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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy the tales that I have to tell, and I appreciate any and all feedback received!


A young colt who is forced to hide from all others' eyes, is pushed to his limit to where he feels the need to escape and find a place where he can show his face without the fear of being seen. He seeks refuge in the nearby woods, but what he finds instead, is a place that will trap him in its clutches and surround him with what he's always wanted. However, it may not be as he envisioned.

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Comments ( 36 )

Description reminds me of the marionette from FnaF. Is that just me?:twilightsheepish:

Now that I've read the first chapter, d'awww! This is so sad!:fluttershysad:

But him with the hood, now that I think about it, reminds me of Raven from Teen Titans. All good memories, of course.:derpytongue2:

5766444 Thank you for your comment! I guess that's two things in a row I've made that remind you of Teen Titans. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first chapter.

5766594 No problem! And, yeah, I guess I just really like Teen Titans!:rainbowlaugh: I'm definitely gonna keep reading this as you continue writing it.

Wow, this really leaves me curious as to how he looks...
The suspension is killing me, and not much stories do so! Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

The way you describe the mask just makes me think of the marionette from FnaF. The music box makes me think of it even more. I like it.:pinkiesmile:

This is creepy i like it more please!!:pinkiehappy:

Looks Interesting. I will await for next chapter to see what Destiny awaits for Avral. :pinkiehappy:
Sorry if it took long for the Sequel to Wish Part 3.

Is that mask going to stay on for rest of the Story or will he be forced to take it off in the end? Answers await. Great chapter 3 btw. :)

Amazing as always.:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

This is great! I can hardly wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

The feels!!!:raritydespair: Ahhh! It's good, but it's sad!:fluttershysad:

Thanks for another great chapter!

5885991 No need to thank me, I am just happy to know you enjoyed it!

By the way, I also complement you on no dislikes!

Thanks for writing another wonderful chapter!:twilightsmile:

5981124 Thank YOU for reading!

This was a great end to an awesome story! I loved it! :raritystarry::twilightsmile:

This was a great story, but I almost wish to see what would have happened if Avro as accepted to be part of a community and wear the mask.

7127777 I'm happy to know you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy: As for what might have happened, well, then I'm sure he would've 'failed the test'. :raritywink:

7135493 could your retake the concept and get the protagonist to accept the mask offered, I would love to see more of the meaning of living in the town and see how things function in there and why they feel the need to wear mask. I know this was pseudo dream that he went thought I always love to see the protagonist losing himself, and become just one of many in an obscurer mysterious place.


7466178 :rainbowlaugh: I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting.

I'm guessing that it's some short of face deformity, or maybe an accident is why his face is the way it is. So I guess I'll have to continue to find out! Or maybe he's just really self-conscious about his face. Oh the possibilities!

I noticed that you like names that start with the letter "A" don't you?

Anyways, I'll be reading this for the majority of the night. [READING MODE ENGAGED]

I wish I could run through the forest at night time without anyone around...It would be so relaxing!

I'm enjoying this so far. Reminds me of the twilight zone (the show, not the pony)

It looks like Suave's Father is a bit of a nut case. Scratch that, the mayor is in charge of that, so it's not the father's fault. Maybe everypony in town are completely normal, and the mayor has the deformed face, but he convinced them that they were the ones with messed up faces. I'm only 3 chapters in and I'm already theorizing, very exciting!

Ah, now I see. Individuality is the problem here. They're both on the opposite sides of the spectrum!

I had a feeling this would happen. But it's that good type of feeling!

Come on Avral! You can get through this!

7744656 :rainbowlaugh: I might like names that start with an 'A' just a little. :scootangel:

FREEDOM! Nice job representing their insecurities with that creature, really like the symbolism.

I bet you that its the same rock from earlier!

Not what I was expecting...that plot twist hit me harder than that rock hit Avral!

Wow... another good story. I'm glad you recommend this to me, it was a nice break from the HiE stories I usually read. The ending reminds me of Polar Express. Just replace the jingle bell with that music box, and it pretty much the same ending. Accept i didn't cry at the end of Polar Express.

I do hope Suave is alright...it pains me to think what might of happened to her :fluttercry:. But maybe they will meet again...I guess I may never know. And that's not a bad thing, a little mystery is a good thing. Gives the audience something to think about.

Overall, one of the best things I've read. Maybe it's about time I use that "favorite button" I've haven't touched. Heck there's a lot of stories i need to use that button on.

7744909 Haha! I'm overjoyed to know you liked it! I remember my family would always have Polar Express on during the Christmas time, that movie just melted my brain after the twelfth DAY of watching it :pinkiecrazy: . And BOY do you read fast :rainbowderp: .


And BOY do you read fast :rainbowderp: .

I get that a lot.

And I'm glad that you're glad I liked it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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