• Published 18th Mar 2015
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Pink Copies and Costumes - Ponyess

Pinkie Pie, loves parties of course. She goes out of her way, in order to throw just one more party, and spread a few more smiles and make you crack up in laughter. Apparently, there is no stopping her.

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Prologue to an Episode: 1

Author's Note:

Lily Dawn's POV

The large building was impossible to miss. You just don’t miss a humongous pink Skyscraper. If it is named Pinkie Plazza, it is a sign of something hilarious taking place within. At least it is what I imagined.

Looking closer as I approach the building, I notice that the glass actually is pink, yet transparent enough for me to see the interior of the lobby. The two sliding glass doors eagerly part as I walk up to the building. Once inside, I step onto the smooth pink stone floor.

Inside, the walls are pink Cherry wood panels. A pinkish hue floods the room from above as LED lights cover the ceiling. There is the eery sensation of a warm day in the air, even when I knew I had gone into the lobby and I had seen the doors close behind me.

Feeling as if it had been a path laid with stone tiles from the door to the main desk, where I see this pink girl in a cerise suit. Pink, not white or tan, yet, this is the complexion of a girl with fair fair sin in a room slightly too warm for her preference, yet I see no sweat on her face.

The girl looks up at me with a vivid to spooky smile, but it is more infectious than malicious. If I had known, I could have said that her eyes are the same bright penetrating blue as that of Pinkie Pie herself. I would call the mane a darker shade of the bright pink, yet a tint to the cerise. Both the bangs in her face and the rest of her hair is heavily curled happily, rather than forced from a permanent. Her lips smiles invitingly, in the bright red to pink, as if she had had a make up put on.

I can see her lifting her right hand from the keyboard in a jolly greeting. There is a rubbery sheen to the palm of the hand, smooth as a stylish glove. A hint of the inch long, semi square, clear nails.

“Welcome to the Pinkie Plazza, how may I help you?” the girl exclaims as I pass the one yard border.

To my surprise, I notice the Neon pink pads at the edge of each of her fingers. Maybe I had been distracted by the warm smile emanating from the girl.

“Do I need a reservation, or is there any party available right now?” I responded, looking at her.

“Reservations? Here at Pinkie Plazza, we pride ourselves of being constantly open and available. Parties are always open. What kind of a party are you looking for?” she responded, making the gesture of focusing her eyes on me.

“Costume or masquerade sounds like fun. Something where I can leave all my personal issues on the sidelines and just enjoy a good laugh with friends and strangers alike. Where I can truly party with not a care in the world!” I pointed out.

“Your costumes are behind the door to the left, just ask Ellie the Waitress and she will take you to where you need to go. Rarity rules the lower levels, where customers’ customizations take place. She works her magic with all the style and finesse you could possibly wish for!” she explained to the point with a giggle to her voice.

“Thanks, then I will ask Ellie to show me the way to Rarity. I’m looking forwards to see her create the suit for me!” I responded, nodded first towards the door I imagined she indicated, then in acknowledgement, before I moved along towards the indicated door.

She merely nodded back, before she gave me a single word; “Yes!” she pronounced in a Siren’s voice.

“Elevator!” the word stated as I approached the lift.

As expected, the doors automatically slide up as I came within a yard’s distance. I step in and the doors slide shut. A warm light lights up the small space, before the voice responds.

“Greetings, Welcome to Ellie’s shortcut to Rarity’s Costumes and Suits Boutique. Which type of Costume or Sute were you looking for?” she responded as the door quietly closed behind me.

“Hiay, Ellie. How about something looking like the girl at the desk in the lobby?” I responded, feeling the floor fall down from under my feet, thus inducing the feeling of lightness.

“If that is truly what you want, Rarity will have a field day with you, but you will have a blast, once she is through with you!” Ellie prompted.

“Rarity will help me with the costume and suit. If she knows what she is doing, I am sure I will be happy with what she turns out!” I responded.

