• Published 28th Mar 2015
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Celestias Solar Rangers. - A Rare Sight

Celestia and Luna are creating new teams of ponies to defend all of Equestria., Be it from natural disasters to a few ponies who wish to bring darkness to the land.- The Solar Rangers will be there to show everypony the light.

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Call of Duty.

Author's Note:

This will be a huge Series I have in the works.- It will be OC based and involve the adventures of four Various teams who fight for good across Equestria.

The First being The Solar Rangers- I hope you enjoy this The OC Zone Hunter belongs to well Zone Hunter!

He is very awesome and a total nice guy!- I hope you all enjoy the start of the ride!

" Zone are you awake? " Applejacks soft voice whispered through the late night as stars danced brightly high in the sky, the moon basked all below it in a soothing light blue hue.

" Yeah. I can't get sleep lil filly. " Zone sighed aloud as his dark green eyes gazed up high above, his large toned body laying on its backside atop a large bale of hay.

His short raven mane was swept back messily as his wings were folded back neatly, his whole body felt drained of energy and worn down, yet sleep would not come to him no matter how much he tried.

" Me either, I just want to help big mac and you buck the upcoming harvest I've... " The sweet southern voice of a young filly AJ spoke up as the small copper pony clawed her way atop the hay bale with wobbly hooves.

" You're still too young to buck. " Zone snorted softly as the small filly shot him a glare, her tiny hooves suddenly jumping atop his large chest as she casted a small frown down to his face.

Zone couldn't help but chuckle as the small filly scrunched up her muzzle so cutely trying to come off as tough, yet in his eyes only came off as cute.

" You'll see one day I'll be the bestest apple bucker in all of Equestria!! " The filly spoke with a smile before poking out her tongue to Zone playfuly, The stallion merely sighed pushing her off his chest with his spare hoof a squeal escaping her lips.

" I bet you will kid. " Zone huffed his mind lost in thought, it had been close to three years since he had started to work on the Apple Farm and longer before that since he had began his own tale.

He remembered the night he saved AJ and Mac from that wild Timberwolf attack, just two children scared senseless from the action taking place around them, afterwards the Apples offered him a job and home on the farm.

It over time became his new home, away from the lonely Everfree that he so long stayed hidden away within.

And though he loved AJ and Mac like his own siblings, he knew deep inside his story had to be more then this slow paced existence.

He felt he was meant to make a difference in this world.

That his story would be one that would change the lives of all those around him.

" Why do you look so sad? " A small yawn escaped the fillies lips as she fell on her backside, cuddling softly against the stallion her eyes drooping sleepily.

" I...just thinking about lost time. " He spoke in barely a whisper, his own dark green hues gazing off into the sky seriously.

" Lost time...."


" Hey! Wake up!- You can't sleep here! " The gruff voice of a stallion snapped Zone back into reality as he groggily opened his eyes to glance up to the angry eyes of the bartender at " The Ciderhouse Bar.".

" I'm...I'm not sleeping just resting my eyes., get me another cider. " Zone mumbled as he waved a hoof over to the brown stallion who simply shook his head no.

" Phst! You haven't even paid for the last three cider's yet buddy! " His voice boomed as Zone just groaned aloud uneasily sitting up on his seat.

" Put it on my tab then! " Zone snapped to the bartender who simply just chuckled aloud poping his neck to the side slightly.


The cool air hit Zone like daggers as the Barkeep slung him roughly through the front door, the pegasus hit the ground with a dull thud his eyes gazing up to the star filled sky above as a steady stream of steam slowly trailed from his mouth.

" Get a life buddy! " The barkeep rolled his eyes as he stomped back into the establishment.

Zone allowed the cool night air to caress his fur for a few seconds as he collected his thoughts, it had been years since he could get a full nights sleep, his mind always seemed to wonder.

Rolling over and standing to his hooves, he knew this was not where he saw himself down the road, he spent his day's traveling from place to place never really calling anywhere home.

Mostly he would find himself some kind of trouble, keep his mind from falling back to the past.

Be it walking into bar's looking for a fight with some ponies causing trouble, he even would go as far as walking the alleyways at night hoping somepony would cross him.

Looking for those who would do wrong to others.- To right their wrongs gave him the one thing he desperately searched for.

A purpose.

( The Distant Past. )

" Nooo!- Don't go! " The small filly Applejack pouted as she quickly ran in front of Zone, wrapping her delicate hooves around his bulky leg.

" Applejack!- let go of his leg! " A mare spoke with a flustered tone her long golden mane tied off into a braid, her belly was rounded with a new foal on the way, her dark green eyes filled with worry.

" No!- He's my older brother!, and family don't go and abandon eachother!! " AJ pouted stomping hind hooves into the dirt as Zone simply sighed aloud eyes narrowing down to the little pony.

" Applejack!- you know I love you and your family like my own right? " Zone spoke sternly as the small filly gazed up towards him in awe.

" Yes..." The copper colored filly spoke with a quivering tone of voice.

" Never think I'd abandon any of you. " Zone spoke his voice never missing a beat as the filly folded her ears back slightly.

" I need to go, my purpose is out there in this large world of ours.- If I don't find it my story will never be complete. " Zone kneeled down locking eyes with the small pony as she nodded along.

" But what if your purpose is with us? " Aj whimpered slowly letting go of his leg, tears slowly starting to form in her dark green hues.

Zone felt a pinge of guilt within his soul, was it selfish he wished to travel Equestria in order to find his place?

( Present Day. )

That was the question he had been asking himself for years now.

His hooves walked slowly towards the edge of Canterlot, a large path leading back to the darkness of The Everfree streached out far before him.

A place he once called home, now a mere break from the routine he called his life.

" Looking for a place to stay for the night? " A voice echoed around him stopping his hoof in mid step, Zone slowly turned around to come face to face with The Mother of the Night.

" Your Majesty..." Zone mumbled out of surprise quickly kneeling before the Princess out of respect.

Princess Luna simply smiled and nodded to the charming stallion., Zone quickly lifted up from the ground his eyes locking with the alicorns as he watched her majestic mane flow in the brisk draft of the night.

" I know you have been feeling lost my little pony, but I come offering a once in a lifetime chance- a moment you can choose to be more then you have become. " Luna spoke her voice soft and melodic, filled with a tone of regality and care.

" How? " Zone stumbled over his words as the princess took a small step forward to him, almost seeming to tower over his frame.

" The sleepless nights, the feeling of being hollow- I've seen it all. " Luna gazed deeply into his own eyes, the world around him slowly being pulled into darkness.

" I can give you purpose again, all you must do is trust me. " Lunas voice echoed around Zone as if he were in a cave, everything around him slowly turning black threatening to swallow his being whole.

" I trust you..." Zone whispered under his breath as Luna nodded in front of him, her eyes turning a bright white hue-everything around him going silent.

Then pure darkness.