• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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A Day With Adagio

She kissed Sunset.

Aria hadn’t kissed anybody since Gazing died. And yet, out of nowhere for reasons beyond her understanding, she had kissed Sunset Shimmer on the lips. So many thoughts were going through Aria’s head as she hugged her pillow inside her room; most of them focusing on how... good it felt to kiss another woman’s lips after so long.

She tried to justify it as a reward, like a big thank you to Sunset for helping her move on from her old love’s death. Yet, if that was just a simple thank you then how come she was still wishing she had made it last longer? Aria groaned and fell on top of her bed with a loud thud. Yesterday was nothing but awkward between her and Sunset. They kept looking at each other with blushes on their cheeks and, to her embarrassment, Aria caught herself checking out Sunset’s rear.

Which was-if she had to be honest-very nice.

I’m... I’m not actually falling for her? Am I? I mean she’s nice to us, cute, smart, and willing to go the extra mile to help us, thought Aria, turning her head to a picture frame that was taken a month ago. It showed her, her friends, and Sunset all posing at a summer carnival that Sonata pleaded to attend. But she was still the one who caused us to lose our magic...

However, that was becoming less and less bothersome. Most of the time the sirens had to worry about where to go and who to suck the energy from to keep their age from advancing. Without that need, life kinda seemed more.., fun. More in the moment.

If she really had to be honest, what was the point of them living longer anyway? Their families were dead, which wasn’t a huge loss considering they were outcasts even before their exile. They didn’t care about seeing their old kingdom again. And the only friends they had were Sunset and her merry entourage. What was the point of keeping themselves from aging anymore? The fear of death? Sure it was scary, even after all these years, but maybe it was time for things to start coming to an end.

After all, she and the other sirens had experience heartbreaks with all the deaths they had to see in their lifetime. She never really wondered if there was an afterlife for the dead or what not, mostly because dying seemed a bit silly for a being who was all but immortal. Yet would it be so bad to join the ones they lost to time? Including Gazing Star?

A knock on the door interrupted Aria’s thoughts as she stood up. “Come in.”

Sonata opened and shut the door behind her quietly which made Aria raise her eyebrow. Usually her energetic friend slammed doors open and shut without a care for her strength. Actually, she’s been acting strange ever since her trip to that convention with Sunset. Sonata hadn’t talked as loud as before or was always glancing at Sunset whenever she had a chance. She stuttered a lot more in front of her as well, often poking her fingers together while avoiding her gaze. Aria didn’t know if Sunset Shimmer had noticed, but she and Adagio had definitely. “What’s up?” asked Aria, making room for Sonata to sit.

Rubbing her thumbs together, Sonata’s face began to turn red and she gulped. “I... I feel weird...”

“Are you sick?” asked Aria with concern as she placed a hand over Sonata’s forehead.

“N-no... not that...”

“... is it that time of the month?”

“Eww! No!”

“Then what’s wrong? You’re rarely ever this... well... not you!” pointed out Aria, crossing her arms.

“I... I think something’s wrong with me and... it has to do with Sunny,” answered Sonata, whose blushed reddened after mentioning the nickname.

Aria’s eyes widened as her own personal experience started to reflect what she was seeing in her friend. Does she... thought Aria who didn’t know what to feel. On one hand, Sonata rarely ever had romantic interests like the rest of them. She was too much of a child and busy having fun to care about getting into a romance. Sure, she had bedded with a few women, including Aria and Adagio themselves, but only for fun.

On the other hand, Aria wanted her suspicions to be inaccurate. Mainly because she didn’t know if she was going to yell at Sonata for having the same feelings she did about Sunset.

“It’s... well...” Sonata bit her lip. “Whenever I’m near her I feel so... weird. Like there is a balloon in my chest that grows whenever I see her. I feel so hot and sweaty, and when I look at her I want to smile so badly but I don’t know why.”

Oh boy.

“I keep thinking about how she’s done so much for us even though we were so horrible to her,” continued Sonata. “I mean, she gave us a chance to pick up after our big failure. Nobody would have done that without some kind of reason, but Sunset did it to be kind. I... I rarely see that anymore these days. Such kindness.”

Aria just nodded. Today’s generation of humans was a lot more selfish than they were in the past. Sure, people helped each other, but they always cared about themselves first.

