• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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Midnight Thoughts

Sunset Shimmer would say she was very knowledgeable on many things. There was a reason she was a straight A student both back in Equestria and on Earth. But love was something completely foreign to her. Oh sure, she dated Flash Sentry for a few months, but that was only for her to get more popular. Even though they were on civil terms, it was clear that he regretted getting together with her.

If Sunset was to be honest, she knew nothing about love. And now she had three sirens who were in love with her at the same time. I thought learning about friendship was hard.

As she stared into the ceiling of her room, she couldn’t help but blush while thinking about each of the other girls who were sleeping soft and sound. Sunset could not deny that the four of them had grown close since she found them homeless and desperate in the streets. She was so used to them being here, that any time she didn’t hear Sonata singing in the kitchen, Aria watching TV, or Adagio practicing her singing that it didn’t feel like home.

Hugging her pillow next to her, Sunset tried to ignore the strange warm feeling in her heart as she continued to think about those moments they had together as roommates. From Sonata cheerfully treating each new day like an adventure, to Aria's sarcastic, yet often funny, comments about anything, to Adagio planning out their day and treating them all like an older sister. It was like one big family, really.

Sunset bit her lip upon thinking that. She never had a real family. She never knew her parents and she never had the close mother like relationship Twilight had with Princess Celestia. Yes, they did care about each other once, but not to the extent the newest princess had with their mentor.

She had friends, yes, but never a family. And never a serious desire to have, in Equestrian terms, a mate.

The problem was which one would she choose.

Let’s think about this. List them off one by one, thought Sunset as she sat up on her bed and took in a deep breath.

Sonata had to be one of the kindest and cutest girls Sunset had ever met. You almost forget she once tried to steal energy from brainwashed students. She had a perky attitude that could rival Pinkie Pie, with a heart as every bit kind and warm as Fluttershy. Sonata was fun and enjoyed being positive about everything. Plus, it helped that the “Sunny” nickname Sonata gave her always made her smile even in her lowest of moments.

Thinking back to the convention, Sunset clearly saw that there was an adult side to Sonata. She had lived in a home without any love and was clearly hated for what she did from her own parents who wished she wasn’t born. Yet, despite all this harshness, she still gave a bright smile and turned out to be alright. There was a sense of maturity to her, but a simple one with the idea that saying the kind and right thing would make you successful in life.

Sure, Sonata wasn’t the brightest nor was she the most mature. But she had a beautiful personality that made you want to be with her, friend or not.

The opposite was, of course, Aria. For a long time, Sunset had it in her mind that Aria was just unhappy with everything in her life. It made sense at first with whole exile and losing your magic thing. The idea that Aria lost a lover was something that hit her out of left. It showed that, deep inside, the sarcastic and grumpy siren was just a lost and hurt girl still dealing with the death of her lover. Sunset, even right now, wanted to hug Aria and let her cry on her shoulders.

It was clear that Aria was lonely, and wanted something more than friendship from anyone. Being immortal for a long time would do that. There was a soft side to Aria, one that was gentle and kind, but hidden from a shield that Sunset was sure few ever saw. With Aria, Sunset wanted to be with her because she wanted to care for her. Plus, it also helped that Aria was a damn good kisser.

And finally, there was Adagio. You had to be blind to not see that she was not only stunningly beautiful, but also a natural charismatic individual. She was smart, sassy, and sexy. And with that was also a responsible leader who had done everything to make sure her two best friends were safe and provided for. Everything she had done, she had done for Sonata and Aria. Adagio was even willing to let go of her own feelings so that at least one of her friends could be happy with Sunset.

How could Sunset not be attracted to her after hearing that. And it would feel wrong to choose Adagio who has sacrificed a lot to make sure her friends were fine. She had a right to have one selfish thing in her life.

Yet it also felt wrong to choose the others while leaving the other two unloved. Sunset sighed as she facepalmed. She couldn’t help it. She cared for each of them, but that wasn’t possible. This was Earth. Not Equestria where-

Wait! Sunset’s eyes light up as her brain started thinking a mile a second. Is it possible that...

