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Toriel is my favorite Mom ^~^ (BTW I'm also a game designer! Current Project: Bound By Fate)


Miguel has known Appleblossom all of his life and he gained some feelings for her it wasn't until he saw her during school that he found out he likes her...a lot.

Appleblossom knows Miguel since they were babies and she always liked him...a lot and she was waiting for him to ask her out but when he finally does she doesn't know what to do luckily she has her friend Sea Swirl to help her seeing she dating Pluto

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How come I haven't seen this story yet?

6130305 Because it's terrible and I don't want to talk about it

6130306 It's not terrible! D:

6130464 yes it is you literally need to listen to music to understand the whole thing because that's how i wrote it if you can't it look terrible

6130477 What do you mean 'hard to understand'?

6130958 I wrote it while I was listening to the music so the story have the same pace as the songs

6131186 so the pacing is out of whack

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