“And when she speaks about her past, the way she sounds so regretful and sad. I just want to hug her and... and tell her everything is going to be okay. Like she doesn’t need to beat herself up anymore because of it,” finished Sonata, sighing as she looked at Aria straight in the eye. “What am I feeling with Sunny? I... I want to be by her but I’m so afraid. I want to help her, but I don’t know how. It’s like I care for her, like I care for you and Adagio, but it’s so different. What is this, Aria?”

Aria closed her eyes and nodded her head. “I do know what you're talking about, Sonata. Because I feel similar too...”

“Really? What is it?” asked Sonata, tilting her head.

“Love.” Sonata’s mouth dropped as she stared at Aria who opened her eyes and gave a sad smile. “We’ve fallen in love with the same person.”


To Sunset’s surprise, Adagio said she knew where she wanted to do today. It was just a simple walk to the mall to hang out. Sunset, despite already making plans, agreed to her request and soon the two were on their way to the mall. The bus ride wasn’t as awkward or quiet like it was with Aria, but not as chatty as it was with Sonata. Adagio seemed to be the perfect balance, saying something when it needed to be said, but nothing to say when there wasn’t any need.

They talked about their friends, the events during Sunset’s time with Sonata and Aria (leaving the bullies from the former and the kiss from the latter out of the conversation) while talking about their big plans for the beach trip. When they arrived at the mall, Sunset found herself being grabbed by the wrist and dragged inside.

At that moment, Sunset found someone who could be Rarity’s rival in the love of fashion. There wasn’t a single clothing store that Adagio didn’t want to check out and try something. Although they didn’t buy anything (many of the clothes were beyond the word “expensive”) but had fun trying them all out. Sunset wasn’t much of a dress up girl, but still liked the feeling of nice fabrics against her skin.

Everything seemingly went fine as normal, except for one incident. Sunset Shimmer was getting undressed in a changing room to try out a dark red shirt that was designed for high end occasions when the door opened. Reacting on instinct, she covered her bare chest with her arms, but relaxed a bit when she saw Adagio, holding a pair of shorts. “Oh, for a second I thought you were some perv.”

“Relax. All the dressing rooms are occupied so I figured we could share one together.” Adagio rubbed the back of her neck as she began to blush. “That is... if you don’t think it’s too weird.”

“Um, no I guess it’s okay,” said Sunset, supporting a blush just as bad.

Adagio nodded and stepped forward, slowly reaching for her skirt and lowering it. Sunset didn’t know why she turned away like she did, it was just Adagio after all. Still, it would be rude to just stare at her...

Her curiosity won over and she decided to take a peak just as Adagio was leaning over to put the shorts on. She was still wearing her bright yellow panties, but her backside was.... was...

Sunset turned away with her face as red as a tomato. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That was wrong. That was bad. That was a little sexy, but....no! Bad! Bad! Bad!

“You know, since you’ve seen my cute ass, now you gotta let me see yours,” teased Adagio behind Sunset’s back, which made the former unicorn gasp and freeze up. She felt Adagio wrap her arms around Sunset’s neck and began to nuzzle her neck. “You got a nice body you know? If it wasn’t for the fact that we’d have the entire store listening in, I’d do you right here and now.”

Sunset opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say. First Aria kissing me and now this? When did Adagio become such a flirt?!

“Besides if Sonata can stare at that butt all day, so can I.”

“... wait what?!”


“Sonata and Aria are in love with me?!” shouted Sunset so loud at the food court that half the attendants turned around and stared at her. Lowering her head to avoid the stares, she waited until they were back to focusing on their food before continuing. “I’m sorry, but what?! I mean, they can’t really be in love with me? Can they?”

“Why is it so hard to believe?” asked Adagio, eating a fry from her tray. “Sonata’s been staring at you and blushing ever since you went to that convention. I don’t know what happened, but she’s a total lost puppy when she looks at you. I can even hear her singing something with your name involved when she’s in the shower. And trust me, I know a love song when I hear a love song.”

I guess that explains the strange behavior she’s been having, thought Sunset, sipping her coke. “And Aria?”

“Doesn’t that kiss she gave you make it clear?” teased Adagio with a smirk as Sunset choked on her drink. “I saw it that night when you came home. I don’t know what you did to make her do that, but she wouldn’t kiss anybody unless she had some measure of feelings inside for them.”

This... this is weird thought Sunset. I have two sirens who are in love with me?! Is that even possible?! Wait a minute...

“Adagio... do you... also have the same feelings?” asked Sunset, nervously tapping her side of the table.

Adagio raised an eyebrow and smirked deviously. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“… why tell me all of this?” asked Sunset, shaking her head. “Why reveal that your best friends have crushes on me?”

