• Published 12th Apr 2015
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Glory of the Battlefield - RemixHero

Everything just happened so quickly, no one saw it coming, and yet it did. The War of Feedom had begun...

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Ghosts of the Past

It was later that night, Blitz showed me to where I sleep, it was like a place. The room had a few maps and pictures of some different ponies, one of them was of me and Blitz, but the other was a Mare.

"Hey Blitz...who's that?" I pointed at the picture of the mare.

"That's your wife, Ocean Breeze."

"My..wife? That's right Camo told me I had a family...do you remember anything about her by any chance?"

"Glory, I was the one who introduced you two the night of the Vetrens ball remember?" He said.

"...I don't remember... What was she like Blitz?"

"She was beautiful, sweet, kind. Her father was a general in the army, so she went to the ball like we did."

"Why did we go..?"

"Dad was a War hero. This was right after the war against the Dragons for land. We had a ball to remember all those who had died during the war, along with celebration the ones who fought for us."

"Wow..but how did you know Ocean Breeze?"

"We were old friends in school, I decided to introduce you two, guess I made a great choice showing you two together huh?"

"I guess so. She's beautiful.."

"Yeah..well get some sleep, Bomb Heart said you might be able to recover quick enough to restart training soon." He left my tent, I went over to the table where I saw a few more photos of Ocean Breeze and some fillies too. I guess I was a father, I wonder where they are and if they are ok..I can't worry about that all now, I better get some sleep. I blew out my candle and went to bed. I had another strange dream..no..I was remember something. But what?

It was a clear night, there were so many beautify stars in the sky, me and Blitz entered a building there were many stallions and mares dancing, wearing fancy gowns. I looked over at Blitz, he looked younger. We went over to talk with a few friends, Camo and the other two stallion that I met yesterday were there too. Blitz tapped me on the shoulder.

"Glory, I want you to meet an old friend of mine. Ocean Breeze, this is my brother Glory." The Aqua mare walked up to me, her sea foam green eyes glittered under the chandlers. Her light orange mane was curly and in a nice up do. She wore a beautiful dark blue dress, with a few ruffles at the end,with a necklace silver necklace with a stone want matched. She was beautiful, and I was speechless.

"Hello, Glory..I have heard many things about you from your brother, but none of them were that you are so hoofsome.."

"T-thank you..Miss Ocean" Real smooth Glory...stutter like an idiot in front of a beautiful mare.. I thought to myself. She smiled and chuckled a little.

"Are you nervous?" She asked me, I was sweating I didn't know what to say, she was breathtaking..I couldn't say anything, I had to get away from her..but I didn't want to.

"I-I'm going to get some fresh air!" I ran outside like an idiot in front of her. I was so sure my chances were blown. I stayed out there for a good half-hour maybe thinking about her. When someone taped my shoulder, I turned around, it was her.

"Glory? Are you ok? I was worried you left the ball.."

"Y-yeah..I just wanted to see the stars.."

"I live the moonlight with the stars..it's breathtaking.. But I still want to know..what happen in there? You looked as white as a ghost.."

"I-I guess I'm just not good at occasions like this.."

"Well maybe you can honor me a dance? If you would like.."

"It would be my pleasure, and honor as a gentlcolt to do so My lady." She chuckled again. We went inside and danced the night away. It was soon past midnight, we walked out of the building like many others had, I had told her good night, then she kissed me on the cheek.

"Maybe we can.."

"I would really like to.."

"Great. Maybe.."

"Next week?"

"Yeah that would be.."

"Great.." We were finishing each other's sentences..I was madly in love with her. She left with her father, my father came up to me.

"Have a good night son?"

"The Best.."

"I saw you dancing with Triton Shells' daughter Ocean, you like her?"

"No dad..." He looked at me in confusion. "I-I think..I love her.."

"Well..I should let you know what ever you decide me and your mother will be proud."

"Thanks dad."

"Let's go home, it's late.."

"Thanks dad.." We walked home, Blitz had left the aorta a little while eailer with our mother, so it was just us two. I wish I could remember more of who he was..but I don't..not now anyways..

It was morning, I opened my eyes to see my picture of Ocean Breeze. I looked around.

"Was that..the Veterns ball? I guess it was.." I took the smaller picture of me and her and out it on my desk. I put my uniform back on and went outside. It was dawn, many soldiers were doing exercises and some drills. I went over to my Brother. "Hey Blitz.."

"Morning Glory, sleep well?"

"I-I think...I had this..dream?"

"What was it?"

"I think it was the Vetrens ball..when I met Ocean Breeze.."

"That was an amazing night.."

"It sure was..it really was.."

Author's Note:

A new chapter, in honor of Verterns Day.

It's been a long time since I updated huh? I guess I just ran dry for a while...please tell me what you think of the story. PLEASE!!

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