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Dazzling Sun - Rated Ponystar

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

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A Day With Aria

With one siren pleased, that left Sunset one day to plan what to do with Aria tomorrow. Currently, Sunset was trying her best not to bang her head against the table she was working on. She had been searching online for four hours and hadn’t found a single thing that could make Aria happy. Sonata was way too easy to find for, and Adagio she had a few ideas already on what to do with her.

Aria, however, was quite the difficult individual to deal with. She always seemed to have a chip on her shoulder against everything and anyone, even if she was nice to them. The middle oldest of the three didn’t like doing much, and Sunset was very sure there had to be a reason for it.

Looking up from her computer, she saw Adagio practicing a few notes with her, mostly fixed voice while Sonata was watching TV with a bored Aria. Smiling, Sunset had to pat herself on the back for helping the three sirens get their singing voices back as promised; the band had been considerable help throughout the process. They were still far off from the perfect voices they had originally, but they were far from the horrible sounding ones they had weeks ago. The other promise, the one about Equestria, was still in the works. Princess Celestia, thankfully, was not against the idea, but she was finding it harder to get permission from the siren’s council back in their kingdom. While none of the girl's immediate families were around anymore (something they didn’t cry about sadly) they still had relatives who were fighting their return in fear of “damaging their family honor”.

Sunset had to roll her eyes at that. It had been over a thousand years, but according to Princess Twilight, the kingdom of sirens had changed very little since then. It reminded her of some of the countries in this world which were still stuck in the eleventh century in terms of laws and culture. Everything had to modernize if a civilization was to continue and prosper from laws and religion to economics and education.

Still, the problem at the moment was what to do with Aria Blaze. While Aria had long stopped showing open hostility towards Sunset, she still blamed her somewhat for their current state. Why is she so angry all the time?

Just as she was thinking about this, Sonata turned to the old movie channel on the TV where a young actress, no earlier than eighteen or so, appeared on the screen which made Aria gasp, Adagio and Sonata turned to their life long friend with wide eyes as she stared at the screen, growling paler with each minute.

Completely lost, Sunset watched as Aria slowly got up and walked towards the TV where she placed her hand on the screen. The said actress was saying her lines to herself while Aria was caressing her cheek. Sunset didn’t know what made this actress so special except that she was quite a looker. She had long hair, a thin, curvy body, and her eyes were shining in the light like diamonds. The only thing missing was the color due to the movie having been around in the black and white era.

“A-Aria...” whispered Adagio as she stepped forward to touch her friend, only to have it knocked away. Aria stomped out of the living room, but as she did Sunset saw something that she had never seen from Aria.

A tear.

A single tear drop.

The door to Aria’s room slammed shut, shaking the living room. Sonata bit her lip and lowered her head. “I... I’m sorry, Adagio... I didn’t mean too.”

Adagio sighed as she rubbed her temples. “It’s fine, Sonata. It wasn’t your fault.”

Now completely curious, Sunset got up and walked over to the other sirens. “What’s going on? Who was that actress and why did she upset Aria so much?”

“W-well...” Sonata was blushing as Sunset entered the conversation. The former bully had to raise her eyebrow at that. Ever since they came home yesterday, Sonata had done nothing but blush whenever she was around. “It’s... it’s... complicated...”

Turning to Adagio, Sunset asked, “Is she going to be okay? She looked really upset?”

“It may take a few days,” answered Adagio, crossing her arms and shaking her head. “I keep telling her to move on, but she refuses to after all these years.” She then eyed Sunset, as if examining her, and then said, “Because of all you’ve done for us, I guess you deserve to hear the truth. Just you though, not your other friends.”

Sonata gasped and covered her mouth. “B-but Adagio! Aria will be upset!”

“Yes, but Sunset has a right to know now that she just saw all that,” replied Adagio.

Deciding to sit down, Sunset sat right next to Sonata - who did a little ‘eep’ and blushed even more - while Adagio grabbed a chair. “Well, I guess we should start by explaining something about us that we... might have failed to mention.”

“We’re gay!” said Sonata happily.

“Um, okay? How is that a problem?” asked Sunset, raising her eyebrow. If she had to be honest with herself, she was a bisexual.

“Well, we know that’s not a problem in Equestria. You openly allowed such relationships even when we were living back in our world,” said Adagio, smirking. “But in our home kingdom such a relationship was looked down upon. It was one of the reasons we got along so well as friends originally.”

A thought came to Sunset that made her blush. “W-wait... are you three... um... together in any way?”

Adagio and Sonata grinned before chuckling. “We have been... intimate with each other before. But nothing romantic.”

“Just some good old bed humping fun!” shouted Sonata with a laugh, much to Adagio’s disapproving stare.

