• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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The Beach Part 3

After enough fun in the sun as it were, the girls became too exhausted to stay outside for much longer and opted to head into the hotel. There, they dried off and got into their summer clothes while Sonata finally joined them, having calmed down. Well, as calm as she could be with Sunset nearby. Even Aria was turning just as red whenever the flirtatious sun haired girl was nearby.

While eating their dinner, Adagio continued to stare at Sunset with a confused glance as Sunset Shimmer continued to act like nothing weird had happened. For the life of her, Adagio couldn’t figure out what her game was. It would be one thing to be flirting with one of the three of them, but this was too much. Adagio didn’t know if she was suppose to be angry because Sunset was tugging all their emotions or jealous that so far she hadn’t been hit on.

“Is there something wrong, Adagio?” asked Sunset, knocking the elder siren from her thoughts. “You’ve been staring at me for hours. Not that I’m complaining of course, but you could just ask next time.” She said this all with a sly smile.

Adagio did her best to hide her blush, but she could see that she wasn’t the only one as all the girls were blushing from the comment made. It made the fight against the blush even harder when she felt Sunset’s foot rubbing against her’s as if they were playing a game of footsie. “S-Sunset, come on. Just quit it already,” grumbled Adagio, even though a small part of her wanted that foot to raise higher.

“Ah, but I thought you liked playing games?” asked Sunset with an innocent smile.

“I think it’s time we got dessert! Waiter!” shouted Rarity, nervously tugging her collar.

The built up tension was already making everyone, but Sunset, sweat. Each of them was blushing for one reason or another and it was clear they all wanted to ask Sunset what her deal was. Pinkie Pie, however, interrupted their train of thoughts by gasping. “Oh boy! Sunday’s!”

Nine bowls of the said treat arrived as the waiter put one down in front of each of them. They raised their spoons and were about to eat, until Sunset dipped first and took a big spoon filled of chocolate and whipped cream before suddenly pointing her spoon towards Adagio. “Hey, Adagio? Say ‘ah’!”

Oh, you have got to be kidding...

Gazing at the smooth and cold ice cream in front of her, Adagio gulped as it inched closer to her mouth. “C-come on, Sunset. I’m not four years old...”

“I-if she doesn’t want it, I will!” shouted Sonata, blushing as she raised her hand.

“S-so do I!” shouted Aria, uncharastically of her. In fact, everyone but Sunset turned to the normally stoic girl and just stared at her like she grew two heads. “W-what?! A girl can’t love ice cream!”

“No fair! I want to try Sunny’s ice cream!” shouted Sonata, growling at her best friend.

“Screw that! You touched her boobs! I deserve some attention!” shouted Aria, nearly breathing fire.

“Hey! I did not touch those! You, however, were about to fondle her buttcheaks like some pervert!” cried out Sonata.

“Pervert?! I’ll put my spoon up your nose for that!”


All attention turned towards an upset looking Sunset. “You girls will wait your turn. It’s Adagio’s time. If you argue anymore, I will not give you any ice cream! Understood?!”

“Yes, Sunset,” whimpered a saddened Aria and Sonata.

“They do know they have their own ice cream, right?” whispered Dash to Rarity.

To which she replied, “Hush, this is getting good.”

Turning back to Adagio, Sunset smiled and cheerfully lifted her spoon again. “Now, I believe someone was going to say, ahhh!”

“L-listen, Sunset. I don’t think...” Adagio was unable to finish as she saw Sunset giving her the puppy eyes of doom. Just the sight of her crush, whimpering and staring at her like an innocent deer, lost in the woods, was so heart breaking cute that it nearly made her squeal.

“Y-you d-d-don’t want to t-try my i-c-c-ce cream?” whimpered Sunset, getting all tearyeyed.

N-no... must resist... can’t... too... cute!

With her defences completely down, Adagio dived in and nearly ate the spoon. Damnit! Why am I so weak against her?!

Sunset clapped with excitement. “Yay!” She then opened up her mouth. “Now feed me.”

