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Pinkie and Flutters wake up one day feeling peculiar, and opposite their usual selves. And distinctly like the other... Being quiet isn't fun for Pinkie Pie, and being loud and hyper isn't the best for Fluttershy either. What's happened to them? Will they go back to normal? Twilight Sparkle might be able to save the day... But what if she can't?

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Great story! But, is it over? Personally I'd want to see what would happen if Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were stuck like that for a little while. See the reactions from the townsfolk, you know? All and all, awesome story! I like it!

5773576 Well, I was just writing the next chapter where it's all resolved but I guess I could drag it out a little longer... I could delete some of the last chapter and make it so Twi can't fix them, and they gotta go to Celestia's palace or something? What do you think? Thanks for the feedback!

Its your story, you do whatever you want to do. I was just giving my own opinion.

5773604 I like your idea though. I just don't know how to achieve it! I'll have a think...

What if you leave the chapter just the way it is, and in the next chapter, the spell that Twilight had used mysteriously wares off, causing Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to swap again.

5773626 I had an idea similar to that. Thanks :twilightsmile:

Are you cancelling this story?

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