• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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The Beach Part 1

While the beach near the city wasn’t the most glamorous, such as Hawaii or Italy, even Adagio had to admit that it was pretty nice. She got out of Applejack’s truck along with Aria, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash while the rest of the girls were coming out of Rainbow Dash’s car. Pinkie Pie and Sonata, being the energetic ones that they were, rushed out and jumped onto the sand. Posing up into the air the two crossed their arms together and looked at the group with cheery smiles.

“It’s beach party time!” shouted the two with a loud laugh.

The group only smirked and giggled at the antics of the two before heading down the sand. Taking a look around, the beach was quite filled with families and teens trying to cram in one last summer time of fun before the upcoming school year started one week from today. There were a few juice bars, shower rooms, snack shacks, surfing board stands, and nearby the luscious sixteen floor hotel they would be staying at for the next two days. All paid for by Rarity’s father of course.

“Man, this is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to get some training today!” said Rainbow Dash, already stretching herself. “I’m gonna need a good workout if I’m going to help bring the championship home this year for the soccer team.”

“Now, Rainbow,” said Applejack, grabbing her shoulder before she could head out. “Yer not gonna spent the entire trip by yerself. We’re here as bunch of friends, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, mom,” muttered Dash with a pout.

“Ohh, I hope there are some nice fishes in the water,” said Fluttershy, viewing the ocean with sparkling eyes.

“Yeah! They would make great for dinner!” proclaimed Sonata, showing off a fishing rod and bait box she brought.

“D-d-d-dinner?” whimpered Fluttershy, eyes widening in horror.

“Yeah! LIke some salamon and butter, or shrimp curry! Oooh, or better yet Fish Tacos!” shouted Sonata with excitement while Fluttershy looked ready to faint.

“Ooh! And soy sauce! Can’t forget the soy sauce!” shouted Pinkie.

Rarity decided to step in before Sonata could give the poor PETA supporter a heart attack. “Why don’t we first step into the hotel and get ourselves ready for the beach before we decide on what to do.”

Agreeing on the plan, the girls all made their way towards the hotel with Aria constantly checking her cellphone. Knowing what she was up too, Adagio went over to her and asked, “Anything?”

“No, not a single text or message,” answered Aria with a frustrated sigh. “Where is she? She’s not bailing on us is she?”

Adagio thought back to the letter they found on the dining table from Sunset that morning:

Dear Girls,

I need to do something really quick before I can go to the beach. I know we were going to take my car, but I need it. Ask the others if you can ride with them. Will be there as soon as I can. Promise.

-Sunset Shimmer

“She’s never broken a promise to us before,” said Adagio, trying to hide her own worry. “She’ll be here.”

Aria stared at her but decided not to press forward with it and strike up a conversation with Fluttershy about adding new heaters to the shelter for the upcoming fall season. The truth was Adagio was worried. She was beginning to wonder if admitting to Sunset the feelings of her and her friends was the right thing to do. Damnit, Adagio, you just had to go and lay that out there for her, especially after what she had done with Sonata and Aria...

She may have overpressured the poor girl and sent her off, too afraid now to hang with either of them. I’ll have to apologize when she gets here... if she gets here...


After signing in to their rooms and putting their stuff away, the girls all agreed to hit the beach for some fun. Changing into their bathing suits, each of them had either a one piece bathing suit (Like Sonata, Pinkie and Fluttershy) or a two piece in their respective hair colors. Rainbow Dash, surprisingly, decided to go with a black and blue striped swimming skinsuit which she claimed would be better for her athletic activities.

The gang had setted up their beach site not to far from the water and started unpacking and preparing. Rainbow Dash was already challenging Applejack to a swimming contest and the two were plotting the race course. Rarity and Aria will placing the blankets down to perfection (at Rarity’s insistence) while also setting up the umbrellas. Adagio was getting sunscreen while Sonata was fiddling around with the radio they had brought for listening to music and such. Meanwhile Pinkie was... um...

“Hey, where did Pinkie Pie go?” asked Adagio.

“Surprise!” shouted Pinkie right behind her which nearly made Adagio scream out loud. Holding her hands, she had a box full of purple and blue ice pops ready for eating. “I decided to get us something sweet to eat!”

“Shouldn’t you hold off eating until you finished your swim?” asked Fluttershy as she accepted one anyway.

“Please, the worst you can get from this is brain freeze,” said Pinkie Pie, taking three in one hand and licking them all like a dog. The gang winced in disgust as they saw her slobber spread across the sand.

“Well, I have no interest in getting wet. So I’ll take one,” said Rarity.

“Me too,” answered Aria.

“What? But we’re at the beach! Why wouldn’t you want to get wet?” asked Sonata in shock.

“Well, it is cheaper to get a tan for your skin on a beach then it is at a salon,” said Rarity, putting on some sunglasses as well as showing off a face tanning mirror.

“Amen, girlfriend,” said Aria as she got out her own.

“Well, whatever floats yer bo-o-o-oh my god...” said Applejack looking past them with wide eyes and open mouth.