With that said, Aria slammed her fist on the table. “Okay! Time out! Sonata, Adagio, Sunset, to our room! Now!”

“Um, ok?” replied Sonata and Adagio who looked at each other with uncertainty. Sunset didn’t look bothered by this, but instead just smirked.

“Aria, if you wanted a different kind of dessert, all you had to do was ask,” teased Sunset with a smirk and wink.

“Oh my,” whispered Fluttershy, barely able to keep in her seat. The others weren’t too far away from the brazen comment as Aria tried to say something, but only blubbered a few lines before giving up and sighing in defeat.

Sunset giggled as she got up from her seat and walked towards the direction of the stairs, her rear end shaking a bit as she moved like a fox in heat. “I’ll go up on ahead. Don’t leave me to play by myself, girls.”

They just watched in disbelief as she turned around and gave a wink. None of them said anything as she went up the stairs, leaving them in a stunned silence. Applejack cleared her throat and said, “Well, Ah think a nice walk around the beach sounds nice. Who wishes to join me?”


“I do!”

“Same here!”

“Aw, but I wanted to see if the four of them have se-” Pinkie Pie’s mouth was shut by Rarity before dragging her away with the others, leaving the sirens to themselves.

The three blushing ladies fondled with their fingers as they tried to work up the nerve to follow after the same girl each of them had their hearts (and pants at this point) for. Sonata then nervously asked, “Um, Aria?”


“Is love suppose to be this complex?”

“I think the correct word for this would be baffling...”


The three sirens eventually made their way to their room where Sunset Shimmer was waiting for them on one of the bed's, legs crossed and warm smile on her lips. Each of the sirens didn’t know what to say or do in this situation, it was something completely new to them. Usually, they were the flirts and not the receivers.

When the door was finally closed behind them, Sunset leaned forward and said, “I assume you all have questions.”

“Questions? We are so beyond questions,” said Adagio, rubbing her temples. “We are at the point of answers. What the hell are you doing?”

“I thought it was obvious? I’m flirting with the girls who I love,” said Sunset, getting up. The hearts of all three of them pounded upon hearing the “L” word and they froze up again. “It’s clear you all have feelings for me. And I have feelings for all of you.” She walked over to Sonata and brushed her hair with her fingers, making the youngest siren shiver. “Sonata, you are the most positive and fun loving person I have ever met. You’re sweet, kind, and you love to always see the bright side of life. You are like a bright star in this dark world that I never want to see go out.”

“S-Sunny,” whispered Sonata, a small smile decorating her face.

The sun kissed girl then walked over to Aria and placed her hand over the latter’s heart. “Aria, you’ve been through so much pain. I realized that deep inside is a girl who wants to be loved and show her true self again. That true self is so beautiful both inside and out that I want to see her more often.”

Aria didn’t say anything, she just turned around to not show her blush.

Finally, Sunset went to the last siren and held her hand. “Adagio, you are brave, smart, and beautiful. You stand out like a star and have such a dedication to those you care about, it’s clear you are super nice when you want to be. But you’re not afraid to stand up for others and yourself. You’re also so selfless for sacrificing your own happiness for your best friends.”

“T-thank you,” whispered Adagio, but she shook her head. “But this doesn’t change anything! Even if you like all three of us, we can’t be together. You’re human and-”

“I’m not human.”

The three’s eyes widened as they stared at Sunset who smiled at them. “I’m from Equestria. I’m a unicorn. Just like you are sirens. We may look human, but we are not originally human. And in Equestria there is a certain thing called... herding.”

“Herding?” asked the three, having recalled the term once but it couldn’t click in their minds.

“In Equestria, it’s legal to have a herd of lovers. A polygamy if you will,” answered Sunset as the gears finally turned in the girls heads. “Meaning, by Equestrian law, I can love each of you equally and it would be accepted there.”

“But... we can’t-” started Aria until Sunset showed them a scroll. “What’s that?”

“It’s an official pardon from Princess Twilight Sparkle. Signed by both Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance,” answered Sunset. “It means you’re free to go back home, girls. Along with me.”

