• Published 22nd Mar 2015
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Masks - _Vidz_

A young colt, tormented by the dreadful stares of the ponies around him, desperately searches for a place where he can feel safe. Just when he feels he's found it, it seems this place has a much darker plan for him.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I throw on my jacket, pulling up my hood almost by instinct, and sneakily make my way passed my parents’ bedroom. Gently, I lay my hooves down onto the steps of the staircase, fearing that at any moment one of them could creak so loud as to disturb my parents. As soon as I’m clear of the stairs, I waste no time to rush out the front door, but carefully shutting it back in place behind me. Standing on the doormat outside my home, I feel like I should just turn back and get inside before I get into trouble. They could wake up at some point in the night and decide to check on me. They would lose their minds if they didn’t see me lying in bed, and I don’t even want to think of the lecture I’d get once I returned home. Knowing my luck, it wouldn’t surprise me if this were all to happen. With my hoof resting on the doorknob, ready to twist and head back to bed, I toss all those thoughts aside and dash down the dirt road.

Already I can tell I might regret my decision, but I don’t care at this point. I haven’t felt so free before in my lifetime, this almost enjoyable rush of adrenaline coursing through me. It feels great to wander the streets of Ponyville without having to fear the eyes of others. Galloping across the field of tall grass with the woods straight ahead, I glance back at the town, watching the distance between it and I grow. All I feel is that I’m leaving all those horrible stares behind me, and even though it may be only for a short time this night, I’m ready to enjoy it for as long as I can. My parents will never know, there’s no way they’d try to wake me in the middle of the night when they never have before. I’ll be back under the covers of my bed before they know it.

Entering the woods, I continue to gallop. Hopping over broken logs and maneuvering around the trees and bushes that stand in my way. However, I feel something catch my hoof, causing me to come crashing down onto the cold hard ground. Lifting up my head, I find that a root protruding out from the soil has looped around my hoof. Pushing myself up off the ground, I find myself covered in pieces of dead leaves. I stand with an aching ankle and cheek as I brush off the leaves from my jacket and mane. Near my hooves, I see a big smooth stone lying on the forest floor where my head nearly landed. It’s a good thing I just barely missed it, I don’t think I’d be able to explain a big bruise on my head to my parents. Maybe I should just take this as a warning to not continue forward and just turn back, but after all the trouble I’ve gone through to convince myself to go through with it, I don’t see that happening. I step over the stone, ready to explore these woods just a bit further.

I gaze up to the towering trees, it looks like they can almost touch the sky. Most of their leaves have fallen with the fall season coming into play, allowing some of the moonlight to shine through the spaces between the branches. Eventually, I come to a small clearing down a steep little hill. Careful to not slip, I climb down to the small space clear of trees. I come to a little nearby stream, and choose to take a seat on a little log to watch the water. It’s almost hypnotizing to watch the moonlight glisten off the tiny waves. I’ve always thought listening to the sounds of the outside were soothing, but to be completely surrounded by them feels like a whole new story. The lapping of the water is joined by the whistling of the wind, and that is joined by the groups of fallen leaves rolling across the ground. I take off my hood and allow the breeze to blow through my mane and across my ears. I almost feel like laying back and shutting my eyes to let myself become completely immersed in nothing but these sounds.

Until, a new sound emerges. Something that doesn’t sound anything like the wind, or the leaves, but almost like a chirping sound. I turn and glance all around me to maybe find the source of the sound, but it seems so far away. I stand up from the log, and walk with my ear lent to the air so that I may follow the sound. Just when I can tell I’m getting closer, the sound feels much more organized than just random chirping. It almost sounds like music. Venturing deeper into the woods, I can definitely tell the sound is like the tones of a music box or something of the like. Suddenly, the music stops, and so I halt in the middle of the woods, listening carefully incase the sounds starts again. I hear the quiet sound of something mechanical winding, and the music begins again. Oddly, it sounded very close by. I take just a few steps further, carefully examining to forest for what may be playing this music. Then, I stop, and find a whole other little clearing, and somepony sitting in the center with his or her back to me.