“As certain as your stop. Nice to be of service, Lily. Hope to se you soon, even if Rarity will take her time!” Ellie pointed out as the grey metallic titan doors slide open once more.

First now I realised, there was no controls within the lift. Just the smooth metal plates covering the walls. A pair of twin doors front and back. No idea as to why they have two pairs of doors.

“Nice to make your acquaintance, Ms. Ellie!” I responded.

“Likelise, Miss Dawn!” she responded as I walk out of the lift.

The floor outside the lift is a vibrant, black stone, polished to make it look as if it had been covered by half an inch of glass. The walls on both sides are covered with red cherry wood panels. I notice the wooden doors on both sides.

After a minute, I stop before the door labeled Rarity, with an image of the Mare, or is that Girl here. I don’t know, but maybe there is no real difference to me.

I place my right hand on the mark to the right of the door. The next instant I hear a buzz, just before the door side to the right.

“Enter!” the voice from inside the room stated.

“Woah!” I exclaimed in surprise and momentary terror as I see a three foot tall purple Dragon before me as the door slipped out from between the two of us.

“Greetings, I am Spike. I am a Dragon and her Highness Rarity’s Assistant and right hand. I will lead you to her, so that you can see the radiant glory that is her!” he spoke in reverence as she directed me to follow him into the room.

“Greetings, Spike!” I merely responded, moved and shocked by his appearance and the love his voice so carefully put into the words on the air.

“Since you are here, I take it you need her guidance and assistance in acquiring a suit or costume, for something important, at least to you or the significant other whom you care about?” Spike responded as he continues along the hall with several wooden doors carved out of white cherry wood.

Once I gathered my wits enough to actually see Spike, I can see his green spikes in perfect order, groomed by Rarity herself. His green Dragon eyes round, while the black pupils are slits, just the way the Equestrian Dragons use to look. Naturally, he holds his head high in pride of serving the love of his life, even if she never could truly give herself to him the way he desired for her to do. As much as it may tear at his hear, he still serves her just as faithful.

“Rarity!” Spike pronounced as he opened the heavy double doors at the end of the hall.

In the room, the floor is laid with black, shimmering stone tiles, while the walls are covered with pink cherry wood. Rarity turns her head towards the door as Spike invoked her name. Her brilliant white skin, with merely a hint of pink, the three blue lined cyan Diamonds making up her mark clearly visible on both her flanks.

On her face I see the most generous smile, her lips with a slight tint to blue and the shadows above her eyes a warm cyan, while her large eyes are a deep blue. Purple bands over her eyes and the rest of the mane stylishly curled behind her head, flowing down her back.

To her right shelves are lined with expensive, exquisite fabrics and threads. On the floor, boxes are lined with other equipment and materials.

“Greetings, Rarity!” I pronounced.

“Greetings, how may I help you, my dear?” Rarity exclaimed in a more excited tone.

“I need a suit for the night. You would be the one to make the dream come to life, from what I had come to imagine!” I expressed with wonder in my voice.

“A suit for the night, I certainly can create it, if it is your dream coming to life I will be honoured to assist!” she continued, lifting her red glasses to her face with her delicate right hand.

Now I could see the inch long, perfectly manicured nails at the tip of each slender, yet strong and experienced finger. The oval tip, crystal clear, almost as if they had been intended as magnifying glasses, yet enhancing the looks while the semi square inner edge of the nails.

Apparently she wears a deep purple skirt and a matching top, enhancing her appearance in the most complimentary fashion as it hugs her snugly, rather than merely covering her body in order to comply with the contemporary sense of modesty in order to make me more comfortable.

“What kind of a costume and suit are you looking for?” she continued.

“Since I can’t be you, but the style seems about right!” I started.

First now I notice the knee high boots on her hooves. Matching the ensemble on her body, looking almost as if they were crafted on her, rather than for her. Maybe I should see this as a testimony to her level of accomplishments and skills.

--- --- ---

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its very choppy and abrupt.:pinkiecrazy:
try fusing a few of the paragraphs and elaborating on them.:derpytongue2:

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