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The return of :words:.

I'm pumped. Let's do this thing.:rainbowdetermined2:

A sequel to Starlight? Awesome!

When in doubt, blame radiation.


It feels really good to be back into a sidefic, that's for sure.




I know, right? I'm excited too.



Might I recommend doing what Thor would do?

yes yes yes! i was looking forward to this!


Yes, I'm glad you were! Thank you so much for your patronage on Patreon, you are totes awesome.

I want to read Starlight, but I'm too lazy to read 660.000 words... :fluttercry:

5848254 it's worth the read, especially in the second half of the story.

Finally sat down and read it. Good first chapter and makes you wonder what is coming next. I am guessing Patch is having a heart issue from the description and the summary at the end of the chapter.

5851133 finally I can read this without being lost...
And now they're orphans... :fluttercry:

5941327 Oh? You read Starlight? What did you think?

5941645 2nd best story I ever read :twilightsmile:
(1st still Past Sins, sorry)

5942498 Yes Starlight was on my top five. Horizons though is my top story. Think Starlight is number three on the list.


I learned quite a bit from Starlight, so I'm really applying it here. Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. :)

Frying pan, fire. They have no luck.

I must say the story line really peaked my interest :twistnerd: Cant wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:


Thanks! I'm vastly enjoying it myself. I have sort of started on Chapter 4, so it's at least in the early start mode.

Hoofwich Building. That won't end well...

Alright, glad I'm getting in close to the ground floor this time! It's looking pretty good so far, though the central mystery doesn't seem like it can top Starlight's.


Of course not. It is intended to be a little different than Starlight in that regards. I'm glad you're enjoying it though. Chapter 4 is being ever so slowly worked on.

Starlight Glimmer is in this story? Well you certainly have my attention now. Say, how many chapters long will this story be, anyway?


Unsure. I've got a lot planned, so it could definitely go on a while. The first five is mostly setup, give you an idea of the characters, etc. After that we move into more stuff going on for sure. Finding Envy was definitely not the end-game.

Equality may yet rear its ugly head indeed.

Jeez Vol, you're gonna send my ego through the roof. Not that II have a problem with that...

This story is getting addictive :pinkiecrazy: Im starting to have a suspicion on who the mystery pony could be, wondering if my gues will be right :twilightsheepish: Hope the next chapter will come soon cant wait for it :twistnerd:

Ok, three chapters in two days. How did I let myself fall behind?


No worries. I'm still banging my head into Chapter 6. :twilightsmile:

6724651 I have so much to read that sometimes storys get pushed back. Which is kind of sad if I am looking forward to them.

Jeez Saint Jeezum, Hoofwich Building?! Ooooooh, boy, here's to horror.

Dusk... As in Dusk Blue from starlight? Have missed something about this character making a promise with Steeljack or is he a different character?
Apart from that question, Awesome chapter! Excited for more.


This is for sure a different character.

Thanks for the comment though, greatly appreciated!

Awesome chapter and a new companion. I wonder what Xerves has planned.


Thanks! I'm working on Chapter 8 now. Hopefully exciting stuff. We're finally getting out into the Wasteland proper, and some real challenges.

My poor rifle. It was a custom job! :raritycry:


Yeah... about that. Probably should have gotten it insured.

7263387 There is no insurance in a nuclear wasteland. :raritydespair:

You never mentioned Calamity in the list of legends :pinkiesad2:

Yet again, another beautifully made story from Volrath. Do you have any plans on the plot and how it will unfold or are you just winging it? I am iffy as to whether this story will be as long as Starlight, a long thrilling advenutre, or just a smaller, simpler, but equally exciting hit the nail sequel. There appears to be no answer that I can come up with because in a story anything can happen, and the excitement is murder.


I've got this actually pretty well planned out. I don't think this will go on as long as Starlight, no, but it will be long enough.

7284929 Great, oh and by the way, how does it feel to know that within seven chapters you are already approximately 6-8,000 words away from writing a story equivalent in length of the first ever Harry Potter book? And the best thing is the journey has just barely started. I don't know how you do it. Making a story as big as 600,000 words. In length and quality you have passed up some of the world's best selling trilogy. :rainbowlaugh: Fallout is an awesome topic when combined with ponies apparently. :raritywink:


Mostly I just write. Lol. I'm pretty pleased though with how Mending Hearts is coming along. Starry has been pretty fun to write, and now that we're headed out of Equestria finally things will ramp up a little bit.

Still, glad you're enjoying it!

Well I certainly had a heck of a time reading this, nicely done. I am most definitely eager to find out what happens next. Until next time then.

Not suprised old buildings hold terrible secrets.

Not sure what to say... I personally feel like Xerves death was a bit rushed, then again with the Evil Knife being what may say "overpowered" I guess his death was inevitable as soon as he showed himself.

In reveiw of this chapter I think the reason why I feel Xerves death was rushed is because I personally expected more of the assassin, so beyond expressing caution on how the knife is used to kill in the furture, I look forward to reading what happens next, be it here or "Tales of Chicacolt". On separate note, your style in writing when Starry and Lightning are separated is nicely done.

All in all I really enjoyed this chapter and wonder what the next challenge for this group of friends is going to be.


We may not have seen the very last of Xerves, as this whole experience is going to have a very profound effect on Starry, mentally.

Regardless, he did need to die. You will find out very soon in the next chapter why he perished so easily.

Also, thanks! I had a lot of fun writing both Starry and Lightning's perspective.

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