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There's a fine line between magic and technology. We must explore these together and then find union in knowing we all belong. Whether you are of this world or beyond. Everyone can be a friend. -Me

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Interesting, interesting so…a new start will awake with the goodbye of his old body and the breatch of a goddess flower, a red moon rise tonight and the start flicker with moans of love and light.

Oh I can't wait what happen next, maybe to help him get used to it, the first thing Angel will do is make an astral body of his human self to remember what it was before the change

So…the sequel will included a klingon fight with Blood and Angel?…awesome

A false angered look spread across my face as I picked up Dragon's Tooth.

Call me Havel, because I'm about to rock your world.

some of the vocabulary breaks the atmosphere you're setting up. at least for me.


There isn't an atmosphere on the moon though :trollestia: XD

Yeah, needs some editing. Going to work on it when I get settled in at my mom's place. I move on the 17th and I'm using the time I should be using to pack to write. hehehehe *rubs back*

interesting indeed.
I am rather intrigued by this idea, but I will wait for the sequel none the less.

amazing mini piece.

amazing very amazing :pinkiehappy:

Here I thought, Luna was just another name for the moon. Who would've known she's a horny hottie? Or...is she more? When faced with an offer to be with a goddess, to take her for my own, what would you choose? Would you leave behind a life of despair?


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