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Yo! Ello people! Let's get right to the point. My favorite pony is: Applejack! Favorite Princess: Princess Skyla or Princess Luna f your talking the show -.- and Favorite CMC: Sweetie belle/Scootaloo!


Before her father died, Applejack made him a promise: She would watch over the farm that had housed her family for generations, and keep her own family safe. After one promise escapes her clutches, she will vow to keep the second until she is able to continue the first.

WARNING: THIS IS AN APPLEBLITZ!!!!! I know it isn't the most popular pairing but my fave pairing is Appledash but it feels weird writing about two girls :fluttercry: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE, do not down vote if you do not like the pairing, PLEASE! Vote down if you don't like how the story was written, and then please tell me what I did wrong.

It's a bit rough in my opinion but please rate it fairly, and tell me so I can improve my stories.

Cover art is NolyCS's

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This story seems.....hmm :fluttershysad: I don't like the change of names it seems more like OCs then the apple family but other than that and multiple spelling errors or minor stuff the story remains ehh so I'll wait for the next chapter to see how it goes from there

oh great, so AJ's an idiot in this story.

1. i'm confused who's who can i get some kind of name chart or something please
2. I thoroughly disagree with you're ship Blitz either goes to Pinkie or Butterscotch
3. disregard 2. it's you're story and it seems rather interesting

5746528 I tried to change the names to a more real world way and those are the best I could think of, I admit, I hate Bayton as Big Mac's name but I really couldn't think of anything better... Thanks for the input! The edit was kind of a quickie so I'll make sure I go through it more next time.

5746680 That was not intended :fluttercry:

5746826 1. Yeah, I was going to put that but I forgot, the four siblings and the lady is my oc's I have a pic and I forgot to put that up too...

2. I know, a lot of people disagree, I am intrigued, most people say RDxRB, your the first one that didn't say that... Oh well, sorry you disagree with that ship :facehoof:

3. Is that good or bad...? I cannot tell... (I think it means good... I hope)

5746889 Sorry, but she is. anyone who willingly puts themselves into slavery is an idiot in my book. and i get that she promised to take care of the farm, but she also promised to take care of her family as well. and living people are always more important than objects and land. i mean really, does she seriously think that her dad would have wanted her to just abandon her family, just to wind up a slave to some random bitch? if so, than she's disgraced the memory of her dead family.

5746940 I guess :applejackunsure:, Fim fiction is kind of picky on how similar things are so I tried to create a problem for her... It was a try :derpytongue2:

5746992 honestly you can just call him Mac it works for human and ponies

5746992 the problem isn't so much the farm issue, as it is her unwillingness to let go. this problem is very believable for her, but it doesn't make it any less annoying to us readers to see a beloved character act so stupid. it's like when you watch a movie based on romance and drama for a second time. you know all of the future problems, and can see them with an outsiders perspective, so you wind up screaming at the main character to not kiss the second boy/girl. or horror movies, where you scream at the main character to not go in the basement.

5747030 Alright, I wasn't sure I never really heard of somebody names Mac... I'll change it, Thanks!

5747038 Hmmm... I see your point. I'm going to try to mix it up a bit, maybe I can surprise you people with something. It's kind of based off of Cinderella but maybe I can change a few major things.

5746889 3 just means it's you're story do whatever you want I'm not one of those people who criticizes others for not sharing there same views so do I disagree with you're ship yes do I care not really (in short it is a good thing or not however you interpret it).

.... I sooooooooo wish I could smack that woman.. She's just... URGH!
I understand that the mayor wants the higher pay from them but Seriously?! The apple family have earned their right to be in that house.. If anything they should be accepting of both eachother.
I really hope this all ends well for appleJack because she does not deserve this from them at all!


But overall, great story!

5802859 XD seeing that last twidash post, I guess I would expect you to react like that, and THANKS!

Loving it! Is this cancelled though? I really hope not! I wanna know what happens next!

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