Without wasting any time, she grabbed her magic journal and started to call to a certain princess in another world.


Sonata could honestly say she didn’t know a lot of things. Aria and Adagio were always the ones to turn to when she needed to remember something in the past or learn some new skill. However, being in love was an experience Sonata felt she had to learn on her own. And naturally there was only one place to go when you wanted to learn something in this age.

The Internet.

So far Sonata had seen multiple confessions on youtube, bad trashy romance poems, very wordy scientific studies on love that gave her a headache, and porn. A lot of porn. While Sonata would admit such knowledge would come useful at a later stage in a relationship, none of them were good enough to help her feel prepared on how to tell Sunset how she felt.

Sonata hugged her knees close to her while pushing away her laptop on her bed. She closed her eyes, letting her focus drift to the feeling in her heart as she pictured Sunset Shimmer in her mind. Her fire and golden hair that sparkled in the sun. Her gentle and kind eyes that could make you swoon. Those hypnotizing hips that swayed back and forth. That warm, burning and, dare she say it, lustful feeling that Sonata had very time she thought about Sunset made her want to burst.

She had never felt like this before in all her life. Happy? All the time. Sad? A few times. Hungry? More often than most. In love? Totally blank.

Making love or having sex was not new to Sonata. She had bedded many men and women over her time here on earth. Some of them more than once. But this was different from that time. This time she felt like she wanted to be in Sunset’s arms. Protected and safe. She remembered that feeling when those three bullies hurt her and took her stuff.

The feeling she had when Sunset and her hugged, not to mention the proof of how far Sunset went to make her happy. Thinking of that made the flame in her heart only grow bigger. She wondered if this was how Aria felt about her old lover whenever they were together.

Thinking about Aria made Sonata pout in frustration. She knew it was wrong to be angry at her friend since she helped her to realize what her truth feelings were. However, why did Aria have to also be in love with Sunset? It was great that Aria was finally moving on over Gazing Star’s death, but at the same time why did she also fall for Sonata’s crush of all people.

Maybe for the same reason you did, thought Sonata, sighing.

She was under no illusions that the only reason she and her best friends were alive and happy were because of Sunset’s kindness. If she had decided to just leave them to rot for their mistakes, it was clear that the sirens would have been in a worse state than before. Especially since they had no means of taking care of a sick Adagio.

Sunset risked a lot to have them live in her home, only asking that they help around the house and pay rent. Sonata didn’t think anybody else in the area would do that for them considering they tried to drain the energy out of everyone. Sonata didn’t hate humans, she actually quite liked them, but they were very selfish creatures who seemed to be looking out for themselves mostly.

Sunset didn’t care about that. She saw them in trouble and brought them to her home to be cared for. She had such a kind heart that Sonata only wished she could lay her head on the chest and hear it beating.

How do I tell her I love her? asked Sonata over and over again in her head.

Normally, when it came to something like this she had no problem expressing her feelings to people and just speaking her mind. However, something prevented her from doing this. She didn’t know if it was fear of being rejected? Or maybe she was just nervous of taking such a big step in changing her relationship with someone she considered a close friend.

“Ugh! Why does love have to be so confusing!” muttered Sonata to herself as she flopped onto her pillow. “Okay, Sonata. You have to tell her the truth. Just come up and say it tomorrow morning. Got it? Got it!”


Meanwhile, Aria had been looking over a picture of Gazing Star in her hands. It was the only photo she had kept of her previous lover before she died. All the others she had burned in a vain effort to forget the woman she loved so much, but couldn’t find it in herself to destroy the last one.

She slowly caressed her finger around her lover’s cheek and smiled. She knew that if Gazing Star was here she would tell her to take a chance with Sunset Shimmer. Love was something you had to grab when you see it, she always said. Aria hadn’t felt love in nearly seventy years and all it took was one day to make her feel it again.

It sounded like something corny in a romance novel, but deep down Aria was okay with that. What she was afraid of was the fact that she wasn’t the only siren in this house that loved Sunset. Sonata was an obvious one. The girl had shown so many signs it was a wonder that Sunset didn’t see them first. Adagio was the more subtle one, but she had her suspicions that she also liked the girl that helped save her life.