“Yes... that...” muttered Adagio, shaking her head. “Anyway, we had to be careful about our sexuality in this world. Most of the places we went to also disapproved of our sexuality. However, we occasionally found someone who was like us. Aria...” Adagio closed her eyes. “Aria found love in nineteen-thirty two by a young actress named Gazing Star.” She turned to the TV where the actress was now talking to a young man. “That actress to be exact.”

Sunset’s eyes widened as she stared at the TV in shock. Princess Celestia told her she considered her immortality a curse, rather than a gift. And now I know why. If Aria really loved this woman then after living for so long...

A thought then occur in Sunset’s head. “Wait, if this was in the 30’s then such a thing would have been seen as...well...”

“Immoral?” asked Adagio, shaking her head. “It wasn’t a public relationship, but a secret one. The two had met when Aria was looking around the city and got lost. Gazing happened to be there to help her out and the two were smitten with each other after that. They started seeing each other more and more.”

“They were so cute together! And they really loved each other too!” said Sonata, who sighed and pouted. “I was so jealous of them.”

“I’ve never heard of Gazing Star that much, was she a popular actress?” asked Sunset, trying to remember the name.

“Not really. She mostly did B-rated movies, and the only A-rated film she ever did...” Adagio closed her eyes and clenched her fist. “It didn’t do so well in theaters... because someone saw her kissing Aria in a park.”

“Oh no,” whispered Sunset who already saw where this was going.

“When she was exposed, she was blacklisted, the movie bombed and everyone who was a part of it blamed her. She got harassed pretty much everyday, and while Aria did her best... she ended up taking her own life in shame,” whispered Adagio.

Sunset shook her head. She could forget that there were times when people could be cruel to those who were outside of the norm. In Equestria, such a thing could have been taken for a normal relationship and not an abomination. While humanity has improved somewhat over the years, it was still far from full wide acceptance like her old home. “That’s... horrible... how did... how did Aria take it?”

“She... she was never the same since,” whispered Sonata, wiping tears from her eyes. “She used to smile a lot, and she was very nice to strangers. She had a passion for life whenever she was with Gazing, but after she died... she’s got so angry. At the world for their mistreatment. At Gazing for killing herself. But I think Aria’s mostly angry at herself for failing to save her.” Sonata sighed. “We tried to help her, but she refuses. I know it hurts, but want to see her smile again...”

“We’re all she has left,” whispered Adagio as she got up and made for the bedrooms. “That’s why I think she’s unwilling to let go of what happened at the Battle of the Bands still. She thinks she failed us just like she failed Gazing.”

Sunet didn’t say anything else as the sirens left to comfort their friend. If anything, she felt like she understood Aria a bit more and why she was who she was. Sunset got up from the couch and went back to her computer, typing in Gazing Star online. There were very few sites about her, even more so providing information. The closest she ever got to finding more info on this tragic actress was a site dedicated to those who were persecuted for their sexuality.

She was about to close her internet when she saw something on a site for an independent movie theater. Clicking it, her eyes widen with amazement at what was in front of her. A smile stretched across her face. Now she had something...


“Why are we going to the other side of town?” asked Aria, crossing her arms while they rode the bus. She had been very annoyed, making sure to note it with her tone, when Sunset got her up early and dragged them out for a day of fun. Surprisingly, Sonata looked upset to see them leave together, but neither of them paid attention to it for long.

“Because I wanted us to spend time together,” answered Sunset with a giggle as she looked out the window.

“Like you did with Sonata?” asked Aria, raising an eyebrow. “Look if this is to make me feel better because of yesterday…”

“It’s partly because of that,” answered Sunset, truthfully as she gave Aria a sad smile. “I really did plan on hanging out with each of you this week. You were a bit… difficult to find something to do with.”

“I’m going to not take that as an insult,” whispered Aria, turning away. “And about what happened yesterday? I’m not talking about it. You know more then enough so just leave it at that.”

“Okay, I won’t say anything,” said Sunset with a shrug. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Aria look at her with confusion, as if she was expecting Sunset to press forward. Sunset was no fool, she knew Aria wouldn’t talk about Gazing Star and their past love unless she got her into a state where she was ready.

Hopefully what I plan will do that, if not… Sunset sighed and wondered which cheek would hurt less from a punch.

The ride continued to go on in silence for awhile until Aria sighed, “I don’t hate you.”

Sunset, a bit startled from the break in silence, looked over at Aria whose glare at the ground was softened. “I know I seem a bit... ungrateful for what you’ve done for me and my friends, but to be honest you were right about what you said. We needed your help, I just was so... angry...”

