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These are the stories of Rarity and Rainbow Dash's life together. Their highs, their lows, their friends, and their enemies. There's laughter, there's tears, but above all, there's them... and snark... and cattiness.

Oh, and love, too (maybe).

This is their life, with style.

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Brutal, democratically elected regime... You're weird, and I'm almost certain you're referencing something.

Aw, sweet (well, in a typically contentious Raridash manner anyways). I particularly like the first chapter.

There is no part of this that I do not love. Jake you are a gentleman, a scholar, and a credit to your profession.

Are you gonna write Rainbow and Rarity coming out as a couple to their friends?

I already did that in The RariDash Project, so no.

Scootaloo gave a nod. “You’re learning, Apple Bloom. Naturally then, only ponies who are at that same level of coolness should have the right to go out with Rainbow Dash, and no offense, Sweetie Belle, but Rarity have 25P, C, and S, her Ga levels are sorely lacking.”

I think this sentence had a seizure somewhere in here, Jake'o.

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“Oh, whatever... hey, this is actually pretty good. Can you make more? With olives this time.”

And then Rainbow Dash was never seen again.

Congratulations. Now punch yourself in the dick.

bats and I are Best Prereaders.

Dammit, Jake, I love you.

“Oh, none taken, this food here is horribly overpriced. You rich ponies are a bunch of chumps.”

As someone who works in a restaurant the truth of this statement killed me.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Which writeoff is this from? :O Multiple?

"Rarity's Cure For A Hangover" was an entrant in The Best Medicine

So are these just a bunch of random collection storys with no connection

Think of it like a sitcom. It's not serialized, but continuity will be kept in mind.

6075596 ahh makes senses thats what i was thinking


The Hunger Games.

Hunger Games? Where? I'll burn their children, slaughter their wives, and listen to the sweet mourning screams! And then I'll nuke their city for good measure!

Hell yeah, let's do this. Those bastards have this coming!

Fury, Justice, just hold on a second... Sorry, I need to go prevent this from snowballing.


How's about I notify you with a pointless test comment on your stories, eh?


Sure, it'll be amusing at the least.

“Oh, well, it’s one of those young adult romances that are all the rage, these days. These teenagers live in a post-apocalyptic Equestria where Celestia and Luna have been replaced by a brutal, democratically-elected regime.”

“Pfft. Democracy,” Dash scoffed. “It’ll never catch on.”

You got a giggle-snort out of me. Well done.

Rarity gasped before charging toward Dash. “Just what in the he–”

“Looks like it’s my cue to exit. I need to head to work.” Dash saluted her friends. “Rarity, I will see you later tonight.”

“Now just you wait–” Before Rarity could get another word in, Rainbow Dash was off in the distant sky. Rarity gave a harsh growl as she looked to the sky and yelled “I hate you!”


I love this!

Rainbow Dash: the lovable bitch that doesn't pay attention to what anyone is saying, and always assumes they're wrong.

Did you...just make a Mean Girls reference?

I read every chapter so far....


“What I’m wonderin’ is, why is any of this important at all? If ya don’t mind...” Apple Bloom pointed to the chalk mural that was now going sorely neglected.
Scootaloo stood up at full attention. “Apple Bloom, one of the coolest ponies to ever grace the planet is being degraded, defamed, denigrated–”

“What’re you, a dictionary?”

More like a thesaurus, but whatever.

Most people would tell you this is bad writing because you got straight to the chase and didn't show any development on their part... but whatever, I like this a lot more.

Ah, the "Shut up or no ice-cream" strategy. Works like a charm :raritywink:

Oh I like this.
Please continue.

This might not be my ship, but with a story this fun who cares. I really want to see more!

You are quite literally everywhere, aren't you? How'd you do it? What's the secret? Do you have clones reading all the fanfiction?

Everyone on this site is actually just an alt account I created.
Except you.

Of course. That makes sense! And, of course, you enjoy commenting multiple times on your own stories because, really, who doesn't do that?

Gotta be honest, there are times when I'm not fond of your interpretation of RariDash and this chapter is one of those times. The other three were pretty good, though.

Sorry you didn't care for it. Thanks for the honest feedback, I'll keep it in mind (anything specific that put you off?)

It's probably a matter of personal interpretation, but I'll write you up my reasoning on the matter as soon as I get back to a real keyboard.


The whole scene at the restaurant really doesn't do justice to Rarity and Rainbow in my opinion.

I certainly don't expect them to get along perfectly 100% of the time. Rarity has a lot of buttons to push and Rainbow is good at pushing them. The inverse is somewhat true as well, though less so. Some playful and even on occasion less-than-playful cattiness is definitely going to be the norm between these two. However, what you have here, I feel, is RariJack levels of dysfunction.

I can sympathize somewhat with Rainbow not wanting to sit still for a formal dinner, but she's being awfully rude to Rarity even for her. And as for complaining about the dress, despite certain popular headcanons, Rainbow has never turned down a dress on the show for dress-related reasons. She has shown annoyance for practical reasons (Inspiration Manifestation, where she was trying to work and the dress got in her way; and Swarm of the Century, where she was getting antsy from sitting too long), but never fashion reasons. She does want to look good.

On the other side, you have Rarity expressing concern that Rainbow's interests are outside her comfort zone. Certainly actually participating in some of the rough and tumble things Rainbow likes is outside Rarity's usual scope, but watching is canonically not. Rarity has been seen gleefully watching Rainbow fly (Read it and Weep) as well as enjoying a Wonderbolts show far more than the Canterlotians also in the crowd (Sweet and Elite).

All that said, I do appreciate Rainbow making everything right in the end, but just the journey to get there really rubbed me the wrong way and could have been handled better in my opinion. It would have resulted in more work to get the intended result of a broken date and a make-up surprise, but I also feel the scenario as a whole would have been stronger and more impactful if they had manged to have the same argument while having a more in tune characterization instead of relying on what I feel is a rather shallow pretense.

Thanks for the feedback, Jon! I'll keep what you said in mind for the future :)

I like this. I'm biased towards RariDash as it is, and this approach is like...a little snapshot of their life. I actually think this can be just as good as a more conventional approach, which includes a lot of buildup and establishing the relationship. :twilightsmile:

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