Laughter filled the air, as each stallion reached to a holster on thier sides, removing small three shot crossbows and pointing it towards the royal guards.

" No offense buddy, but you brought a sword to a crossbow fight. " Wingstream chuckled quickly, reaching to his side and pulling out his own crossbow.

" And you can't follow order's! " Rook snapped back in anger.

This night was about to get wild.