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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


There comes a time in almost every kid's life where they start a new school. For Fluttershy, this was the scariest moment of hers. But, things might not be so bad, thanks to a certain rainbow haired girl.

Contest entry #51 for the EFNW Pre-Con Writing Contest 2015

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I know how you feel, Flutters. :fluttershysad:

Very well written story: cute, in character, the whole bunch. :twilightsmile:

5750331 ditto!
lol I was drawn in by that adorable picture >w<
lol +1 like for the picture alone :yay:
Id give it another dozen if I could

Because title means it all

Dude, this story should get first prize! By far one of the best stories I have read on this website. You, sir, get :moustache: and a watch!:pinkiehappy:

5750401 Darn. Beat me to it!

Really cute!

Aaaw... that was so adorable. Great job.

I wonder where Gilda even learned the R-word at an Elementary School age:unsuresweetie:. Doesn't matter though, a very cute and relatable story:raritystarry:.

Very sweet but this caught my eye

Oh, my mommy's is here,

Doesn't that mean "oh my mommy is is here,"?

Dem feels :heart:
I'll be right there with ya shy! ADHD PEEPS UNITE!

what was that not baby book?
cause i don't know what kind of book it was..

Exceptionally D'awwwww worthy :ajsmug:

Aaaw, short, simple and adorable as always. :rainbowkiss:
I've always wanted to see a flutterdash story made by you. Even if it's just friendshipping.
(I think the pairing works better that way anyway)
Hope you'll win the contest with this (and if not, that you'll finish close to first). :raritywink:

5754241 it's a mental disorder. I have it.

5754283 Uhmmm can you describe it a bit? Imma google it but in case I don't find the correct thing.

I thought ADHD meant "Hyperactive." Seems like Shy is pretty tranquil. And how did RD know?

5754325 well having ADHD doesn't always mean you're hyper. It can also mean you can't focus as much as everyone else and you can't learn the same way as everyone else. And kids who have ADHD can usually tell when other kids have it.

5754289 it could be a hyperactive disorder, but really it just means yiu can't focus or stay on task. A lot of people with ADHD can't handle change very well, and must be given a routine or else they just do whatever they want.

5754361 Right... interesting.

Such good, much sweet.
This was amazing! Hope it wins! XD
~ Wywint

a nice humanized flutterdash story that doesn't make rainbow look bad in the slightest. And author,(don't know your username,sorry)taking inspiration from home? that is good. keep going! you are good at pull-at-your-heartstrings and you can make an established character better.good job! kudos to you

ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) short form answer: A chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness
Symptoms may or may not include:
Behavioral: excitability, aggression, persistent repetition of words or actions, irritability, lack of restraint, fidgeting, hyperactivity, or impulsivity
Cognitive: short attention span, problem paying attention, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, or absent-mindedness
Mood: anger, excitement, mood swings, or boredom
Psychological: anxiety or depression
Also common: learning disability

I should know, I had it growing up. And no, just because you can't pay attention in class all the time does not mean you have ADD/ADHD. You try putting a kid in the same room for eight hours a day, doing what is basically clerical work, and don't expect them to get fidgety or a bit hyperactive.

5756337 eh i have it and that's how it was explained to me.

"Why don't you go sit next to Gilda?"
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Love it!! You are so gonna win that contest!:yay:

well do you mind if I put your article translated into Chinese

IT IS AWESOME:flutterrage:

Never insult someone else's mom. Ever.

How old are these kids? I was under the impression they were five but clearly I was wrong. Not even a five year old Gilda would call others retards. :twilightangry2: I hate you Gilda...

5766649 they're supposed to be in second grade

This story was nice. I really enjoyed it.


There are a few things to keep in mind about ADHD. First, it tends to express differently in boys and girls with girls being more withdrawn and boys being more typically hyperactive in behavior. In that sense Dash's expression would be more typical of a boy and Fluttershy's would be more typical of a girl. They use to distinguish between ADHD and ADD but they decided they were the same thing with some of the symptoms differing.

The way it made more sense to me, who both has ADHD and a degree in psychology, is that your brain has too many active receptors, thus your mind wanders because few things can fill up your attention. This means that things don't always filter at the same speed and some things will draw the attention when the person would normally be filling up their attention with what they are focusing on. But when something does fill up the attention of someone with ADHD it means they hyper focus. It's almost like a high where they are finally having their brain activity pushed, which is something the brain likes very much. I believe this is why they use hyper in the name, they don't use the most common application of the word because they are using the scientific application in relation to whats' going on in your brain. The reason hyper focusing occurs more easily in ADHD brains is because they aren't use to keeping some attention in reserve.

A lot of the things that happen in an ADHD brain are a result in socialization. This is where depression, anxiety, sometimes even anger and mood issues can come into play. A kid who has ADHD often operators slightly differently than others, thus they often don't quite mesh with others and are excluded and picked on.

When it comes to treatment almost all drugs are stimulants. This is because it helps the brain receive more information/fill up the receptors. In fact, in really extreme cases it's been known that people with ADHD can't sleep because everything draws their attention. In instances like these some people will even turn to really messed up drugs, like meth which can keep people up for days, in order to fall asleep. Fortunately, cases that severe are extremely rare. Most people who have trouble sleeping will take something like coffee if they are having a really bad day because the caffeine helps them calm down and fall asleep.

Don't do drugs kids.

Still, it was a cute story. Very true to many normal experiences with ADHD as a kid.

5784441 everything in my entire life makes so much sense now. I just thought i was shy and that my depression came out of nowhere but this literally made everything so clear! :pinkiegasp:


Well, if you live in New York I could understand both things :raritywink:

JK, glad I could help. Stay happy and healthy.

Did this story win the contest? If not, then what story did? (If this comment makes you feel uncomfortable, just say so. Don't just ignore me. ...No offense.) (please answer this comment tomorrow)
Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5786308 they just started judging so i have no idea if it won or not. But if it does id sure be happy.

What a sweet little story :raritywink:

I think you might be the best writer on thins site. no other that i have see can write stories that make me laugh, cry, that make so in to the story and this is no different definitely a new favorite. :heart:

Out of curiosity, what makes books for kids with ADHD different from other books? I've never seen one before. :applejackunsure:

Best explanation of it all.

Great story with a perfect amount of cute. Gilda is still an ass and she can rot in hell for all I care.

5859854 nothing's really different. It's just that some kids with ADHD are faster readers and can read better than most children their age. So the book Fluttershy waa reading was a book way above average reading level. There aren't actually books for kids with adhd. (At least i don't think so but i could be wrong)

BEFORE READING: The cover image alone makes me wanna read it, it's so adorable!


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