“At losing your magic?” asked Sunset, with a small smile. “I understand. It was one of the first things I found hard to adjust when I came to this world too.” She then giggled. “Believe it or not, we’re both stubborn and prideful people.” Aria raised an eyebrow as Sunset continued, “I always thought I was better than everypony back in Equestria. I was arrogant because I was Princess Celestia’s prized student. I even thought I was better than her and deserved everything she had, including being a princess.”

“Kinda hard to imagine that being you,” said Aria with a snort. “You’ve been one of the few kind people after that whole Battle of the Bands thing.”

“My friends are kind to you too, Aria,” said Sunset, grasping her shoulder. “They want to be friends with you. I know it seems hard since they were the ones that took your magic away, but I was defeated by them to and learned how horrible of a person I truly was.” Sunset frowned as she thought of those hard days of earning her redemption. The shame, glares, insults, and distrust all the students had for her when she was exposed as the monster she was. It took a long time to get their forgiveness, and now that she had it she wasn’t going to waste it. “Sometimes you need to fall as low as you can so you can rise higher than you were.”

“... and what if you can’t gain back what you once had?” grumbled Aria, closing her eyes. “What if you’re afraid to let it go because you don’t want to forget it.”

“I think there is a difference between letting go, and forgetting things, Aria,” said Sunset, shaking her head with a smile. “Letting go of something means you won’t let it chain you from becoming a better person and moving on. Forgetting is just never remembering it ever happened again... but even the past mistakes and trials we had help shape who we are, even if they are painful. I’ll never forget my past because it will remind me of what I strive to avoid becoming again. But I let it go so that I’ll never be forever trapped in it.”

Taking a deep breath, and muttering a prayer, Sunset whispered. “Just like letting go of what happened to Gazing Star will help you find happiness instead of that emptiness inside of you.”

Aria whipped her head towards Sunset with shock and growled. Sunset, to her credit, kept her cool and didn’t flinch. The tension between the two was thick as neither girl turned away from the other. Finally, after what seemed like a full ten minutes, Aria turned away and hid her eyes beneath her hair. “What...what do you know? Do you know what it’s like? Tell me, Sunset Shimmer. Do you know what it’s like to come home one day and find the love of your life hanging on the ceiling with a note below her that says ‘I’m sorry’?!” She pounded the seat in front of her, with thankfully nobody in. “And then hear her name slandered and spat at because she was in love with me?! I hate it! I hate how her legacy as an actress is dirt because of these humans don’t understand what it really means to be in love!”

“... her legacy isn’t all ruined...” whispered Sunset.

Aria’s eyes open wide as she turned to Sunset just as their bus stopped. “What?”

“You’ll see. We’ve arrived at our event.”


Sunset had to count herself lucky that Aria hadn’t done anything but stare at the theater with wide eyes and open jaw. Taking a look at the board of movies being shown, she looked at theater number four.

The Days We Used to Have.

The last movie Gazing Star ever did before she died.

Aria’s eyes began to mist as she looked down and saw a huge line of people waiting to get inside. Sunset pointed to them and said, “They all came to see the film. It’s become a cult classic to people over the years.” She put her hand on Aria’s shoulder and whispered. “They told me that you’ve never seen her final film before. And I want you to know that we don’t have to see it now. You don’t have to if you're not ready, but if you want to move on I think this might be the best way to start.”

Aria turned to Sunset with gentleness in her eyes for once, none of the snark scowling or anger in her beautiful eyes. Only a look of thanks, but also fear. “I.. I don’t know if I can see it alone...”

Sunset held Aria’s hand as a blush decorated over the siren’s face. “You won’t have to face it alone. I’ll be there.”

Turning to the long line of those who came to see the movie her once beloved Gazing worked so hard on to achieve, she smiled and noded. “Okay, but you’re paying for the snacks.”


Aria never let go of Sunset’s hand as the entered the theater. A few smirking glances were sent towards them which Sunset concluded they thought they were a couple. When she told Aria this, the siren blushed just as badly but she never once stopped letting their hands touch. To be honest, Sunset didn’t mind half as much as she did. Aria was quite a hot looking girl, especially with that whole bad girl vibe thing she had going on. Of course, she doubted Aria would be interested in dating, especially when they were going to see the last movie her beloved had done.

Sunset decided ask a few of the other movie attendants if they were interested in the movie, and many surprised both girls when they said they had seen it many times. Apparently, it was a huge hit among LGBT groups due to the back story behind it. Gazing Star had been seen as a martyr for those trying to make a living in a world that had rejected her, and they decided she needed to be honored for her struggles.

Needless to say, Aria was moved to hear that her lover had indeed continued to remain a famous figure to others, even if it wasn't mainstream. She spent a lot of time talking about Gazing, while being careful of what to say, which made her smile grow even larger.