“I guess it’s because I don’t want to see this turn into some kind of romance drama where everyone’s feelings are hurt from misunderstandings,” said Adagio, shaking her head. “Sonata’s too kind for her own good, and as much as she loves to be open and emotional, she’s like a kid inside. She’ll be shy about confessing to you, and she’ll never come out and say it. Aria? She might deny it at first, but she’s been in a loveless state for eighty years. She’ll latch on to you and not want to let you go if she realizes those feelings inside of her.”

“How do you know all that?” asked Sunset, who couldn’t find any flaw in her logical deduction.

“I’ve been with my best friends for so long that we know practically everything about each other,” said Adagio, smirking. She then gave a serious glare. “That is why I don’t want to see either of them seriously hurt. I know we can’t avoid a broken heart situation; that’s impossible in this case since they both are falling for you. However, the longer you delay coming up with a choice, the more hurt it will be. I’ll always be there to defend them, even at the cost of my own happiness.”

“What if I don’t have feelings for either of them?” asked Sunset, pointing out the obvious third option.

“Do you?” asked Adagio, rising an eyebrow.

Sunset opened her mouth to deny it but she stopped herself. She thought about Sonata’s bright smile and cheerful personality. Even the nickname “Sunny” made her feel warm inside. And Aria was beautiful with a hard shell to protect a lonely and saddened loner. She had a gentle side few saw, but Sunset thought it was who she really was inside. Both of the girls made her heart leap, and when she didn’t respond it made Adagio’s smirk grow.

“Told ya.”

“Okay! Okay! So maybe there might be… something between the two of them,” muttered Sunset, throwing her hands in the air. “But this is so sudden for me! I can’t just decide right here and now!”

“Well, that’s understandable, just don’t make it too long,” said Adagio, getting up with her tray. “Anyway, I guess we’re done here so we can just-“

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Sunset Satan and her Voiceless Siren friend,” taunted a snooty voice behind their table.

Sunset Shimmer groaned as she recognized it and turned to face Canterlot High’s biggest rich brat: Diamond Tiara. Followed in accompany by her lackey, and general suck up, Silver Spoon. Despite being in the seventh grade, Diamond Tiara ruled over her grade similar to how Sunset did with the entire school. Only while Sunset used fear, blackmail, and schemes to boss others around, Diamond Tiara used her wealth and popularity. Like others, Diamond Tiara tried to take Sunset’s place as Queen Bee of the school after her little “Demon” episode, but only succeeded in wrapping her grade around her little rich pinkie.

“What do you want, Diamond Tiara?” asked Sunset, annoyed that all taste in her mouth from lunch suddenly got bitter with her arrival.

“Oh, nothing,” said Diamond Tiara, speaking plainly as if talking about the weather. “Silver Spoon and I were just buying the latest and best clothes when we decided to take a break.”

“And where is your stuff?” asked Sunset, not noticing them carrying anything in their hands.

“Oh, Jenkins is carrying them,” said Diamond Tiara, pointing to an old butler who was struggling to carry what had to be thirty bags of clothing in his arms. Sunset shook her head in pity for the old man. “But enough about me-as much as I do like the subject-it seems that you two ‘magical demons’ are acting really chummy. In fact, the way you’ve been looking at each other-”

“-it’s almost as if you’re both on a date!” teased Silver Spoon with a laugh.

“Just as I was thinking, Silver Spoon,” said Diamond Tiara with a nod to her friend. Looking back at the two, she grinned. “So are you unholy abominations screwing each other like fags? Or are you just starting at first base?”

Sunset growled as she got up and clenched her fist. She looked ready to swat Diamond for her comment, but Silver Spoon waved her finger in her face. “Uh-uh, Sunset Shimmer. You do anything to us and we’ll make sure not only you’re expelled, but arrested too. The police were very close to arresting you that day you went all evil, right?”

Glaring at the two brats, Sunset realized that they were right. Some had wanted her arrested for what had happened after the Fall Formal, but, surprisingly, Rarity’s father, a lawyer, managed to stop them from doing anything. He stated that a judge would have a hard time allowing the prosecution of a teenager who happened to turn into a “demon” without any physical proof. She still had to do community service for her actions, but the police warned her that any “magical” trouble from her and she would be brought to the station. Even worse, Diamond Tiara had the means and acting skills to make it seem like Sunset did do something “magical” to her.

