• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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The Beach Part 2

Ugh... what happened? thought Sonata as she slowly got up, her head feeling woozy and something cotton like was plugging up her nose. Taking the bloody cotton balls out, she looked around and found herself in the hotel room she and her friends were staying in.

“Oh, good you’re awake.” Sonata froze up as she slowly turned around to see Sexy Sunny, as she was calling her now, look at her with relief. “You fainted and I grew concerned.”

“Y-y-y-you carried me?” asked Sonata, trying her best to avoid the twin melons that were still nearly visible in the swimsuit Sunset had. “T-thanks, Sunny.”

“Of course, you’re a very close friend to me, Sonata. Besides, you look cute when you sleep,” said Sunset with a smile, but this made Sonata only redder.

She thinks I’m cute! When I sleep?! Does that means he was watching me?! Oh god!

“Anyway, you should rest for a bit before coming back outside to join us,” warned Sunset as she made her way to the door. “I’m going to see the others, later!”

With a smirk and a wink, Sunset left the room leaving Sonata all alone. She stood frozen for a few minutes before sighing and grumbling. “Darn it! She’s left me all turned on! I can’t just go out there with her... body in my thoughts!”

She quickly eyed the bathroom nearby. “... ten minutes. That’s all I need.”


Despite what had happened earlier, the girls decided it was best to move on and continue their beach day. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Adagio, and Rarity all went out for a swim while Applejack and Rainbow Dash were already racing in the ocean against each other. Aria, not much a lover of swimming, decided to just start her tan now and was resting on her beach chair.

With mirror in hand she had the sun’s rays reflecting at her skin, which she could feel with relaxing comfort. She had always enjoyed the summer more than any other season and was determined to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

Just as soon as someone got out of her sun. Growling at the shadow that was ruining her tan, Aria took off her shades, yet kept her eyes closed, and yelled, “Hey! I’m trying to tan here!”

“Sorry, but I need you to help me with some sunscreen,” said a familiar voice. Aria opened them and saw that it was none other than Sunset.... right above her... and she could stare directly under her-

Aria turned away, beet red as she tried to push the image out of her thoughts but to her everlasting curse they stayed there in her head. Lowering herself to Aria’s level, Sunset held out a bottle of sunscreen and smiled. “I need our help getting my back and other areas I can’t reach. Think you can help? I really want to get out there and swim.”

Aria blushed upon hearing this. The chance to feel her crush’s body. So slim, smooth, and downright sexy? The fact that she had such a revealing swimsuit only made Aria’s decision come even faster. “Sure,” she said as calmly as possible, but her heart was beating like a drum.

“Great!” said Sunset as she handed over the sunscreen. She then went to one of the nearby beach towels and laid her stomach on it, resting her head over her arms as they folded over one another. “Be sure to get every spot.”

Aria slowly nodded as she pour the sunscreen on her hands and got right behind Sunset. Her eyes drifted down that smooth yellow back, all the way to her tight butt. Aria tried her best to avoid gazing at it but it was just... so... so...

“Like what you see?” teased Sunset, looking over her shoulder with a leery grin.

“Uh-h-h, no! I mean yes! I mean... just shut up and let me do this!”

Sunset laughed but didn’t say anything else as Aria finally got to work and began to rub her hands on Sunset’s back. She started on the shoulders, massaging them a bit as she cream began to stick to her yellow skin. Sunset moaned in pleasure as Aria went lower, her hands moving back and forth around the center of the back. She could feel every inch of Sunset’s smooth skin as she decided to go for the thighs next.

Sunset continue to sigh in pleasure as Aria felt her heart beat faster and faster with each second. Closing her eyes, Aria could feel her hands falling into rhythm as they continued to do their magic. “Is that enough?” asked Aria.

“Almost, I need one more place for you to get for me,” said Sunset, before chuckling. “Think you can go a little bit... lower?”

Aria’s eyes opened and became as wide as dinner plates. Lower than the back was... was...

“Y-y-you want me touch... your butt?” asked Aria, doing her best not to freak out. Her hands, fondling Sunset’s ass... the thought alone was making her shake.

“Why? You don’t want too, because I can get someone else to do it... maybe Pinkie Pie?” asked Sunset, rubbing her chin.

“No! Wait! I mean yes! I... I don’t mind!” shouted Aria, catching the attention of some nearby people. “Just... don’t tell anyone about this!”

“Lips are sealed,” said Sunset, pretending to do so with her fingers.

Aria took a deep breath and gulped. Her hands inched closer to those sweet, yellow buns that she had been secretly eyeing for awhile now. She was about a few inches there when-

“OW!” shouted Aria as she rubbed her head from the beach ball that hit her head.

“Sorry!” shouted Pinkie Pie, rushing up and grabbing the ball. “Fluttershy kinda hit it too hard. Hey, you girls want to join in and make it three on three?”

“Sure! Come on, Aria!” said Sunset as she got up and grabbed a stunned Aria by the hand.

“But... but...” stuttered Aria as she was dragged into the water.

But I wanted to touch that ass...

Author's Note:

Just a short one this time before I move. Part 3 coming soon