Curious the girls turned around and showed similar reaction, although for three certain sirens this was accompanied by also deep red blushes. Sunset Shimmer had finally arrived, but it was not at all what they were expecting. While most of the girls picked a two piece, they had at least done it with modesty to make sure that not too much skin was being exposed. Sunset, had disregarded that notion by dressing in very revealing white bikini that Rarity and Aria knew as a pretzel maillot.

Needless to say, the girls weren’t the only ones whose attention was bought. Males, and some females, on the beach all turned around and stared at Sunset either in admiration or lust. And again, it wasn’t hard to see why. Sunset had always been wearing clothing that had covered herself well enough so that nobody could really guess her...well, bust size. Now that it was out in the open for all to see, the girls couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

Well, the non-sirens anyway. Those three were drooling a bit.

Combined this with her smooth skin, sunset colored hair flaring in the wind, and just drop down sexiness that she was oozing out of her? It was no wonder that Sunset had been ranked on the top ten list back in school for most attractive girls. Needless to say, a trickle of blood was dripping down each of the sirens as their crush was swaying her hips back and forth, giving those behind her one hell of a show.

Finally, she appeared before the group with a smile as if nothing was wrong. “Hey, girls. Sorry I’m late. Hit traffic on the way here.”

“S-sunset... dear what are you... I mean it looks great on you but...” Rarity couldn’t even finished her sentence.

“You look hot!” shouted Pinkie, zipping forward and staring at Sunset in any direction she could. “Man, if I was into chicks I’d so ask you out!”

“Well, that’s a bit why I got this,” said Sunset, showing off her outfit. “I want to make a few eyes pop out if you know what I mean.” She then turned to the three sirens who were all next to each other and gave a sultry wink. This only made them turn even more red.

“Heh, gotta give you credit for being so daring, Sunset,” said Dash with a nod of approval.

“Oh, my. I don’t think I could even think of showing off to anyone,” muttered Fluttershy, placing her arms around her chest. “I’d just die of embarrassment.”

“What’s to be embarrassed about? If someone thinks I look hot, I’m flattered,” said Sunset.

You are so not flat, though Adagio staring at the twin beauties in front of her. Not flat at all.

Sunset then noticed the ice pops in Pinkie’s hands and licked her lips. “Mmm, can I have one.”

“Sure!” said Pinkie handing over a blue one that was already melting.

Instead of asking for a new one, Sunset Shimmer simply took it and began to suck on it... slowly. She moaned with pleasure as the melted rod of blueberry flavored ice sank into her mouth as her lips sucked the juices as they dripped down her mouth. The gang watched as she took it all in, bit by bit, nearly swallowing the whole thing which surprised them. Once it reached near the end, she then began to pull back ever so gently. A large slurping noise could be heard from her as she let it pop out of her mouth a bit. “Mmm, tasty.”

She then placed it back in, increase the temp on her sucking as the melted ice slowly began to drip down her chin almost like a waterfall. Adagio’s eyes-as well as the others-watched as it trickled down her chin and onto her breasts. It cascaded down like a river, dripping with blue flavored goodness as the white bra slowly began to soak it up while it latched onto the skin. It dropped further down, even in between the breasts where nothing could stop it until it was now laid across her very smooth and flat stomach.

Adagio felt like it was getting hotter and it was not because of the sun. She could feel certain... urges growing inside her as Sunset increased her speed and sucked the living life of out of the popsicle. Back and forth, back and forth. It was so mesmerizing that Adagio wondered if this is what it like to have been under their magic spell?

She glanced at her best friends to see their reaction. Sonata had her mouth wide open while she saw her left eye twitch every three seconds. Aria had turned away at this point, but Adagio could tell she was glancing out of the corner of her eye. Turning back to Sunset, the siren leader had to wonder what their crush was playing at.

“Um, S-S-S-Sunset,” said Applejack, redder than her famous apples. “Yer kinda... gettin’ messy?”

Sunset stopped her eating and looked at the mess she made. “Oh, you're right. Hmm...” she then saw a nearby towel and turned to Sonata. “Hey? Sona? Can you clean me up?”

SONA?! thought Adagio and pretty much everyone else present.

With shaking hands, Sonata slowly got up and took the towel. Staring at the blue mess Sunset made over her semi-naked body, Sonata gulped and hesitated. “Um, I don’t...”

“It’s fine, besides,” Sunset then slowly pressed her hand against the reddened Sonata’s cheek before she whispered, “I know you’ll be gentle.”

That was too much for the youngest siren and she passed out a second later. Gasping, Sunset picked her up and carried her bridal style. “Oh no, she must have passed out from the heat. Don’t worry girls, I’ll take her get some help and get cleaned up! Be right back!”

And with that said she rushed off with a unconscious Sonata in tow. Adagio didn’t know if she had to be jealous or worried.

“What... what just happened?” asked Rarity, blinking at what she saw.

Adagio didn’t know what to say. Because she didn't know either.

Author's Note:

Originally this was going to be one big chapter, but I'm kinda of going through a lot of less time to write at the moment due to me just getting a new job. Since I had enough I decided to split the chapter into three parts. More will come, as promised.