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Lyra and Bonbon have been dating for a few months now, and Lyra decides that it’s time that they moved in together.

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Comments ( 33 )

To tell the truth, the picture caught me yet the story is good too. :pinkiehappy:

Yus. Puns. Never enough puns. +1 like for the pun.

All for the sake of puns.

Oh, very well written, if tragically short. Well done sir. It gave me fond memories of my own story about these two.


*throws pun rock at author

Thank you kindly.

A glutton for pun-ishment, eh?

Thank you. :twilightsmile: If I had more time to write, I might have made it a bit longer. Still, I'm happy with the results.

I have no apologies or regrets. :rainbowwild:


It honestly reads a bit like a prelude/prologue to my Nightmare Night story... hah. I was amused by this and have decided to make it my fanon.

“Oh when my sweetie drops by, you’ll never hear me sigh,”

Ooh, sneaky. I approve.

Asthe for the ending... It was entirely worthy of what I have come to expect from you - superlative, the Emporer will be pleased!


Oh, um, sorry, been playing waay to much TIE Fighter. If that can be said to be thing you can actually do.

I love the little puns. :pinkiehappy:

Crazy Talk!

You son of a gun! You got that joke from the Simpsons, didn't you?!

The episode where Bart goes to that Indian chieftain at the casino and he shows him his future where Lisa is president!

Hah! I knew it!

Good reference though. It is quite befitting to have somepony of that name next door to Ltra, actually.


Guilty as charged. :twilightblush:

Though I prefer to say that I'm sampling the jokes. Or that it's recycled humour. :scootangel:

5730506 Guilty as charged!

ALSO from the Simpsons! Sideshow Bob says it a few times throughout the series!


Not that it matters. The Simpsons have done everything. It needs to go, but with a grand finale.

How the fuck did an independent lyre soloist get into any kind of deal with a philharmonic orchestra? Did she write an orchestral piece? Certainly she's not performing a solo lyre piece during a recital? Certainly there aren't any lyre soloists part of a philharmonic orchestra who would reproduce a solo lyre piece during a recital? This upsets me.


Did she write an orchestral piece?

In a word, yes.

I thought it was fairly well implied when Lyra says "One of my original compositions that I sent to the Canterlot Philharmonic – they’re going to include it on their next record!", that if an orchestra is recording it (and playing it in concert) it would be an orchestral piece.

Apparently it is not as well implied as I thought.

This upsets me.

It's a plot device for short, silly story mostly written to deliver a lame pun. There are far more important things in this world to get upset about.

“I guess that we’re both ready for a... stable relationship.”

5731236 I believe the technical term for such a story is "feghoot". Nice work, by the way.

Indeed. :pinkiesmile:

If you liked this story, you might also enjoy The Song of My People.

What better way to spend time on the internet than finding short, sweet, well-written, would-read-again stories like this :twilightsmile:

Also, all those puns, you punny person, you :ajsmug:

Wow wow
such pun
many laughs :trixieshiftright:

... :rainbowlaugh:

But more to the point I enjoyed the antics of loony Lyra and the bemused Bon Bon. Nice job :ajsmug:

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

i love this story (from what i've seen) but my LAPTOP WONT LE ME GO TO THE NEXT PAGE/CHAPTER!!! WHYYYYYYY... this story is so beautifuulll

That 'Crazy Talk' joke was one of my favorite parts of Simpsons' "Bart to the Future". Nice job. You should seriously consider writing a sequel to this.

This is great! I love your characterization of both of them.

I hadn't even read the story's title, it was THAT picture combined with THAT short description that drew me in.

It actually ended on a much nicer note than I assumed it would. :rainbowlaugh:

this is cute. Its been a while since i read mlp fanfic and this was a great welcome back. I'm kinda on a desperate lyra and bon bon rampage. :heart:

Cute, short, and sweet. I love this.

Made me laugh. Short and cute.
That pic makes it look like Lyra is off on a mission and is taking her mare with her :rainbowwild:

Aw, this was so sweet! I love how you portrayed their relationship and the story was adorable!

I'll admit I only decided to read this because of the awesome cover, but this is frakking AWESOME! Short, sweet, well-written, doesn't label Bon Bon as "Sweetie Drops". A gold star and a fresh blueberry muffin to you! (Unless you're allergic)

“ Oh when my sweetie drops by, you’ll never hear me sigh, ” she sang in tune to the music. “


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