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Beware The Carpenter

What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Don't bother reading this until you've finished Limits of the Horizon.

Twenty years after Luna’s second rebellion, the pain of her rebellion has yet to heal as Celestia withers in isolation.

Yet sometimes the scars that were most carefully hidden, cover the deepest wounds.

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packing supplies now would be much better then foraging
but even with pre-prepared bug out bags

1. Than.
2. I think the word you're looking for is Bulged.

Eight and a half minutes eh... For some reason, makes me think of Pinkie and her emergency staches, makes things alot faster that's for sure.


First one was my mistake; but bugging out means to retreat basically. A bug-out bag is a survival kit with whatever food/ medicine/ tools you need so you can just grab it and run on a moment's notice. Storm's past still has him a bit paranoid, and given that Equestria isn't as safe a place as it used to be, Storm/ Rainbow Dash and their kids are like the ultimate preppers; with pre-arranged plans for just about any type of disaster imaginable..

Comment posted by Richardson deleted Oct 19th, 2018
Comment posted by Beware The Carpenter deleted Oct 19th, 2018

I beg for forgiveness for taking so long with this update. The main reason is that my first ever chapters on ponies was the beginning of Storm of Secrets. I kept going by the idea that while in Equestria, I would mimic the illogical, frivolous tone of the show; whereas as soon as they go into the Everfree Forest I would take a dark and serious tone like the rest of my work.

Generally it failed, I made a few attempts to 'fix it' by taking out some of the totally outlandish scenes, but then decided to make the Summary of Storm of Secrets so people could read LOTH without getting off on the goofy stuff, but the Summary isn't that well read and people still keep going to SOS. Given that Limits of Mercy will soon be incorporate references to those chapters, such as what happened to Trixie or the destruction of the theater (very important), I decided I would have to re-write the first eight chapters or so.

I thought it would be easy, but it's not.

Don't sweat the time that passed before this came out; I'm actually going through the same thing. The big difference is that the stuff I'm writing is likely slightly above average at best, at least in terms of execution.

I admit that this jumping back and forth between individual storylines and time periods has already given me a major headache, especially because I completely forget what happened in the jumps a few chapters later... but I pull through because I look forward to how this turns out and what additional plot twists lie ahead.

Basically, what I'm saying is keep up the amazing work.

there was probably a doorway nearby that lead to the entrance
we’re he Elements of Harmony
The lights dimmed by themselves as he closed his eyes and tried to fool himself into going to sleep as; but he knew it was hopeless
It was meant as a general crash course for universe

1. Led.
2. The.
3. Err... This feels off in general. Sleep as;?
4. It was meant as a general crash course for the universe.

Not sure about this newer hitchikers guide, only saw the older one. I've so gotten left behind in the whoovian department.


I admit that this jumping back and forth between individual storylines and time periods has already given me a major headache, especially because I completely forget what happened in the jumps a few chapters later

If you're upset that you've forgotten things that haven't happened yet, you are either a Time Lord, or my story really has broken your mind. I am sorry.


Not sure about this newer hitchikers guide, only saw the older one. I've so gotten left behind in the whoovian department.

I don't think either of them should be a problem.

but theres... something else
against the core of it's spirit
this was no worse then the cross country
The youths stooped to try and help him but he, but just lay there

1. There's.
2. Its.
3. Than.
4. The youths stopped to try and help him but he just lay there.

Hmm... I do wonder how... Deep or rather, vast your universe is planning to grow. It's definitely large and I can't even keep up with it yet. But even so, it's very interesting.


I still have details to fill in, but in my mind i know where the borders are now. Im looking at a four part series; book one is twilight. Book two sky blaze. Book three probably clastic strain. Book four is luna- nightmare moon and enigma (twi and shinings younger brother). Also tungsten gets his own thing in the backgroung.

This will be a while but i swear i will finish eventually.

Comment posted by the other sans deleted Nov 15th, 2015

Uh oh. Obtrillion......
you better start running, and don't ever stop. :twilightblush::pinkiecrazy:

hard or me

hard FOR me


Obtrillion: I assure you; I am exactly where I want to be.

seeing as how that was unquestionably

1. Just an extra spacing.


I think that's the first time you've ever mentioned a double spacing.

I thought this chapter would be loaded with mistakes, if that's all you can find I'm very happily surprised. :scootangel:

6675343 Here yes, and you are getting better. Funny how double spacing is more common for other stories though.

Aww crap, you really did it now. You asked her about the Elements.

Chose you final words of sanity wisely

She say anything, the moment was too special

1. She couldn't say anything.

One has to wonder though if betrayal actually causes the elements to shift off their current bearers this way, even more so for loyalty and honesty.

6690356 If any member of the elements rejects friendship with the others, then given enough time, their element will revoke yhem and search out a new bearer.

Now that Twilight is teaching him however, Obtrillion is going to try to force Magic to stay with Twilight.

Consider the ramifications.

into your mind until now. Breath
you might start start throwing missiles
she tried to step forwards but then
took the initiative.“Celestia booby

1. Breathe.
2. Extra Start.
3. Forward.
4. Forgot your spacing.

It's alright, in some cases it might be a silver lining as you know that eventually, the lighter stuff comes out after all the darker ones and that is a point people wait for.

Personally, either or, I'm quite fine.

That is rather unfortunate on what you said happen in canon but with that result comes many more questions that crop up like that castle tent from before. Actually, so many questions that I can't think straight yet. Hmm... a dilemma indeed but I guess the one standard would be as to what happened with the Main six back then?


The castle tent has no bearing on this story. (At least not yet.)

Overall it was deciding how I justified a battle in this world being fought with apple pies. Re-write it entirely, or change it slightly and add a lot of 'behind the scenes' information that explains why the settlers thought pies would/ could stop rampaging buffalo.

Cause you just got kicked out.

Never make a female angry. No matter the species.


She's not really angry at him. Dinky has just lost her mom, making her feel as if she's lost control, which she can't stand. Her response is to take some people, and make them feel even more helpless/ confused than she does, in order to make herself feel powerful.

dangled it's snout over
like a dragon protecting it's hoard
out at pony sitting at table
Pony standing in hallway looked
and threw a slap at his check

1. Its.
2. Its
3&4. You forgot your The before your pony in these instances. Two more instances after 4 but not sure if it was deliberate.
5. Cheek.

Jesus, Dinky, what the shit?


Ponyville needs to have one manically crazy mare living in it at all times. After Vinyl Scratch died, Dinky needed to step up and fill her horseshoes. :rainbowdetermined2:

She is an utter genius who has been bored out of her mind for the last 20 years. Until recently she played with Pinkie's triplets and that amused her some, but without them she's been more bored than usual. Now her mother is gone and Dinky is feeling like she's lost control over her life; her response is to make the royal siblings feel even more powerless/ confused in order to give a sense of power back to herself.

Hopefully whatever is generating 900MQ will be enough to sufficiently entertain her. :pinkiecrazy:

Please do not use Christ's name in vain again. :fluttercry:


"'...Then everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.'" -Acts 2:21

I'd like to say soon... but I'm not sure I could keep that promise. I can promise that I will finish this story, and it's satellite network, in their entirety.

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