• Published 12th Apr 2015
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Glory of the Battlefield - RemixHero

Everything just happened so quickly, no one saw it coming, and yet it did. The War of Feedom had begun...

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The Truth Comes Out

*What?! What do you mean?" She said.

" At the town today a few of the Ponies were rebelling. Your husband tried to stop them before the Zebra guards got involved, but he was too late. He was shot in the hoof, a few more were injured while two stallions were killed. Some of the ponies are calling this 'The Bostomare Massacre.' He is in the Hospital but I fear that where he was shot he might not be able to use the hoof anymore. The messenger said, the lavender mare stumbled back, she started to cry. Blitz and me went over to her to comfort her.

"Oh, my husband, It's those Stripe Coats! They keep taxing us! Eventually we will have nothing left! To think your father has survived much worse During the war, and this is how they repay him! If they think we are going down without. Fight they are wrong!" My mother said. She was angry. Blitz put a hoof on her to calm her down. "Your right kids, thank you sir."

"No problem miss, you can visit your husband in the hospital, if your not busy that is." He told her.

"That's what we are going to do. Come kids." She said. Me and Blitz along with that mail pony left.*

I started to wake up from my weird dream, was it a dream? It felt so real, I got out of bed to see a late afternoon, it was still bright out. Then a Aqua colored unicorn pushed me back into the tent.

"No! You must stay in bed! Lieutenant Blitz and Sergeant Camo had ordered me to keep you away from ze battlefield and in bed!" she said, she had a very thick accent, possible Russian or French. She pushed me back into my bed.

"I'm sorry, but what is your name?" I asked her. she gave me a death stare.

"I am a nurse, You don't need to know my name!" She said, i could tell now her accent is Russian, but with a little bit of french.

"OK. Well what am I suppose to do while I am here then, Miss?"

"Eat, you haven't had food in days, I might not care so much for you but the others see highly of you, General Glory."She put a tray of food down by the table in the tent. "You may leave this tent when every bit of food is gone, Glory."

"OK. Miss, may I ask but where are you from, you have a very strong accent." She turned to me.

"I am from Saddle Arabia, I came here to Equestria to be a nurse, but then I get dragged in this War!" She said. she kinda sounded sad.

"Why did you want to be a Nurse?" I asked her after eating a bit more.

"I want to help pony's that cannot help themselves, I may seem vile to you, but that's only because I know you have a family, and that you lost your Memory. You need your memory back, if you don't I fear that possibly we might not win this war." She said.

"Why? Why am I so important to everyone?! I think i'm just some Stallion that hit his head and got lost on a Battlefield!" I yelled. She walked back a little, she looked a little scared. "I...I'm sorry Miss. I just wish I knew why I was so important!"

"Bomb Heart"


"Bomb Heart, that is my name, see?" She turned around to show her Cutie mark was a Pure red heart with a fuse on it.

"Oh, that's a lovely name Miss Heart"

"Thank you." She looked at my tray. "Well I guess I can't keep you hostage anymore Sir. You can go, Blitz and Camo should be done by now, it's around Dusk." She said. She walked close to me. "For your little freak out just know this. Nikogda sdavat'sya, vsegda yest' nadezhda "


"Never give up, there's always hope." She said. She left the tent. I got out of Bed to see it was Dusk, a ashy violet and purple sky with a few stars and the mare in the moon. I walked aimlessly though the campsite, I finally found Photo Flash.

"Oh your up?!"

"Yes, Do you know where Blitz and Camo are?"

"Yeah, they went in there, I think the were discussing the Battle that just happen." Photo pointed to a large tent, just about as large as the infirmary I was in. I walked slowly to the tent, before I got there I heard them arguing.

"This was a HUGE loss and you know it Blitz!"

"Camo! Think about it, They lost three times more Stallions then we did, plus My brother is still alive, when he get's his memory back, he will lead us to victory!"

"IF He get's it back, He is in really bad shape I have the benefit of the doubt!"

"Don't ever speak of my brother that way you..." Blitz said soon saw me along with Camo. Their faces turned white as snow.

"General! Ummm..... How are you feeling?" Camo said nervously.

"I feel better thanks to Miss Bomb Heart."

"Great! Do you remember anything new Glory?" Blitz asked me.

"Nothing useful, What were you two fighting about?" I asked them.

"We were talking about the last battle, despite us losing we did kill more than they did on us." Blitz said.

"Especially with what Blitz did, He said 'Hold your Fire til you see the white's of their eyes!' with that we killed a lot more." Camo said.

"That's Amazing!"

"But we have more to worry about now then that battle. We have heard from our spies that the Zebra's are planing to attack very soon, and that they have allies, The Griffons." Blitz said

"Griffons? Do we have any allies?"

"We might be able to get the Breezies from France to help and maybe the Dragons of Spain, but that is of the Highest hopes." Blitz said.

"Have you thought of a plan for a sneak attack?" I asked them.

"No. They would always be on guard, we would never be able to sneak attack them." Camo said.

"What about Hearth's Warming?" I said. They both looked at me like I was nut's.

"On a Holiday like that?! That is the most....Brilliant idea in the world." Camo started to say like it was crazy then realizing it was not.

"Really?" I said

"Yes! Then we can catch them off guard and BOOM! attack at Dawn! It's gonna need planing including where but it's April, we've got time." Camo said. His stomach rumbled.

"I guess it's time for supper." Blitz said looking at Camo they both walked out the tent. "You Coming Brother?" I looked at them both. My best Earth pony friend and My Unicorn brother.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a second." I looked at the Map that was on the table in the tent. I knew that someday I will know why i'm here but for now I need to eat. I walked over to them, and left to go eat.

Author's Note:

Ok I'm back into the swing of things with this story! Also I am going to clear up some things in this stories logic

General is the main leader, Lieutenant Is the second in command, Sergeant is third. I don't know if that is what it's like in the real world but in my story that's how it is.

I keep changing this but this wil, be the FINAL Time I change this. Camo is an Earth Pony despite what the first chapters said. I wanted to even out the story with one leader being an earth pony, one being a unicorn and the last one to be a pegasus. So Blitz is the Unicorn, Glory is the Pegasus, and Camo is the Earth pony. I will change that in the previous chapters.

Tell me what you think so far of the story? Do you like it or hate it? If you like it tell me what you like about it, if your hate it tell me what you don't like about it. That's all for now, see you
All later!

(Also I forgot to say this in last chapter, who do you think Blitz and Glory's parents are? I kinda made it obvious but guess, get it right and you get a cookie! *Warning cookie might not be real*

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