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In the aftermath of the changeling invasion and the royal wedding, Twilight Sparkle loses herself in recollection. Celestia cannot rest either, and the two share their feelings over a Canterlot night.

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Yes, yes yes yes yes! Been waiting for a story like this. :rainbowkiss:

Edit: That was excellent! Very well written. I d'aaaawed and laughed a lot.

i wonder about that too, is Twilight now a princess because of her brother's marriage to Cadence? just curious... :derpyderp2:


Not normally, but Equestria could be different; however, that would make for a really extended royal family.


Story is nice and wraps up a very important lose end from the finale, but my mind wants to see it as just the beginning of a story. :twilightblush: :twilightsmile:

568167 so normally, what would Twilight's rank be now? Duchess? :twilightoops:


As I recall the rank of the families of those getting married do not change. Only that of the lower ranking partner does. However it would come with perks due to connections though. Though Twilight is already heavily connected to royalty before the wedding.

568202 thanks. that satisfies me for now. time for more research... :rainbowdetermined2:

I had to re-read a couple sentences. Some seemed a bit awkward, but otherwise I really enjoyed reading this. :ajsmug:
Keep writing
Spike wants more :moustache:


Last I checked, Pippa Middleton is not a princess.

Thank God.

568259 thanks. the only unknown now is that of what is the current rank of Twilight's family among the nobles... :twilightoops:

Awww, now this was just lovely! Very heartwarming, simple, with a little dash of light-hearted humour. It was very sweet! I really liked how you showcased the deep, familial connection that Princess Celestia and Twilight have. I always did like to think that Celestia was something of a surrogate mother to Twilight, considering how much time they had spent together in her studies.

Plus, I think it's a treat to see Celestia finally in-character and portrayed in a more positive light. Without the "Trollestia" and "Molestia" and whatever else is out there. That stuff just personally isn't for me. I really like Celestia's character, and I enjoy seeing her portrayed in a good light.

It is true though, now that Shining Armor married Cadance, it does indeed make Celestia and Twilight related in some way! Even if, before the wedding, they were always something of a little family. Awwww.

This was lovely! :twilightsmile: :pinkiesmile:

This was great, I consider this the offscreen ending to Season 2 (It rocked from start to finish). :scootangel:


Do they have to be nobles? After all Rarity seemed to not think there would be any issue getting Blueblood.

568705 well, during her fantasy in 'Ticket Master' Rarity says that, because of her refined fashion sense, no one in the Gala would have thought that she was normal mare from Ponyville. so in a sense, she was pretending to be a noble during the Gala. plus, one would think that Twilight's family were, at least, automatically nobles when Shining Armor became Captain of the Royal Guard. but, that's what i think, i'm still no sure in real life... :twilightsheepish:

In Portugese, she's already 'Auntie Tia' :trollestia:

Wouldn't that be 'Auntie Celes' ?
Or ' Celes Auntie'.

I'm not sure that she would have a rank, if you mean a station. However, she certainly has earned prestige. She's the student of the Princess, as well as a twice-honoured hero of Equestria. Problem is, how would she work that into a style? "Twilight Sparkle, Hero of Equestria" sounds really pretentious, unless others have done it before. I don't think the matter of her tuttelage helps, either, as somepony who looks deep enough into the matter will find that she's a remarkably dangerous unicorn that has to be taught control and restraint. In other words, it means that she's dangerous, and is thus kept on a gilded leash. Referencing that, even indirectly, would be setting herself up for later embarrassment by some court wit. Granted that these aren't humans, and that the ruling royalty are apparently immortal, perhaps it would be better to go without a style. Ponies haven't seen the type to totally dismiss correspondence without noble form, and I think Twilight Sparkle's way with language should sway a hesitant noblepony.

'Tia' is Portuguese for 'aunt'.

Auntie Tia and Luna. I don't know why but that sounded cute.
This was a nice read

Good little read. Very cute! :twilightsmile:

you need SEQUEL!:rainbowlaugh:

LOL TWILIGHTS A PERV :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:

Hmmm. I don't think I can like a fic in which Celestia uses the word "pervert". Maybe not for the reasons you might think. See, I like to think of Equestria as a fairly... progressive place, and the existence of a situation in which one would describe another as a pervert implies that the participants are still not really... comfortable with their nature. Of course, this isn't to say Equestria is so advanced, they've still got some funny racisim/ignorance when it comes to zebras, apparently, and they haven't (and won't) hit upon this topic in the show, so eh.

Some things I liked, however, were the atmosphere, built by the muffled music from below and other evidence of the ongoing festivities. The Twilight Celestia comfort-relationship is a thing which I almost always like in stories, but between the above, and Twilight's moment of sadness out of almost nowhere, coupled with the briefness of the story, it kinda fell a bit flat for me. It did, at least, end up portraying the kind of relationship I'd really like these two to have.

The Shorter version:

Replace Iroh with Twilight and Zuko with the rest of them.

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