Soon, it was time for the movie to start. Aria froze just before she and Sunset entered. It took the latter’s squeezing of the hand to get her moving. After finding a seat, the film had begun. Aria sat there with her eyes watering every time Gazing appeared on the screen, saying her lines. The movie was about how one woman, played by Gazing Star, was being forced to marry a man who was in love with another woman of poorer class. Gazing Star and her husband conspire to break apart their marriage so they could separate, but over time she fell in love with him. At the climax, during the wedding, she is torn between having him as a husband or letting him be happy.

Even Sunset was fully into the movie as she and Aria leaned forward, trying to see what Gazing’s character would ultimately choose in the end. Gazing Star’s character ultimately said no on the altar, making a speech about love and how it couldn’t be forced, but found by a man and woman’s own desire to find it. She left the wedding with both families in an outrage as the man silently thanked her before kissing his real love.

Aria finally broke down in tears and dived into Sunset’s chest. Yet as she held her and comforted her, Sunset felt that not all the tears were of sorrow. Some of them were of joy and peace. “Thank you…” whispered Aria as she began to calm down, the credits playing as the two sat in the darkness with each other in embrace.

Sunset then saw something on the credits that made her gasp, and quickly drew Aria’s attention. She saw something small, written with the rest of the “thank you’s” on the credits and covered her mouth in shock. On the credits read:

“Special Thanks to Aria Blaze, a special someone in my life who believed in me”- Gazing Star

“Oh… Gazy….” whispered Aria as he wiped the tears from her eyes. She turned to Sunset and showed the biggest smile that Sunset had ever seen on her. “Let’s go… I… I think I’m ready…”


They decided to get something to drink, and made their way to a tea shop. Aria didn’t say anything after they left the theater, forcing Sunset to order them two jasmine teas. They sat in silence, drinking the tea sip by sip until Aria finally sighed and asked, “Why did you do this?”

“Hmm?” asked Sunset.

“Why did you… do all this… help me and everything. You didn’t have to,” whispered Aria, rubbing her shoulder. “I never gave you any reason to…”

“You’re my friend, Aria,” said Sunset, giving her a smile. “I did it because I wanted to help you.”

“Still, you must want something in return, right?” asked Aria.

Sunset shook her head. “No, I don’t need anything. I did it because I wanted to help you, and that’s that.”

“I…” Aria bit her lip. “I haven’t had anybody do that for me… not since Gazing…”

“How did you two meet?” asked Sunset. ‘If you don’t mind me asking.”

Aria’s smile curved as she stared into her tea cup with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Me and the girls decided to visit Hollywood cause we heard it was a big movie place. Adagio thought we could get a singing career there and feast for a bit. I went out to explore the city but I ended up getting lost along the way. Gazing found me asking for directions and said she would help me get back home. We spent two hours traveling before we arrived back at my apartment. Just like that she traveled halfway across the city to help me. A total stranger.”

“She sounds like she was a nice person. Did you keep seeing each other?” asked Sunset, sipping her tea.

“I wanted too. We got together more often as time went on. She grew up in the city, and wanted to be a famous actress, like so many. She was also a good singer, so sometimes she played with us when we did gigs at clubs,” said Aria before giggling. “I remember one time when she and Sonata competed to see who could swoon the most men one night with a love song and they both ended up getting chased by a horde of men wanting to give their numbers.”

Aria ighed as her smile began to fade. “I remember… I remember teasing her about it and she said she would have stopped if I chased after her. Took me a full minute to realize what she had said. When I did… we kissed… kissed all night…” Closing her eyes, Aria let a tear drip down as she took a deep breath. “I loved her. I was even willing to stop getting energy so we could live our lives together. Losing her… it hurt so much…”

‘I’m so sorry, Aria,” whispered Sunset, cusping her friend's hand.

“It’s okay…” whispered Aria, smiling at her friend. However, she then immediately gave a glare and warned. “If you ever tell anybody I cried though I will shove your boots down your throat.”

Sunset laughed as she raised her cup in agreement. Yup, she’s going to be okay.


It was late by the time they had arrived back at the apartment and both girls were ready to fall into bed. Opening the door, Sunset allowed Aria to enter first as they put away their shoes and bags. Sunset didn’t even bother brushing her teeth, washing her face, or anything else. She just needed a good night sleep.

Aria stopped before her door and turned to Sunset. “Thanks again… for everything.”

“No pro—”

Before she could finish she felt Aria’s lips touch her own for a brief second before she went into her room and slammed the door. Leaving a stunned Sunset alone in the hall.

Author's Note:

It took me forever to plan the chapter for Aria, but once I finally got it everything came as smooth as butter. Adagio is next!

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