The three instantly took the scroll and read it as fast as they could. It was filled with a bunch of political wording mumbo jumbo, but upon finishing it they all felt tears come down from their eyes. Home. They could finally go home. After nearly two thousand years of wondering in this alien planet... they could go back home as free as the day they were born.

They slowly looked up towards Sunset Shimmer who winked. “I told you I would keep my promises.”

One second later, Sonata dived at Sunset and kissed her, dragging her down to the bed as she forced her tongue into Sunset’s mouth. Aria was right behind her, pushing Sonata off as she licked Sunset’s cheeks before diving her own lips into Sunset, proceeding to suck the life out of her. This was all interrupted as soon as Adagio got into the action and knocked Aria away so she could have some fun, all while touching her breasts and rubbing them which made Sunset moan.

“Hold on,” said Adagio, ending the kiss much to Sunset’s sadness. “Aria. Sonata. Undress her and then yourselves.”

She marched away from the bed, grabbing something from the table nearby and placed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of the door.


The next morning, the same five friends who had left right after dessert were now sitting in the same table for breakfast... only none of them touched their food. They were all to busy glancing nervous looks at the four empty seats for their newest friends who had yet to arrive.

“So... did anybody else think the floor was rocking last night?” asked Dash to which the others said no comment. “Oh, come on! Let’s just accept the fact that Sunset and the sirens are now bed buddies!”

“Honestly, Rainbow, have you no tact?” grumbled Rarity, sipping her coffee. “And I believe they are now an item as it were.”

“Is that legal? I mean four way relationship?” asked Fluttershy, blushing at the thought.

“Might be some otherworld thing they do back in Sunset’s world,” said Applejack, shrugging.

“Here is your chance to ask. Her she comes,” pointed out Dash.

The girls turned around and saw Sunset Shimmer, dressed in a pink bathrobe, coming down with her hair so messed up it nearly gave Rarity a heart attack. Yawning, Sunset picked up a cup of coffee and muttered a “Good morning” before drinking it like it was from the gods themselves.

“So... wild night?” asked Applejack.

Sunset merely nodded.

“Are y’all gonna be busy today?” asked Applejack again.

Once again, Sunset nodded.

“How was it?” asked Pinkie Pie with a smile.

Sunset only smiled before walking away with a cup of coffee in her hands.

“... hmm,” said Pinkie Pie before she smiled at all her friends. “Hey, girls?! How about the five of us-”

“No,” said four unified voices.

“Ah, shoot...”

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Dammit girls, just let Pinkie Pie have her fun!
Nice chapter.:twilightsmile: Sequel please?

Sorry, no commission gets a sequel.

Tenchi Solution, eh? No complaint here.

That was nice! I liked the resolution; it felt a little bit like the end was handed over all wrapped up in a bow, but honestly I feel like the Sirens deserve something like that once in a while, :twilightsmile:

Nice way to wrap it up.

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I liked the ending, though it seemed a bit abrupt.

Also, wouldn't the Sirens going back mean they'd be half fish and possibly be huge again?

Or do they somehow get pony bodies? And does that mean the cover art shows us them after the story?

It's widely believe that they are no longer "Sirens" do to losing their magic. Thus if they enter the portal to Equestria they would become ponies since they are now "human".

God, I loved this one! Flirting Sunset is Best Sunset.

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Uhh, I GUESS that works. I was hoping at least Adagio would not break.
It's nice that Sunset tells them what she likes about them. But the most important thing that she didn't say about them - they are Sirens! SIRENS! Without resistance to flirting, they ARE *just* harmless teenage girls (I don't know about other siren fans, and If you are siren fan at all, but I hated this line SO MUCH)...

Awesome job with the story hope you make a sequel to this. cause i really love this one

Nopony expects the Equestrian Inquisition!:pinkiegasp:

Our chief ruler is Celestia and Luna...
Our two Rulers are Celestia, Luna and Cadance.
AMONG our rulers *are* such diverse Princesses as Celestia, Luna, Cadance... and Twilight Sparkle.