From what I can tell, this pony seems to be just around my age. It must be a filly, her gray dress and somewhat long black mane prove so. I just don’t understand why somepony like her would be out here all alone like this. Then again, remembering my current situation, I suppose it’s a question I really shouldn’t ask. After taking a few steps closer to her, the music stops once again, and I watch her wind whatever it is she has back up. “. . . Hello?” I ask. Immediately the filly gasps and hops to her hooves. Frightened, I jump back and yank my hood over my head to hide myself as much as possible. “I-I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I shout with my eyes shut.

“You scared me,” she says while taking a breath of relief. “I didn’t expect to find anyone else here.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. . . I’ll just go.” I say, walking away with my head low to keep her from seeing my face.

“Wait!” She calls, and so I stop. “Why are you hiding?”

“Oh uh . . . n-no reason. I really should be going—”

“Nopony hides themselves like that just for no reason.” Just as I try to escape her once again, she ends up yanking me back. “Are you afraid?”

“. . . Of what?”

“Of being seen.” Shaken by how she knows my reason, I am unable to form words. “I know how you feel. There’s no need for you to hide.” Curiously, I turn just enough to get a short glance at what she looks like, but I pull back in fear. “It’s okay, I won’t say anything. I promise.” I’m not sure why, but I’m all of a sudden overtaken by a sense of security by her innocent voice. I turn my body back towards her, and lift up my hood just a little to see her face. However, it’s her face that forces me back into hiding. I caught a glimpse of a sleek, white, porcelain face. Her eyes appeared completely vacant and dark, like the very night itself. “Why are you afraid. . ? Is it my mask?”

“M-Mask?” I take another peek, and indeed she appears to be wearing a plain white mask. For the short glimpse I got of her, I was convinced it was her actual face. “W-Why are you wearing a mask?”

“It is the rule. We must always wear our masks.”


“Yes, each and every pony in my town must be always wearing their mask. It is who we are. May I see you?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Please? I promised I wouldn’t say anything. Besides, what do you have to fear? It is just us here.” I refuse to respond, I refuse to show myself to her. I can feel the fear building up inside me, I want to gallop away, but it feels like her dark eyes have shackles around my ankles. “How about for just a second? After that, you can put your hood back on. I promise I won’t laugh like the others.”

“How do you know I’ve been laughed at?”

“My parents told me that ponies like us will always be laughed at. For the way you hide yourself, others must laugh at you too.” It’s strange, it’s almost like she knows me somehow. As though she knows what it must be like to be in my situation. For some reason, I feel safe. I carefully pull back my hood, and I let her get a short look at me. She tilts her head, and I quickly yank my hood back over my head.

“There, you saw.” I say, turning my back to her once again.

“What is your name?”

“My name. . ? A-Avral, my name’s Avral.”

“Hello Avral, my name is Suave. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“You-You too.”

“Why are you out here in the woods anyway? Were you looking for something?”

“No I just . . . I wanted to be alone.”

“Really? That’s why I’m here too.”

“Well, why did ‘you’ want to be alone?”

“I guess . . . nopony really understands me.”

“I uh, I heard music. Was that you?”

“Oh! Yes, it was. I love listening to my music box, it’s so relaxing. Wanna see?” She holds out her music box, and cranks the little handle on its side just a little to play some music. “I just love it, it’s my favorite thing in the whole world!”

“It’s nice. . . You know, I think it’s just about time I get going. I didn’t plan on staying out here for too long anyway.”

“Well wait! Would you like to come visit my town? I really think you’ll like it there. We . . . don’t get too many visitors. You must be the first I’ve ever seen outside of town. Please? Just for a little while?” I think, and I feel I do really need to get home; but, I don’t think just a few more minutes outside will hurt. Besides, I’m finding it all too difficult to say no to her. Her mask may have put me on edge, but now that we’ve spoken, and I’ve seen that she seems pretty friendly, I suppose I could go with her for just a little while.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

“Hooray! Come on, follow me!” She cheers. Suave trots further into the woods, beckoning me to follow. I glance back at the way I came, realizing this is my last chance to change my mind and return home. However, after some thought, I turn and follow Suave into the woods. I’ll only be gone for a little while longer, after that, I’ll head back home.

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