“Diamond Tiara, you are-“

“Wait a minute,” said Adagio, snapping her fingers as she pointed at Diamond Tiara. “I thought you looked familiar. Your mother is Royal Tiara, right?”

Diamond’s smile quickly faded as she turned to Adagio and glared. “How do you know my mother’s name?”

Adagio snorted before she started to laugh like a hundred feathers were tickling her. “Oh, man! Is this rich! I can’t believe she actually married that Filthy Rich loser after all! And produced a spawn like you? Wow, the universe does have a sense of humor.”

“What are you talking about?! I demand to know how you know my mother, siren!” shouted Diamond Tiara, stomping her food. By now the entire food court was watching the scene unfolded, some were even taking videos via phones.

“Yeah! Speak up!” shouted Silver Spoon.

Adagio shrugged before answering. “Eh, nothing much. Only that I did your mother when she was in college.”

A hushed silence reigned over the food court as everyone’s eyes widened, including Sunset’s and Diamond Tiara’s. The latter slowly started to turn pale before she raised her finger, stuttering, “Y-y-y-you’re lying! Y-y-y-you filthy whore! My mother is a saint!”

“A saint? If you mean a saint by licking where it’s good, then yeah,” replied a grinning Adagio, which made some parents cover their children’s ears. “You’re mother was one of the many, and I mean, many girls I covered during that year when I posed as a college student. And I only did females, you’re mother? She did everything! Even three teachers once.”

Diamond Tiara’s face looked like it had suddenly sucked three dozen lemons in one go. She tried to open her mouth to say something, but all that came out was silence. Sunset couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of Diamond Tiara being suited up for once in her life. She then yipped when she was suddenly grabbed by Adagio via arm around the waist and pulled closer.

“As for the idea of me and Sunset here being lovers? Well, what harm would that be? We’re both of age, from a world that mostly accepts such a thing, and what we do in the privacy of our home is our business. So unless you’re so curious that you want to watch it and follow in your mother’s footsteps, I suggest you and you’re lapdog head on out of here.”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon didn’t need to be told twice, they rushed out of the court like their hair was on fire. Everyone who was staring quickly went back to their meals or quietly began to talk about the events that had unfolded in front of them. Sunset, blushing, watched as Adagio smiled and took both of their food trays to the trash, before saying, “Shall we go?”

“Wait, did you really sleep with her mother?” asked Sunset.

“Of course not. I slept with her mother’s sister. That’s how I knew her so well,” answered Adagio with a laugh.


The bus ride back was now even more awkward then it had been.going to the mall. Adagio said nothing as she and Sunset focused on opposite ends of the bus in silence. Sunset played the incident with Diamond Tiara over and over again in her head. She was glad that the brat was taken down a peg, and wasn’t really worried about any ramifications. Rumors of what had happened had to have already spread out, and twisted into so many versions it would be impossible to tell the truth from fiction.

What she couldn’t get over was the fact that Adagio went so out of her way to defend her. She could handle Diamond Tiara on her own easily, she went to the same school with the brat after all. But the way Adagio cruelly destroyed Diamond Tiara reminded her of the visions she had when she first appeared at Canterlot High. It was like looking at the old Adagio again.

It made Sunset feel uneasy, but at the same time she couldn’t help but feel a bit warmhearted that her friend defended her like that. She also remembered how close they were, nearly cheek to cheek, when Sunset grabbed her. It was like Adagio wanted to pull her in closer, but hesitated for some reason. Why would she do that? Does she also like me too? She said it was for me to find out, but I she does like me, why not come out and say it?

The whole trip to the mall didn’t make sense. First she was flirting, then Adagio was telling Sunset her best friends were falling for her, she talked about how she always… defended them..

A single piece of dialogue replayed in Sunset’s mind. “I’ll always be there to defend them, even at the cost of my own happiness.”

She does love me, thought Sunset as she turned to Adagio who was texting on her phone. But she loves Sonata and Aria so much she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness just so her best friends could have a chance to be happy.

It nearly brought a tear to Sunset’s eyes as now everything fell into place. The trip to the mall was like a date, and Sunset wanted to just have one before she gave her up. But now Sunset felt herself divided even more.

Sonata? Aria? Adagio? I don’t know who to pick! I care about them all, and… and…”” Sunset sighed and wished she could multiply herself so this wouldn’t be an issue. She didn’t want to break either of their hearts, nor ruin the friendship they had developed over the months. I have to figure this out.. but for now…She slowly slipped her hand into Adagio’s who froze up a bit before acting like nothing happened.

For now all I can do is this…

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