“It’s an official pardon from Princess Twilight Sparkle. Signed by both Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance,”

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Yooooooo, before I read your fic and comment on it, Imma source the artist for your coverart. Also, I don't know if Tambelon (the artist) is cool with people using her artwork freely, so you might wanna check in with her to see if it's cool.

I did not give you permission to use my artwork for your cover art. The fact that there is a large watermark over the picture shows that you do not respect my art and my feelings. Please find another art to use or else I will report this.

Cute story! :twilightsmile:

“... hmm,” said Pinkie Pie before she smiled at all her friends. “Hey, girls?! How about the five of us-”

“No,” said four unified voices.

“Ah, shoot...”

:rainbowlaugh: It's okay pinkie, at least you tried. Ask that's left now is to see if the Dazzling Sunset quartet has room for a splash of Pink :raritywink:

Also I think "Sunday's" is supposed to be spelled "Sundaes" in the context of ice cream.

Loved the ending, great work. :pinkiehappy:

“I’m not human.”
The three’s eyes widened as they stared at Sunset who smiled at them.

Didn't she already discuss this with them in the previous chapters?

'A Day With Aria'

“Well, we know that’s not a problem in Equestria. You openly allowed such relationships even when we were living back in our world,” said Adagio, smirking.

This was the most immediate quote I could remember. Adagio at the very least here knows Sunset was from Equestria but I'm certain all three of the Sirens know this from various off-hand comments. I just haven't reread it all yet.

None the less, I really did enjoy it.

"buttcheaks" buttcheeks
"both Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance" since you list 3 drop the 'both' and say 'Princesses' if you don't want to say Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance.

“Hey, girls?! How about the five of us-”
“No,” said four unified voices.


I kind of wish we got to see them go home, or see them stay in the human world for a little bit as a couple before returning - however it would play out because it makes me a little sad to think the Rainbooms will lose all their new friends so quickly. Fun story, good read. Very sweet way to wrap up. I enjoyed over-the-top-flirting Sunset and her blatant disregard about the other girls she's not trying to woo, and the other girls in turn not getting in her way despite awkward uncomfortableness.

that's... it? but the ending was too sudden... well... Imma go read something else...

In the beginning this story was one of my favorites, and absolutely amazing. I'm not saying it's bad now; it's just... not my cup of tea anymore.

There was so much depth to the characters, all well established in the fic. But then... The beach. Don't get me wrong, it was funny! I just felt a bit uncomfortable with the sudden change in tone and... rating tbh. It got weird. And it felt like everyone was reduced down to sex jokes and nose bleeds. Eh.

It's still worth an upvote, but I'm moving on.

THAT WAS SO AWESOME! I love how sunset just lit them up at the beach:pinkiehappy:

Genes are genes. They would change back to sirens.

It was good read. I like it.

this was absolutely amazing, i truly love this story with all of my being, i myself as well as many others want a sequel im sure of it. if there isn't already one please i beg of you consider making one, i couldn't believe how into it i was. i spent hours reading this and each chapter was better than the last, its one hell of a read i got a little emotional while reading a lot of it, i laughed, i got teary eyed, i got happy, over all great GREAT story mr./ms. rated ponystar

Due to them not having magic anymore, they may not be able to go back as Sirens. Most likely they would go back in pony form. They could go back as Sirens, just no magic.

Aww cmon really we didn't even get to see if the got back to their home

Even i think that'd too much, using that will also hurt/kill Sonata.

Thank you for writing this. Its the best story I have read in quite a while that made me lose my shit laughing.

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6781650 What if say the person who commission a story asks for a sequel?

I’m not accepting commissions at the moment

9827746 I'm just saying "What if?" I'm currently too broke to commission a story from anyone. That and I've never commission anyone before.

"... hmm", dijo Pinkie Pie antes de sonreír a todos sus amigos. "¡¿Hey chicas?! ¿Qué tal los cinco de nosotros?

Jjjj pobre Pinkie ella también queria

“... hmm,” said Pinkie Pie before she smiled at all her friends. “Hey, girls?! How about the five of us-”


nice work on story

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