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...dat ending. Well-played.

That was REALLY good.

and like Metroid_Freak said well played on the ending.

Good story. add a cadence tag just to make the twist all the better.

Is this an alternate universe?

That plot twist! Don't usually read clop but that plot twist!

Yes, yes, all of this, in my face!


No Cadance tag gives away the plot twist.

I suspect Mi Amore Cadenza doesn't exist in this story...
And that other mare is probably another changeling...

There was a twist?

The title didn't clue anyone in?

Okay, I admit, that blindsided me.

5755770 If one looked at the tags XD

Yup, knew it was her!

5754130 What does the writing in your avatar say?

Now that's a plot twist.

Skipped the sex scene, but the rest of this was great! :twilightsmile:

Much enjoyed this.... Kinda reminds me of Poe in a way. I like it!

What a twist!

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