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What the heck, I've got no shame.

Wow. This was... brilliant. No other way to describe it.

Not really "Mature", but hey.

Yep, that much sums up some of the authors on this site pretty well. And this was hilarious, too. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/discord.png

So very meta. Though... the mature tag could be a bit off-putting, and it's really not necessary. Maybe set it to teen instead? I mean, yes, part of the meta is that it is tagged mature ridiculously, but still.

That was...
I have a raging brainer right now. :twilightblush:
(for those of your who haven't seen the Futurama episode, that's an inttellectual's version of a boner)

HAHAHA! So this is the reason I shouldn't peek at fimfiction.net when at work: It's hard to explain sudden guffaws to my coworkers.

Here's hoping you have a "lexically satisfying dream" as this one gets feature-boxed, eh! XD

I mindcame three times while reading this.
Epic fic. You get my fave.


This story probably has the most brilliantly shameless title of any I've seen on this site. And I'm really happy that the story itself lived up to it -- it was really well written, and I was laughing the whole way through it :rainbowlaugh:

... Also, I clicked 'like' before I stopped reading :ajsmug:

Wow. Okay. Um. Well then.


For one, I should probably compliment you on the fact that you gave me a nice surprise. With a title like that I was expecting the bottom of the barrel attention-seeking trollfic... which I still think that this most certainly is, no doubt about that.

But it's a well-written trollfic.

I have to admit, I'm probably in the minority here when I say that I found this more creepy and awkward than I did funny. Not that the concept isn't hilarious, no, I did laugh, to be sure. However, portraying the audience as a collective being seemed really, well, fucking creepy. That's not a bad thing, but it does add a surreal element to the story that actually works more to its advantage. In a way, I kind of like it,

That being said, I will admit that if this doesn't hit the feature box... I'll probably laugh. I'll be even more amused if it actually does though.

For a trollfic, this is pretty damn good. Good job, man. -thumbs and favs for Twilight-

Edit; Well I'll be damned, you really did it. Hats off, man.

Confound these well-written and surprisingly thoughtful meta/troll/WHATEVERfics, they drive me to favourite.

Enjoy your Featured. I hope it makes you feel DIRTY.

Well, let's see if we can put her over the edge, hmm?

Fixed, now, but you ruined the mood. You're going to have to start over and comment at me gently for a while.

"Oh Twilight, your brain is so big! Write me another!" Steel Resolve caressed the fav button gently before pressing it hard. "Oh... my... I liked it. Let's do this again soon." He leaves a watch message. "Call me soon!"

Trollfic? I don't see any trollfics here.

Seriously though, I think my favorite part of this, in keeping with the meta theme, is that I'm pretty sure Romance Reports was never featured.

This deserves to be featured. I can't really say how much this mirrored my first experience posting here, aside the orgasmic pleasure, of course... Or did it?

This is so full of win and so full of truth. :pinkiehappy: You just have to be featured. If for anything, for shicz and giggles. xD

LOL makes me want to write a story....

not exactly subtle humor, but it was quite clever.

Would this count as going deeper, or going higher?

Last week, the Audience whispered in my ear and asked to fool around with my fav button, just a little. Just the one or two. It... it was impossible to stop once he got going. I'd feel violated if it didn't feel so goooood.

My first story was basically like this. It was supposed to be a one shot. The likes and favs flew at me in a flurry. It felt so good. I mean yes, there was pain, the dislikes rarely came with any comments, my audience was not always kind. Overall a very satisfying time was had by all.

Da... what da... what da fuck am I reading...

Magnificant. Very clever and enjoyable! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Sky you might want to adjust the rating to teen. I get it, the innuendo is thick as frozen toothpaste but you will find it hard to get featured when some can't even see your story lol.

And with a glorious flicker of golden light, another small part of the audience gave its approval.


570009 and 571012
Yeah, I mean, the rating is part of the gag, but seeing as it's all metaphorical graphically adult content, maybe you have a point.

Let's change it and see if anybody flips out like a weasel.

This is the first time I've gotten this much enjoyment out of being trolled. I feel a little dirty...

570278 A trollfic?
I don't see how this is a trollfic, care to explain?

It's probably due to the fact that I'm an idiot that can't really specify an exact definition for the term 'trollfic' itself. I called it that because of the impression that the story gave me, even if I now realize that such a term probably isn't the best suited for it. The title misled me to believe that it was going to a mindless ride of stupidity, even if the end result was much more surreal and 'deep' rather than just frivolous comedy. Even so, the fic is teasingly crying out for attention from the audience in the end. That is why I called it what I did.

I meant no insult or offense from my previous comment, if that was the impression that I gave. I actually really did like it :pinkiehappy: And I apologize if I used the term in an incorrect fashion. Just goes to show how I should stick with straight-faced criticisms.

I... uh, what?

Simultaneously promoting the publishing of fanfics while highlighting the inherent vanity of doing so... in the vainest way possible. Well, it's certainly honest. At least you aren't using telling us to dance like puppets (unlike a certain other author with a certain story with a certainly unusual premise who apparently threatened to hit you). And mentioning that caused me to get distracted for 30 minutes reading the Dr. Banner version's blog (wow, good stuff).

I'm agreeing with GingerNutGin on the ridiculously creepy collective Audience. Now featuring in my nightmares... That should quell my desire to post a story here for a few more days!

Ok, I bust out laughing at the "Fave me harder!" line. This was brilliantly done and entertaining.

I... Yeah, I think I will be pretty pleased to fave this. It's about as awesome as meta gets without tripping over itself.

Nothing like a good meta story to bring a smile to my face. Bravo.

My brain feels all tingly now.

This story is not only brilliantly funny and astonishingly meta, it's also the most erotic thing I've read in a while.

meanwhile my herm-on-male fic is sitting at number two this very second

clearly your mistake was not sticking dicks on everything

Did we just ... clop Twilight Sparkle?:twilightoops:

Like, Fav. Only one question remains...

Was it good for you too?

Are you feeling the faves yet?
Sorry i just had to say it. I can't stop laughing

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