Aria never spoke of her emotions that much, but she would always love Sonata and Adagio. They were the only true friends she had for a long time since their exile into this world, and she would never want to ever part with them. But that’s what hurt about this so much. She wanted to be selfish.

She wanted Sunset to herself.

She knew there was no way they could share her. Three girls with one? This wasn’t like the old days where polygamy was legal. Two of the three was going to have their hearts broken. And deep down. Aria didn’t want that to happen to her again.

Sunset had helped her move on. She had helped her heal. Seeing those final words of Gazing on the picture made her the most happiest girl in the world. She felt as if Gazing Star was really there to tell her this. Even after all the crap Aria had put Sunset through, she still did this as way to show how much she cared about her.

How could Aria not immediately fall in love after that?

She wanted to be in love again. She wanted to have someone to hug and kiss and even sleep with. She wanted her heart to be open to someone who cared so much about her. And this time, now that she had no magic, she was ready to die with that person years later if fate wielded it to be.

Aria slowly looked at the broken pendant she had wrapped around her neck. She could still remember how furious she was when the magic she had all her life was gone. She even wanted to kill Sunset at one point before they met for what had happened. And now she was in love with the very same enemy that had turned her into a simple mortal with no other means to prolong her life.

“I guess life really is funny that way,” whispered Aria as she slowly took of her pendant and put it in her drawer. It, like her feelings for Gazing Star, was a thing of the past. A past that she couldn’t have as unnecessary baggage.

It was time to move on. It was time to love again.


For a long time Adagio only cared about two things in the world: her singing voice, and her best friends. Nothing else mattered to her more then those two things. Losing her voice all those months ago made her feel completely empty and defeated. It was the only thing she had left of her parents when she was living back in Equestria. Unlike her other two friends, her real parents loved her. They taught her to sing and she sung for them every day and night. And when she sung, she imagined them standing beside her.

She only wished they didn’t die of that illness. Maybe then her life would be different. Her step parents were the real problem in her life. They only took her to show off to their rich friends that they also had a daughter so talented in singing. She sung on their tune and not her own. She was a bird in a cage, only to sing when her masters demanded it. She wasn’t allowed to have friends or see the world. Just sit in her room and play.

That’s when she started sneaking out. That’s when she found her real friends.

And now she was here, on a different planet, her step parents long dead and rotting, stuck in a situation that was tearing her heart apart. She knew when she fell in love with Sunset Shimmer, it was around the time that she got sick and saw a single person kind enough to not only help her, but care for her best friends as well.

Before it all happened, Adagio thought it was the end. She was going to die poor and in pain. Sunset saved her life. She saved all their lives despite everything that happened.

Upon seeing later on how Sunset would put her all into making them feel better and act so friendly, those feelings only grew and grew. She was going to tell Sunset at the beach trip her feelings, she had it all planned out and prepared. Only she didn’t prepare for one other thing.

She didn’t expect Aria and Sonata to fall in love with her too.

Adagio opened her phone which showed the picture of her best friends all having fun at a carnival together. She loved them. Sonata. Aria. Sunset. She loved them all. They were all she had in this world. That’s why she was so determined to lead and protect her best friends all those years. That's why she was willing to hurt anybody in order to keep their magic going. It was all for them. Maybe the acts were wrong, but to Adagio it was the only way.

Adjusting to their new life without magic or their immortality was hard, but thanks to Sunset they now had a way to live again. Even more reason to fall in love with her.

But now she was torn between two loves. The love for her friends and the love of her life.

If she took Sunset away from Sonata, who was going through her first love, and Aria, who was recovering from her lost love, she would never forgive herself. She knew that only one of them could have Sunset Shimmer and she would rather have it be one of her friends. A tear dripped down Adagio’s cheek as she thought further of it. She had sacrificed so much for her friends that a part of her hated it. She just wanted to be selfish for once.

And yet when she thought about Sonata’s goofy smile whenever she saw Sunset or Aria’s face upon giving that kiss...

Do it for them, Adagio. Do it for them.

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